When I fell pregnant with my daughter, one of my concerns was stretch marks. Even though I was a fashion editor at the time, I was still doing a lot of modeling work, and most of my jobs were swimwear or underwear campaigns. My editor at the time suggested I start using the Justine Tissue … Continue Reading

It’s been raining bucket loads here in Cape Town, and I’m desperate for a little sun on my skin. But, being a beauty journo, I know how dangerous UV rays are to the skin. Because I’m now 45 and can visibly see the damage done on my skin thanks to years of unprotected sun exposure, … Continue Reading

Last week I was lucky enough to spend three glorious days in warm and sunny Durban with my Unilever family. We were given wonderful insight into all their brands, educated on various community upliftment projects and how all their brands are working towards being more sustainable. One of the highlights was an incredible brand activation … Continue Reading

A few weeks back I attended an Acqua di Parma launch at the beautiful Table Bay Hotel in Cape Town. While I’m quite familiar with the Acqua di Parma brand and its history – I did a post earlier this year that you can read HERE – it was great to gain even more insight … Continue Reading

I get asked a lot of questions about mature skin. How do I know if my skin is mature? From what age is skin considered mature? What typical traits does mature skin have? When do I begin treating it? From around 35 years, skin is considered mature. However, skin ageing is really dependent on each … Continue Reading

Today I want to chat about bar soap. I grew up in the 1980’s and during that time, we only used good old bar soap to care for our skin. Being a school girl, I didn’t wear makeup very often, so all I needed was something to clean my face & body, removing any oil … Continue Reading

Clarins recently sent me some new and very innovative eye makeup essentials to play around with. All are super simple to use, so no matter whether you’re a makeup pro or beginner, you’ll be able to create some really eye-catching looks. I’ve always loved Clarins’ mascaras (really, they make some of the best), so couldn’t … Continue Reading

Clicks recently sent me a #BeautyBox containing some incredible new makeup & beauty items and I’m so excited to share them with you! Brush up your make up artistry skills with some pretty new brushes from the Beauty Crush Collection. I’m loving the Pointed Powder Brush (R79.99) that allows targeted application of face powder to … Continue Reading