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First impressions count. So often, we’re judged on the way we look, that it only makes sense to invest a little time and effort in our appearance.

Most women I encounter tell me that they have wardrobes overflowing with clothing, yet, have nothing to wear!

This happens because most women shop for what they want, rather than what they need. The result is often an overcrowded, disorganized mess of clothing, eighty percent of which doesn’t even get worn!

Think about it, are you only wearing twenty percent of what’s in your wardrobe?

Let me teach you how to shop with a sense of purpose, by identifying the gaps in your wardrobe and showing you how to fill them accordingly.

By upgrading your image and overhauling your wardrobe, I’ll give you the foundation on which to build your style, while ensuring you always have something fabulous to wear.

Services on offer:

Style Consultation

Wardrobe Edit

Shopping Consultation

Beauty Consultation

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