Whether you’re building your earring collection from scratch, or simply looking to add some basic styles, below are the 5 styles of earrings you should always have at your disposal from Superbalist that you can shop now. Studs A true classic, stud earring to be on the smaller side, feature a simple design and fit … Continue Reading

It’s always so thrilling for me to introduce you, my wonderful readers & followers, to super cool, local brands you may not have heard about. Today I’m featuring a brand called Silver Lining. They make the most spectacular, stylish, warm and comfortable gum boots & raincoats right here in South Africa. I stumbled across them … Continue Reading

I am obsessed with my new Desray Funnel Neck Pullover (R1,600 – BUY) OBSESSED. Not only is olive my favourite colour, but the style, fit and quality of this knit is just superb. It’s made from a supremely soft blend of yarns (33% viscose, 25% nylon, 18% lambswool, 19% cotton & 5% cashmere). I always … Continue Reading

Winter is my favourite of all the seasons. I love the cold and rain and find I’m far more productive compared to when it’s swelteringly hot. I must have Nordic blood given I love the cold as much as I do. One of the few issues I do have with the rain & cold is … Continue Reading

I love bags and have quite a collection that spans brands from Louis Vuitton to Marc Jacobs to Missibabab. But designer bags are just so expensive and very few people can afford them. The older I get, the more I think this obsession with international, big brand designer bags is outdated and driven by unconscious … Continue Reading

I’m all for investing in beautiful, fine jewellery that you can wear for the rest of your life, and pass onto a daughter, God daughter or special person. I started my collection in my late 20’s and can honestly say I love every single piece of fine jewellery I own. Whenever friends or family ask … Continue Reading

I was so excited to discover Aurora Crafted Jewellery – a new, local jewellery brand with some of the most beautiful designs I’ve seen in a while. The brand has a stunning selection of earrings, necklaces and wrist bracelets – all locally made. The beaded styles are produced by local talented crafters in communities from … Continue Reading

Given the COVID pandemic & the fact that we’re spending most of our time at home, it’s important to ensure our spaces are comforting & inspiring environments that smell good. I know that when my home smells great, it makes me feel happy & comforted. On the other hand, a home that smells bad is … Continue Reading