I’m on a mission to support local brands wherever & however I can as they form the backbone of our economy. How we have so many incredibly talented designers locally, yet people still choose to mostly support the big, global brands blows my mind. When I ask them why, they say it’s because the Zara’s, H&M’s & Cotton On’s of the world are cheaper than locally produced products.

I then respond with this, “when you buy something at a cheaper, bargain price; someone, somewhere in the production line is getting screwed over – of that you can be certain.

I then follow that up with, “if your 5-year-old child was forced to work 18 hour shifts at a clothing factory for a pittance – out of sheer desperation, so you can ultimately get a bargain – would you still buy that cheap product?” That gets them thinking!

Bottom line is when you support local and pay a little more for quality, you can be assured that the person who made that item you’re buying ACTUALLY RECEIVES A DECENT, LIVING WAGE.

Come on guys, we need to boost this economy and that means supporting local brands & products!

Which brings me to a review of my favourite, local activewear brand called LIMBA

I won’t lie, it’s been a real struggle to find really good quality, locally made, activewear that fits well. I tried two other local brands (which shall remain nameless) but was disappointed with the quality (leggings got knees within 10 minutes & after a few washes, tops got baubles).

Working out in my LIMBA getup!

Founded in 2007 and based in Johannesburg, LIMBA is a locally made activewear and athleisure brand that’s available throughout South Africa. The brand creates incredible active wear made of qualitative synthetic fabrics with features like “rip-safe” seams and super cool styling details.

Wearing the LIMBA Bon Cross Hoodie R999.99 (BUY)


Always opt for high performance fabrics

Synthetic fabrics like Polyester, lycra and nylon tend to wick moisture away from the body, keeping you cool & comfortable. Cotton, while breathable, is not a great fabric choice for working out!

Ensure the fit is good

Think about how you’ll use and move in the item. If you’re not buying online, try two different sizes. In the dressing room, jog in place with high knees and bend over to make sure the material provides full coverage & doesn’t sag.

Opt for leggings with the right amount of coverage

Avoid leggings made of super thin fabric that sags. You don’t want to keep pulling yours up while exercising. I prefer an opaque fabric because when I’m bending over in Pilates, I don’t want everyone to be able to see the colour of my underwear! 

Can it double as Athleisure wear?

 I’m usually in my workout clothes from school drop-off to school pick-up. In between I’ve exercised, run-errands, worked and walked my dog. Capetonians are pretty casual & a lot of us wear our workout gear out and about even if we’re not hitting the gym.

Speaking of  cool styling details, these “Meshterpiece” leggings (R899.99) have net insets which give them such a cool edge. Also, note how well they’re stitched. BUY

I love the mesh fabric inset on this “Zipbow” Top (R1099.99) that’s also available in white. BUY

A frontal view of the Zipbow top & Meshterpiece leggings. I like the long sleeve semi-fitted hip length top (which I wear as a jacket) & the tie detail.

Super cool leather insets on this “Leatherette top” (R1099.99) which I wear as a jacket  – BUY. The fabric is AMAZING & feels like a second skin.

In this pic I’m wearing the Leatherette leggings (R899.99) – BUY.  I like the high-rise fit (that doesn’t slip down) and think the leather insets give these leggings a cool vibe. All the seams are rip-safe too.

I was sent a box filled with LIMBA active wear last year September. I planned on getting a post up soonest, but the year got away with me! But this wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, as I really had close on 6 months to put the pieces to the wear test. And I’m beyond impressed at the quality!

All the items items wash well (I’ve been hand washing them as per care labels), & six months later there isn’t a dangling thread, broken zipper, hole, elastic band that’s lost it’s stretch, or any fabric discoloring in sight.

The pieces themselves are a pleasure to workout in. The fabrics aren’t restrictive & they all allows for extreme movement.

Every single item has retained its shape & hasn’t stretched or shrunk. Bear in mind I work out 3 x a week, so I’m wearing this activewear on a VERY regular basis, usually for the entire day.

This Cuddllesuit (R1099.99) is my current favourite athleisure wear item. Aside from being super comfy, it’s just so on-trend. On hot days, I wear it as is (with a black strapless bra), and on cooler days, add a simple, white long sleeve vest. I’m going to Turkey again this May, and I’m planning on wearing this because it looks chic, but is also just SO comfortable. BUY

To learn more about LIMBA, follow the brand on Instagram HERE , on Facebook HERE, or check out their website HERE.

Honestly, I can’t rave enough about the styling, quality, fit & fabrication of LIMBA, and I know you’ll all LOVE this brand too.


Stunning Candy! Need to get my ass to the gym & this active wear is inspiring me to do so ASAP. So happy that it’s a SA brand 🙂

Hi Wendy, the collection is fantastic and the quality great. I know you’ll love their activewear.
P.S. You can always come train with me since my studio is literally 10 mins from your house #JustSaying 😉

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