Nothing infuriates me more than fashion rules! Where does the so-called fashion rule that states women over 40 years of age shouldn’t wear shorts or mini skirts come form?? Personally, I think that’s a load of rubbish! In short (pun intended), you should wear whatever the hell you want to, as long as it makes … Continue Reading

In anticipation for Black Friday (29 November) and Cyber Monday (2 December) – and to give you a head start on what’s available – Superbalist asked me to create a wish list featuring my favourite items from their site. Before I get started, have you downloaded the Superbalist app HERE? If not you really should. … Continue Reading

There’s nothing quite as chic as a crisp black & white look. In fact, Coco Chanel once said that black and white’s beauty was “the perfect harmony,” that women “think of all colours except the absence of colour,” and that black and white had it all. I can’t help but agree with her. A monochrome … Continue Reading

Looking at my wardrobe the other day, I realized that the majority of my clothing is bold and bright prints with a few key, neutral pieces. I LOVE prints, and think they bring an element of fun and interest to clothing. I also know that many women are apprehensive when it comes to adding printed … Continue Reading

I’ve found it, the perfect summer coat. But why a coat for summer? Let me explain. How often do you leave the house on a bright, warm & sunny morning, only for the weather to turn? While it may not be freezing cold, a chilly wind may come up, or, if you live in JHB, … Continue Reading

The right jewelry has the power to transform an outfit and take your style to a whole new level. I’ve rounded up a few of my favourites, all under R200 from Superbalist. Elegantly Edgy I’m having quite a moment with brightly coloured resin earring in interesting shapes. I’d pair these with a simple white shirt … Continue Reading

I work from home, so most days you’ll find me in casual, comfortable, leisure-type wear. When you work from home, it becomes very tempting to hang out in your PJ’s the whole day (especially on cold, winter days), but I try my best not to do this. I think it’s important to make an effort … Continue Reading

The DESRAY Winter sale is now on and you can get up to 50% off certain items of clothing! Below are a few of my favourite pieces that are on sale. Tip: The best time to shop for clothing is on the end of season sales. Aside from the saving, you’re forced out of your style … Continue Reading