One of the best aspects of my job is that I get to review a whole spectrum of beauty products on the regular, from high end to mass market. From my conversations with women, I’m often astounded how many of them believe that the higher the price tag, the better the formulation. This really couldn’t be further from the truth! One needs to understand that the mass brands have HUGE amounts of capital that are spent on research and development of products. Also, because of the volumes of products the big players produce, they get better deals on raw materials, so are able to bring their products to market at really reasonable prices.

I am NOT a snob when it comes to beauty products and count many mass market brand formulas as favourites (Nivea, Neutrogena, Johnson’s, Eucerin, L’Oreal, Garnier). Among them is Pond’s. I love the brand and have blogged about it many, many times before (just type Pond’s in my search bar and you’ll see). Pond’s is a true heritage brand, and I love that about them. I have fond memories of sitting on the floor in my granny’s bedroom watching her carefully remove the day’s make-up with her beloved Pond’s Cold Cream (I so wish they’d bring this product back into SA #JustSaying). Pond’s is a brand I grew up with, and continue to believe in.

When the brand unveiled it’s latest anti-ageing technology, the NEW POND’s Age Miracle with Retinol-C Complex; I couldn’t wait to test it out. If you read my blog regularly, you’ll know that I’m a huge proponent of including a retinol formula into one’s skincare regime – especially if you’re 35+ and concerned with ageing. Retinol is the one ingredient that REALLY can make a visible difference to the skin.

Through extensive research, The POND’s Institute has discovered that as women begin to mature in their 30s, their skin can lose up to 30% of its strength (scary stat that!). This reveals itself as wrinkles, sagging and dull, uneven skin tone.

What makes the new Pond’s Age Miracle range so exciting?

The products have been created using a Retinol-C Complex – the next generation retinol that delivers double the lifting power while releasing powerful anti-ageing actives continuously throughout the day to plump and firm skin. Clinical trials with the products also showed that this new retinol technology has TWICE the wrinkle reduction power of a Retinoid (which is commonly used by leading anti-ageing players).

Best of all, the formula has been clinically proven to reduce skin ageing signs like wrinkles and fine lines within within the FIRST WEEK OF USAGE (more about that claim later).

The Retinol-C Complex provides the powerful anti-ageing efficacy of Retinol without the side effects on the skin (irritation), making it the perfect balance between efficacy and stability, now allowing consumers to have the same gold standard as Retinol but much milder.

Pond’s Age Miracle Wrinkle Corrector Day Cream SPF15 – R189.99

I really love the way this day cream manages to be really nourishing and rich, without any oiliness whatsoever. It has a luxurious, velvety feel and is suited to most skin types that are normal to dry (typical of ageing skin). It targets fine lines, wrinkles and age spots, and because it has an SPF 15, it protects the skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays while enhancing skin’s radiance.

Aside from the Retinol-C Complex, it is also enriched with potent actives like Linoleic acid that stimulates skin cells to boost skin renewal at a cellular level, and niacinamide that helps increase the cells renewal rate, acting as an exfoliator. It also effectively diminishes the look of dark spots and pigmentation, while reducing the appearance of fine lines. I also find this day cream is a fantastic base for makeup application. I like using the Pond’s Age Miracle BB Cream SPF 30 (R185.99) over the day cream as I get added UV protection and it really evens out my skin tone. I’m not going to get into too much detail about it as I’ve previously done a comprehensive review on it HERE.

Pond’s Age Miracle Wrinkle Corrector Night Cream R189.99

This nighttime treat works hard while you sleep. It’s during sleep time that your cells regeneration potential is at its peak, so it make good beauty sense to use products that help boost regeneration.

Again, I adore the lovely rich texture of this formula that hydrates the skin so beautifully, yet absorbs really quickly. Again, the Retinol-C Complex is contained in this night cream, but there’s also Glycerine that helps lock moisture into the cells. Remember, hydration improves the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Alpha Hydroxy Acids are also present to remove dead skin cells on the surface of the skin, making it look more radiant.

Pond’s Age Miracle Intensive Wrinkle Correcting Cream R189.99

Essentially a treatment type product, this wrinkle correcting cream contains a unique oil in cream formula that keeps skin nourished while plumping wrinkles. The formula is infused with silky drops of Marula, Argan, Rosehip, Sweet Almond and Jojoba oils and also contains the Retinol-C Complex. It has a lovely lightweight texture that absorbs quickly when you apply it onto the skin. Because ageing is my number one skin concern, I use this twice a day – morning and evening before applying my day or night cream. However, if your skin is on the oilier side, you could use it as a replacement for your night cream. This anti-ager is quite active, so if you see mild redness or flakiness, don’t panic – this is a sign the product is working. This is very often the case when you start using a product containing Retinol.

Got slightly sensitive skin? Be sure to do a test patch (on the skin on the inner part of your arm) first, to see how your skin reacts.

Pond’s Age Miracle Eye Cream R189.99

I found this to be a very effective at hydrating my eye area, while slightly reducing fine lines. The formula combines blur technology with optic technology that works beautifully to brighten any darkness or shadows around the eye area. It is also fragrance free and ophthalmologist tested – making it a safe bet for those with sensitive eyes (like me).

So, the big question…Did I see a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles within a week?

The answer is yes, I did. While I don’t have deep wrinkles, I most certainly did see an improvement in fine lines and the hydration of my skin. What struck me the most about this range though is how almost impossibly radiant my skin looks. The biggest difference I noticed though is on my very, very sun damaged décolletage. Now, I always, ALWAYS apply my skincare down my neck and onto my décolletage (you should too). Being in my early forties, my décolletage is lined, wrinkled and badly pigmented with dark marks. After a month of using the wrinkle corrector and day and night creams on this area, I can confidently say I’ve seen an impressive turnaround. The skin on this area looks A LOT less uneven and some dark spots are significantly lighter. The skin seems a little firmer and looks less crepe than it normally does. I am well impressed.

Retinol Alert!

When using products containing Retinol, it is imperative that you use a SPF during the day as retinol can cause sun sensitivity. This is VERY important to remember.

Have you tried any Pond’s products and which are your favourites?

*This blog post is sponsored by Pond’s*


Hiya! I am so glad to see this post as I bought three of this range of products yesterday online (except for the moisturisor as it was sold out)….to be delivered on Monday! So now I am really excited for Monday to start using these products!

You’re so right, Candice-Lee. Price is not necessarily an indicator of efficacy. These Pond’s products sound great. R ‘

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