Last week I experienced my very first Canna (short for Cannabis) Massage – a full body massage using CBD oil. Now I know you’re wondering if it made me stoned – answer is no, just very, very relaxed.

I was invited by the lovely Debbie from Roma Therapy Spa, a small, delightful home spa situated in Cape Town’s leafy suburb, Tokai. Now, I know many women prefer the “glam spa experience” where a spa is housed in a gorgeous hotel setting, Champaign is offered on arrival & there are teams of therapists awaiting to pamper you. I love this type of spa experience too. However, while the therapists are all very good at the treatments they provide, most follow a cut & paste method, especially when doing a full body massage.

The difference with a small owner-run spa is the specialized attention. Also, many therapists who open their own small studios are REALLY passionate about what they do and most actually LOVE giving massages. And, I’m a firm believer that you can feel when a therapist loves giving a massage.

Back to Roma Therapy; Debbie has been a massage, health & skin care therapist since 2003 and has over 16 years of experience. She’s worked in many of Cape Town’s award-winning spas and her qualifications include SETA, SAAHSP and ITEC. In addition to massages, Debbie also offers all the usual treatments like manicures & pedicures (Gelish included), waxing, body exfoliation, Cranial & facial massage, facials, lash & brow tints & lifts, Dermapen CIT, Salicylic peels & Dermaplaining.

Debbie uses South African made Vitaderm products in her salon

What sets Debbie apart from other therapists (apart from her magical hands) is how she uses a fusion of different massage techniques based on each client’s unique needs.

My massage was a blissful 90 minutes (cost R520), but I was impressed to learn that Debbie also offer 120-minute massages at just R650 (I mean, 2 hours of massage bliss #CanYouEven).

To kick off my massage, Debbie chatted to me about the CBD oil she uses from a brand called CannaMeds. Essentially, this is an MCT tincture infused with organic whole plant Cannabinoids with less than 0.03% THC (THC is the ingredient in cannabis that makes you stoned). Debbie used a few drops of this tincture with some carrier oil & other essential oils to create a blend suitable for me.

What impressed me the most about Debbie was how utterly intuitive she seemed to be with my body. She did admit to using Reiki when doing massage, so she’s better able to understand what’s needed in terms of massage by the body she’s working on.

That black sling is a rest for hands & arms – how clever? Also, why don’t all spa’s have these on their massage tables as they make for a far more comfortable massage.

Debbie used a combination of deep tissue, lymph drainage and Swedish massage techniques on me. While I didn’t fall asleep (there’s no snoozing while experiencing deep tissue of lymph drainage) during the treatment, I was VERY, VERY relaxed.

I also love that this 90-minute massage included a cranial massage. Now, there is nothing I love more in life that a scalp massage, but a cranial massage takes things to a whole new level as it uses both light & gentle pressure around the skull. Pure bliss, I tell you.

So, why would you choose a Canna Massage?

Well, its most beneficial feature is extreme relaxation. It’s also great for those suffering with muscle or joint pain, inflammation, arthritis, anxiety and even acne (back or face).

Totally blissed out after my 90 minute Canna Massage

If you’re based in Cape Town and are looking for arguably what has to be the best full body massage (I’ve ever experienced), give Debbie a call on +27 (0) 779 4336866 or mail her on

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