Meet Momo – our new puppy! I’m an animal lover through and through. I grew up surrounded by dogs, cats, birds, hamsters, even silkworms (they escaped, but that’s a story for another day.) I believe growing up with and respecting animals makes for happier, more compassionate children. When my daughter Miyo was born, both my … Continue Reading

I was recently sent the new Hug in a Mug Cinnamon Bun Cappuccino (R42.95 for a box of 10 sachets) to review.  Now, one of my favourite treats is a good old cinnamon bun. It brings back memories of walking home from school with my granny when I was a wee girl, about four years … Continue Reading

It was world water day last week Tuesday, the 22 March. I was asked to take part in the 1 Day 10 Liters challenge which formed part of the global Giorgio Armani “Acqua for Life” initiative. This campaign, spearheaded in partnership with Green Cross globally, aims to raise awareness on water related issues. Every year, since … Continue Reading

One of my New Year’s resolutions has been to make a few changes to my diet. I’ve decided to limit eating meat to twice weekly and seriously up my intake of veggies. Come mid year, I’m hoping I’ll have embraced a full vegetarian lifestyle, and maybe, come year-end, I’ll be Vegan. Every morning for the … Continue Reading

Yep, it’s that time of year again. Fancy winning a mouthwatering Lindt hamper filled to the brim with chocolates? I thought you would. But first, a little Christmas DIY showing you how to make a Lindor chocolate wreath. There’s no better way to welcome friends and family during the holidays than with this cheerful twist … Continue Reading


Who doesn’t love LINDT? Today, I’ve hidden an image of the gold LINDT bunny somewhere on my blog (it’s really not that difficult to find, just look). Once you’ve spotted it, you can stand a chance to win an exciting Easter hamper from LINDT by simply: Screen grabbing the image of the LINDT Gold Bunny … Continue Reading

MARINA VERMEULEN Marina’s winning comment read: As a ten year old, I couldn’t understand the exhilaration our country was experiencing in 1994. I couldn’t fathom why everyone would stand in such long queues, peacefully, for hours on end. Twenty years on, I’m looking forward to casting my vote to contribute to our democracy. I’m planning … Continue Reading