Last week Tuesday evening, I attended the hotly anticipated Style By SA Show at SAFW in JHB. This show is always a favorite of mine as I get a first look at what to expect from some of my favourite local designers like Thebe Magugu, Rich Mnisi & Sindiso Khumalo. I really love how Woolworths have embraced these talented designers and feature affordable capsule collections of their clothing. In Cape Town, you’ll find the Style By SA collection at Canal Walk. In JHB, at Sandton City.

Now, if you follow me on my social media platforms (Twitter & IG: @candiceleekan), you’ll have seen I’m working closely with Woolworths as one of their Beauty Trend Collective members. I’ve been trying and testing a whole host of the WBEAUTY skincare, body and makeup and am so impressed with all the products. For the Style by SA show, Woolworths asked me to create a makeup look using their products.

Take a look at my 5 minute smokey eye makeup tutorial below

The Make-up Products:

Eyes: WBEAUTY Single Shadow in Smoke (R121.05); WBEAUTY 3-in-1 Mascara (R161.40); WBEAUTY Gel Eyeliner in Black (R110.96)

Skin: WBEAUTY Longwear Max Cover Foundations SPF20 (R161.40); WBEAUTY Pressed Powder (R200.74)

Cheeks: WBEAUTY Powder Blush in Peach Melba (R171.49)

Lips: WBEAUTY Sheer Lipstick in Golden Vanilla (R141.22)


WBEAUTY Nails Gel in Mulberry (R55.48) – The big brush makes for the most precise paint and the gel formula ensures dazzling shine.

I know you guys are always interested in the skincare I’m using, so I thought I’d give you a peek into the key beauty items from WBEAUTY I took along to JHB.

WBEAUTY Daily Gel Cleanser (R80.65) – This face wash really impressed me with its make-up removal capabilities (it effectively removed my waterproof mascara and long wearing foundation!). It is the perfect product for those who are too lazy to remove their make-up before cleansing (like me). It’s great for all skin types, but I do think those with very dry skin may find it a bit drying (then again, most women with very dry skin know to rather opt for a cleansing cream over a face wash). Best of all, it’s fragrance and colour free.

WBEAUTY Eye Make-up Remover Lotion (R90.73) – I absolutely LOVE this gentle, yet very effective eye make-up remover. The texture is amazing; it comes out as a cream, then almost transforms its texture into a gel. It’s so gentle, doesn’t burn or sting and really is my number one option if you struggle with sensitive eyes.

WBEAUTY Anti-Ageing Overnight Mask (R100.82) – Overnight masks are one of my favourite beauty treats and I often use them instead of a night cream. My absolute favourite one is the Sisley Black Rose Overnight Mask, so I hold all others I try to that standard (and I’m often disappointed). This one REALLY impressed me. It is wonderfully nourishing without being oily, doesn’t pill on the skin (far too many overnight masks do!) and ensures you wake up with beautifully hydrated skin. For the price, it’s an incredible skincare treat.

WBEAUTY Eye Cream (R191.66) – This formula contains hyaluronic acid that plumps lines and wrinkles while boosting moisture. Caffeine has also been added to stimulate circulation, helping to rid the area of dark marks and puffiness. This formula is best for more mature skin types (40+), but there are other options in the WBEAUTY range for younger skin.

WBEAUTY Evening Recovery Facial Oil (R201.70) – Everyone needs a facial oil in their skincare routine because they really are a special pamper for the skin. This one contains Olive Squalene, Vitamin E & Rose oil that boosts radiance, reduces the appearance of fine lines and moisturises. Jojoba oil helps regulate sebum production (making it a good choice for oily skin types), while still restoring moisture. Simply massage a few drops of this oil into clean skin, before applying your night cream. You could also mix a few drops into your cream (or overnight mask – that’s what I do).

I also included a few bath time treats (because while in JHB, a Capetonian HAS to take a bath)

WBEAUTY Love Your Skin Extreme Moisture Shower Gel (R70.56); WBEAUTY Love Your Skin Extreme Moisture Lotion (R70.56); WBeauty Love Your Skin Extreme Moisture Hand and Nail Cream (R60.47); WBEAUTY Love Your Skin Extreme Moisture Foot Butter (R70.56)

Woolworths offered to dress me for the Style By SA show, so I popped into store and chose the following items of clothing

Top by Witchery (R705.13); Boots by Country Road (R1613.02); Bag by Country Road (R1613.02); Belt by Country Road (R503.37)

My ‘scent of the evening’ was Gucci Bloom (R985 for 100ml EDP) with sultry notes of jasmine and heady tuberose mixed with woody ascents of orris root.

Final look

Below are some pic’s from the Style By SA show

Thebe Magugu – Can we take a moment to chat about how spectacular this pink coat is?!

Thebe Magugu

Rich Mnisi

Rich Minisi

Rich Mnisi


I’m giving one lucky reader the opportunity to win ALL the WBEAUTY skin, body and make-up products featured in this blog post, amounting to R2061.45.

These include: 

WBEAUTY makeup products: 3-in-1 mascara; Long wear Foundation; Single shadow in smoke; Powder blush in Peach Melba; Black Gel Eyeliner, Sheer lipstick in Golden Vanilla

WBEAUTY skincare: Daily Gel Cleanser; Replenish Eye Cream; Anti-Ageing Overnight Mask; Evening Recovery Facial Oil; Eye Make-up Remover Lotion

 WBEAUTY body care: LOVE YOUR SKIN Extreme Moisture Shower Gel, Body Lotion; Hand Cream; Foot Butter

To enter, leave a comment below this post telling me why you’d like to win this WBEAUTY hamper. Please ensure you include your email address (only I can see it), so I can contact you, should you be the winner.

The winner will be announced on In My Bag’s Facebook page (FOLLOW HERE) next week Monday 23 April and will also be notified by email. 

A WBEAUTY voucher will be sent (via SMS) to the winner who will need to go to their closest Woolworths WBEAUTY counter to get her products. The beauty of this is that you’ll be able to select the correct colour foundation for your skin tone.


Hey there
Ive recently turned 40 and i think my skin definitely needs some attention and tlc
This would be a perfect start and gift for me ..

I would love to with the hamper as I’m most excited to try the skincare products. They are so affordable and I love the simple, clean packaging. The make-up and body products are lovely too!!

Firstly you look stunning and I love the clothes and the make up look you did. I haven’t tried make up/ skincare from Woolworths and I would love to! They sound amazing and look amazing.

I recently started using a few WBEAUTY products and simply fell in love, and would love to try a few more.

Nearly hitting the big 40…and still dont own a face cream…

Wow I would love to spoil myself for a change with these gorgeous goodies ❤ and feel all brand new again.

Would love to win a special treat

One reason: WBEAUTY skincare
My skincare routine is the one thing I am failing at. The products mentioned (Cleanser; Replenish Eye Cream; Anti-Ageing Overnight MaDaily Gel; Evening Recovery Facial Oil; Eye Make-up Remover Lotion) would definitely help in taking better care of my face.

I would love to win… I have desperately been looking for a skincare and bodycare range that boosts radiance, reduces the appearance of fine lines and moisturises and leaves my skin feeling beautiful soft and smooth… have been wanting to try the WBEAUTY range for ages and would really love to win….

I would so love to #win this gorgeous giveaway. I looked at your video and your make up looks indeed sexy…so, you applied it correctly. I truly need some new make-up, as my current collection is antique. Hope to be the blessed winner!

I would love to win this as I’m in need of a bit of a treat, exams are looming and a huge assignment load had me neglecting myself. Being a single mum and part time student has me putting everyone and everything first above myself. I would love to win this and be a bit selfish and indulgent just for once lol!

I Use for sensitive skin Cleanser Toner and ete make up remover. It is smooth and gentle. I have used the single shadows . Love the texture for my mature sensitive skin.

In fact anything at Woolies is quality. I only use their toiletries.

I have not tried any of the other make up. It would be wonderful to try it

Thank you and bless you.

I would love to try these products as we are on Winter’s doorstep and we should not skimp on our skincare just because the weather is changing, we should more care in Winter than summer, we tend to neglect our skin in Winter due to lower temperatures and not drinking enough water, this would be an absolute dream for me to try as I am in my forties and by this age I need to give my skin extra tlc to prevent sagging and wrinkles, thank you for the opportunity

Beauty and skincare products are usually ( if you’re using good quality) pretty expensive, especially when you have to replace several items in one go. This would be an absolute treat to win!

This would be an incredible prize to win! Love Woolies and have always used their makeup!

WOOLWORTHS…always will and always has been a go to for various items..clothes, food, home decor and I must say they have now put so much attention and detail into their beauty range that this is ideal for any Woolworths existing client.

Their products are right up there with all major beauty product brands and I love that it remains classic yet modern twists and a biggie..caters for all ages.

I would LOVE to win this prize, In My Bag! I need to change my beauty routine a bit and I would love to have a full range from one brand that I know and trust for so many years. Fingers Crossed!

I still obsessed with the picture of you Candice!

I’ve only used their body lotion and would LOVE to give the rest of the products a try! I am especially interested in the skincare and makeup range.

I recently started using some of Woollies’ beauty products and love the setting spray, gel eyeliner, contour kit and gel nail polish. I’ve been dying to try out their foundation as I heard great things about it so this voucher will come in handy.

Every girl deserves to be pampered, and I can’t think of a better way to be spoiled! I rarely do anything for myself, and I would love to get the chance to use these amazing products. A girly girl’s dream!

Would love to win this. Would be a fantastic spoil and definitely a treat! All the products look amazing, and I am especially keen to try the evening recovery facial oil and the foundation. I would love to win this because it would just be a fantastic surprise and I love trying new products so fingers crossed! Good luck everyone.

My entire beauty regime needs a serious “make-over” … and my make-up bag is looking decidedly bleak and empty .. would love to shake things up a bit!

Hi,woud love to win this hamper especially so that Woolworths Beauty is cruelty free and my skin is looking so dry and ragged as well.My child has been constantly sick and I dont even have a chance to look in a mirror at myself let alone take are of my makeup or skin routine.This ould be a much welcome spoil and treat.Thanks

It has been a really rough year for me and although I have a million things going on I really want to keep looking my best on the outside even though I am having trouble on the inside. This would be a great confidence booster..

Every woman needs a little pampering. Just think of everything we do.

Would love to jazz myself up a little and besides I have never used Woolies beauty products,so this will be a real treat.

You look great! What a lovely treat this would be as I am not familiar with Woolies products

As a mom of 3 young girls and in my early 40’s-I know I should be looking after myself more but I’d rather spoil my girls;-)
With Mother’s Day around the corner,hopefully I’ll get some spoiling!

I would love to win as I’ve recently tried the Longwear Max Cover Foundation (on your recommendation) and I absolutely love it! So keen to try the rest of the WBeauty range 🙌🏻

I haven’t tried make up/ skincare from Woolworths yet and I would love to cause I’ve only heard great things about it! Also they sound amazing.

Winning this would make me feel beautiful Being a single parent your needs come last and there is always another month #WWBeautyTrendCollective

I need a make up and beauty REFRESH!

I would love to try those products I think they will do wonders to my skin and it would be great confidence boaster ❤❤❤❤

I would love to win this for 2 reasons.
My husband and I recently got married and I don’t earn much so being able to spoil myself has been tough.
I am a aspiring Youtube and keeping up with things to create content with is hard when you just starting out in everything. Life and passion. I really want to use these items to create content with.

I have been on the lookout for the perfect skincare products but have had no luck finding products that work and deliver. These products promise everything that I am looking for to incorporate in my skincare routine! I am also makeup obsessed so this would be perfect!!

Oh my gosh i have heard so many good things about the new Woolworths Beauty range and would absolutely love to try out a few of their products🎉 this would be such an awesome gift to share with my mom as well as mothersday is approaching and i would love to make her feel special and young again 😁

I would love to win this as its my bday on 26th and im turning 52 years. I would love to age gracefully snd not show my age. I also love Woolies products.

I recently got promoted as GM of a hotel and have lost some weight. I didn’t wear makeup very often but now it is essential. I don’t have any decent makeup as I usually bought from the local China shop. I am 56 years old and for ever just did everything for my kids and now it as if my life has turned around and I need to pamper myself. I need to try new products and would love to win this to start me of in the right direction.

im commenting a day after my 31st birthday, so this would make an awesome gifts. These days i dont do much for myself and i also dont buy much for myself. Ever since i had my little one i have been putting myself wayyy last in everything. I know i should take better care of myself, and i try but id rather use my resources on my family. i would love this prize so much! it would certainly help fill the holes in my skincare routine and honestly these days i can use a little pick me up. Havent been feeling good about myself all that much lately!

I absolutely adore Woolies cosmetics, I have been pregnant for the last eight and a half months and would so love this spoil to pamper myself. I haven’t had the chance to top up on any makeup as walking has become so difficult that I think I actually waddle now(not very flattering for a woman lol) but I would so love to use these products for my baby’s newborn shoot and her christening so her mom would look oh so sultry.

I have recently reached my last year in my 30’s and would love to start this year with new products. I always get so excited when I get a new cream or a mascara even a hand cream can put me in a state of pure bliss so I can only imagine what a hamper like this would do to me😂😂 I’m also a stay at home Mom to my 13 month old daughter, Summer so I rarely buy anything for myself as there is always something very cute I could get for her instead♥️ It’s such a stunning prize 💋

What an AMAZING GIVEAWAY.. a DREAM GIVEAWAY in fact. TURNING 50 in June this would be SUPER AWESOME to Win😍😍😍🎆🎆🎉🎉 I loove Woolworths CLOTHING I.Haven’t bought. At Woolworths in over 8 years .. 😍😍😍🎉🎉 I.haven’t tried Woolworths Skincare range .. But only HEARD GREAT REVIEWS ON IT❤..

I would love to win this amazing givwaway cause as a single Mom of two beautiful boys and having to constantly run after my very busy two year old, I barely have time for myself.
And its my birthday the 30th April and this would make an amazing giveaway.

I would love to win because I suffer from THE most dry skin in the colder months and I can feel it starting already with the cold setting in. The bath/body products are tailored for moisture which is exactly what I need. The evening facial oil and face mask will also be perfect for my joburg winter dehydrated skin. This prize is perfect!

What a detailed post…and that pink coat…I agree…stunning! And also your nail colour!

I’d love to win to try some of these products. I purchased a mascara after I saw you recommended it and I was so impressed, I’ve been keen to try some of their other products. Also the fact that you’re closer to my age, I know I can trust your recommendations…the closer I am get to 40, sadly I only now am realising how important skincare is. I wish I started sooner, but better late than never!

I would like to give these products a try as they are in the affordable price range which suits my budget.

Pls pick me, I’m in desperate need if a overhaul for winter, never knowing how to reinvent my make up, this would help

This is my first time on your blog. Love how detailed it is – your insight is very valuable. I’m a huge Woolworths lover and I see we have the same taste is colours and palettes. I would love to win this prize, to share in the experience of a like minded lady! Thanks for the blog! 💜

I would love the skin products. I am approaching the big 50 and I can feel that my skin needs more than what I am currently using. With the colder weather coming my skin tends to dehydrate more. Needs these wonderful products!

I have been struggling for years to find the perfect foundation to match my skin so I would really love to win this!

Absolutely loving the Smokey eye look and you make it look so easy. Also in love with with the golden vanilla sheer lipstick.

I have been searching for an overnight mask for weeks and cannot believe I missed this one! It’s so affordable as well! I would love to win to try out that most of all, but also because Woolies beauty section is one of my favourites!

What a beautiful and flawless look! I want some of that in my life, the make up bag is needing some attention and a facelift and this prize would be fabulous for that!

I’m currently pregnant and my skin is going through all sorts of phases. I would love to win this to help me get better looking skin.

Wow, what an amazing giveaway ❣️
I’d love to win this wonderful Hamper as my body needs a little TLC, with the daily stresses of life I tend to make sure everyone else is looked after before taking the time to care for myself ❣️

welcome to the roaring 40s. My skin needs and wants a boost. I would love to give these products a try.

I’ve been unemployed for a while now and haven’t been able to buy any pamper or makeup goodies in a while. This hamper will be an awesome gift to treat myself to makeup and Skincare that I could not have for a long time.

Wow you look great! I would love to win this hamper so I can try your products. This will be such a treat. I dont normally buy make up so this will be perfect!-

You looked absolutely gorgeous Candice – that outfit was everything, specifically the top and boots.
Also loved this post, you took us through the whole experience.
I would love to win this because I am on a shopping ban to get my finances in order but I really, really, want to start getting more serious about my skincare and I would love some new makeup to play with.

Hey! Nice post. I would love to win the giveaway as my skin routine is currently non existent, only the occasional mask.

Wow! I love the outfit you picked, Candice! I am obsessed with all things Woolies💞 I can tell you this hamper would come in very handy! I’ve just turned 40, my skin needs some attention, I’m very keen on trying those anti aging skincare products. That lipstick color is so pretty!!! Thank you😊

Love it that you use only 3 product.A newby like me love the less is more (hahaha and less chances for it to look amateur too).Would love to win as I have only tried their nail polishes and its super difficult with all the vlogs to set yourself up with a good brand!

Such an amazing prise! I have recently discovered this range and fell in love with it immediately! It would be such a treat to try more of their products. Woollies has a way of making the everyday moments feel special. This hamper will help me feel like a princess 👸🏻

Hi my doctor recently told me that i should start using makeup and maybe curl my hair abit,now u can imagine how that made me feel !After all Im going to be 42 this year #panick . Iv decided to go with his advice so id luv to win this

I currently do not have a skin care routine. Winning this will enable me to get proper skin care that will help with my skin that is drier than the Sahara desert… My skin needs lots of TLC… and im addicted to make up (I’d be able to score a lippie or two) … need I say more?

Ive recently started taking my makeup & skincare ‘seriously’ which means that I am on the hunt for good products (that wont break the bank). I would love to try out these products & this look!

This seems Lovely. Ive never tride the Woolworths SkinCare range. Recently after turning 35, It feels like Ive aged overnight & need to try xtra/differint products to take beter care of my skin. It changes alot from oily, to dry, to patchy. Combination of all. My eyes/under eyes also have become puffy & sunk in. I drink 3litres of water a day, so Im not dehydrated. So it deffintly time, for a skincare change. Maybe this is just what I need. The makeup range is a added bonus as I love the peachy bluch & lipcolour. And the body products is a xtra spoil for a much needed pampering. ( As Im the only Female in my house 😆 of 5males= Twin boys, Hubby & 2daxies =5kids .Lol😂😂😂) 😍

I would love to #win this incredible give away. I love Woolworths products and this look is so gorgeous for winter. Warm, rich, sexy colors. Thank you for the opportunity to enter.

Hi I would LOVE to win this…. i’ve always wanted to try these products especially the skincare range because I struggle with my skin…. I have severe Kiratosis Pilaris and I am testing all products to see what works best with the condition…. Love reading your blog, it’s the best🌿

Wow I would love to try these products! This would be such a treat as I’m a busy Mom to 3 month old twins and a 2 year old. Fantastic giveaway!!

I love the dramatic colours of the smokey eye and the nail colour, and the skincare would be ideal to pamper my tired skin. I haven’t had much time to shop , or sleep lately- full time articles PLUS night classes 5 or 6 night a week! I need the make over and my skin needs the TLC!

I would love to win this! I recently went cruelty free with all my cosmetics and it is super hard to reach all your products at once! This would be the absolute perfect starter kit for my new lifestyle! Seeing this gets me incredibly excited! Yes to cosmetics that don’t hurt the animals!!!

I would love to stick to a one brand across the board of skincare and make-up but the purse does not agree! This would be a great opportunity to start afresh and take care of me ….

Very exciting news is that I’m 14 weeks pregnant but I’m not sure when this glowing skin is going to make its appearance. I’d love win so that I can try the overnight mask and facial oil. And who doesn’t want some make up to feel beautiful!!

Hi there, I would love to win this hamper, because I find as a make-up artist, it’s usually my own make-up and skincare I neglect, and because I already love everything Woolies, it’s about time I try their make-up and skincare range 🙈😂😘

I’m pretty terrible at make up and beauty stuff but these products seem so accessible and make it all seem much simpler – I’d love to give my skin a chance to experience them!

I have recently turned 36 this past Saturday 14 April and my skin has dramatically changed a lot. Been hopping from one product to the other hoping for a skin range that would also possibly hide or clear my blemishes on the other side of the my face and also hoping for a clear brightly flawless skin. Would love to try these products and surely the makeup range to enhance my beauty rather than hiding my spot marks. Crossing my fingers for this hopefully it will be my birthday gift skin range can’t wait….So so hoping lady luck will be on my side.

What a gorgeous spoil… just what every woman needs! As winter approaches and the air gets a bit dryer, the air a bit crisper, the needs of my skincare has to alter… this hamper would not only address the changes in season and give my skin what it needs, but will surely make me feel pampered and ready and inspired for the changes in Season ahead. Lovely prep for any woman…💛🙌🏼💛

Looove this post I’m having the worst day and your post and fashion sense has just brought me a glimmer of hope You looked AMAZING! I’d love to win simply because I’ve never tried their goodies except for the odd hand and nail cream in my trolley while buying toothpaste and I need a puck me up A spoil would be lekker today rerig 🙁

The prize includes essentials and I’ve never tried any Woolies products. Yout makeup look is amazing and I’d love the get the products, you used, to recreate it.

Being a tired Mommy of a 21 month old boy, full time worker and part time house worker :-), the last person that get’s a spoil is usually me. When I do have an extra few rand in the bank or win something, I always spend it on my little boy or his Daddy. I ♥ Woolies products and have not seen that they have this range of beauty and make up products. Being able to spoil myself with this wonderful prize would be the ultimate blessing and treat. I’ve been a fan of your blog and have been entering a lot of competitions in the hopes of being chosen as a blessed winner. I just love reading your posts and the giveaways are always something to dream about. Thanks for the opportunity to enter. May I just mention that you look stunning in the photo’s. I am in love with the hairstyle and make up. It really suits you.

Wow !!! I would love this , woolies is my life and this would make life so much easier .
Woolies for life .

I would like to win because I’m terrible at looking after myself. I’ve been struggling to find the correct facial and body products, leaving me hopeless that anything will work. I constantly look tired and older than what I am because of that. I just need to believe in myself again and gain that confidence that I use to have.

That Mulberry nail colour is stunning. This WCOLLECTION wil take my make up fron dran to FAB!

I’ve been following you as much as I can in between my hectic lifestyle hahaha and I inhale your emails etc! I’d love to #win this amazing prize and try Woolworths Skin products! You look stunning in the pics by the way! Love your choices xx

I’ve been eyeing out some new face products but scared to take the plunge! The facial oil sounds super! So I would like to win to finally vamp up my make up collection and test out some of WW beauty products x

I’m a mom to a very very very (did I mention very) busy and opinionated 2 year old! My hair is in a bun most days. However I do like to look after my skin. I’m wanting to change my skin goodies and hope to brighten my skin (read horrendous bags under my eyes 🤦‍♀️). This would be an absolute treat!
Pick me pick me pick me 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

It would be such a treat to win this prize! I love woolies and their brand. That nail polish color and lipstick are just gorgeous. Great article, thank you! x

I would love to win this giveaway as i have a bad eczema condition. Its been so bad had to go on immunosuppressants . Before ot got bad i had got samples of the Woolies foundations but my skin got so bad that i didnt get a chance to try it. I haven’t owned a foundation years. I’ve been told that woolies products are hypoallergenic and for sensitive skin amd would love to try it. I also havent been working since December and had to resign because my skin was so bad. Now that I’m much better i want to enhance my features…this would be the perfect gift as i know i wouldn’t be able to afford it.

I almost did not recognize you with long hair and a fringe, but I must say it looks good on you 😉

I have been using a few of Woollies makeup products which I love, specifically the mascara I have recommended to my sister and she bought it. I would love to try the body products and face products and give that a go. I love that the prices are affordable so one will be able to purchase again if you like the product.

So all in all this would be a good prize to try out all the lovely goodies 🙂

Carmen (

Wow I would really really love to try these products. I have recently fell inlove with make up and just trying so many looks on anyone who would give me the chance. I would really love to add to my little collection . Love woolies so no doubt I only heard good reviews about their make up. I realllly neeed this prize would be a honor wining 😩 I’m so fascinated in different types of make up brands so if I get to add this to my collection would be a dream come true 💘💘

Would love to be able to try out the Woolies products,
such a treat, my 43 yr old skin could so do with it.

This would be an awesome surprise as i never win skin routine is non existent as being a single mom of 5 comprises of making lunch, getting kids ready for school,personal driver ,cook peacemaker and so much more…by the end of that i dont have thw Energy or time to even think of myself….I know I should but I just don’t.. I never know how to use products as its all so complicated and stressful…to fit into my day I need something stress free and simple…I see this with the products here…please make this possible..thankyou

I would love to try new product for my face ……

I’ve never actually tried Woolies make-up or skin care products but if the rest of their products (clothing, shoes and groceries) are anything to go by, they’re probably amazing! I’ve been using the same skin care and make up brands for years but feel as i’m getting older and my skin is changing, these products/brands are no longer serving their purpose so i’m on the hunt for new products but this is quite a costly exercise as it’s all trial and error… this would definitely help with the change over to see what else is out there.

Your stunning video has inspired me to make an effort, and to wear more make-up! I would love to win these gorgeous Woolworths products for a fresh start!

I am turning 49 on the 1/6, i have never used much make up on my skin, tried to keep it as minimal as possible, I would love to spoil myself a little bit by trying out these amazing products 😄

I would love to win this! Did you know that these products are approved by Beauty without Cruelty? This is the best there is (especially for the price), and you would be giving it to both myself and my wife! 2 winners in one.

I am looking for new skin care products to use. The products I am using now is just getting to expensive. I tried a few other ones now but it is just not worth it. This hamper will be the perfect opportunity to test the Woolies products.

I would love to win this hamper, the products looks like must haves!!! I can see that a lot of work and thought went into them (with all the brands out there). Woolworths always provides the best products whether it is clothing, homeware etc. I need something that I know will not disappoint. Therefore I trust that the above products will make any woman very happy. Winning this will be so awesome, even if I don’t win i’ll definitely try and purchase them one by one 🙂

Hi! I’d love to give some of these products to my Mum for Mother’s Day. They look like a beautiful collection!

Would love to try these #Woolworths Beauty Products for tye new winter season coming up. I need a fresh approach to zoot up my look,

I’m obsessed with everything Woolworths so using their awesome new products and having easy access to them as a busy mom just makes sense!

I love makeup and recently learnt how to apply foundation etc. I love makeup and spend hours watching makeup tutorials. I always used to use lipstick and eye liner now I love the new addition to my makeup routine. I would love to try out the foundation from woolworths.

I would really love to win it cause the bases of a great make up is good skin I would really love mostly the skin care range to better take care of my skin, the make up range to emphasize how well long lasting and covering the range is , with approaching winter what better way then to lather my body with the love your skin range for all over body glow and it will give me chance to learn to do a mooi smokey eye. side note I would love the range cause its anti cruelty and I get to show it off to my sisters.

What a great hamper !!! Would love to win this giveaway and #treatyoself well in this case myself 😂🤭😊
I recently stopped biting my nails at the ripe old age of 34 years old so the nail polish is particularly appealing to me.

Firstly i really really really really love woolies products. they suit my needs, they provide such comfort and ever ready to supply us with the latest in skin care and fashion. A while back i had bought a lipstick from woolies and unfortunately the shade is now discontinued and it was my everyday lipstick, i only use the shade for special occasions guarding it with my life! Winning this will give me an opportunity to find another shade that can be used as my staple. the moisture range and make up selection for this hamper is ideal for me. I stay in one of the towns in Kwa Zulu Natal Northern Natal, It is situated in a valley hence it gets extremely cold and dry. this would be ideal for work wear and allowing my skin to keep in perfect shape for the vacation. Non of the beauty products are available in this woolies store so if i win this would give me an opportunity to head to one of the bigger stores and shop away.

Hi there dear ☺firstly il like to cent on your fashion sense…I think u look amazing in that outfit…the way u paired yourself together couldn’t have been more better it’s simply perfect. ..lobe your hairstyle too😍coming to the products you will be giving away.I think most of us go to drug stores to buy skin care products mine mainly online or @clicksSA…I haven’t purchased any make up from woolworths…I think il be really glad of I could win beauty products from there. ..lately in haven’t been looking after my skin which I think needs some tlc…the products listed are amazing…I’m in my mid 20s and I haven’t been looking so good for a while after my pregnancy…it’s time for a change…a change with Candince ofcrse😘thus post has given me an inspiration and I feel I could be a winner to receive these amazing products from @woolworthsSA

The main reason? I know Woolies is an animal testing- free zone! They’re products are not tested on animals and knowing this puts my heart at ease 😸 I love make-up and have always appreciated the quality that Woolies has brought to the table 💄👄🌸💖🌸🎉💖


I want to win this for my mom. She’s been working 2 jobs and caring for everyone but herself and she honestly deserves it, just to feel extra loved and appreciated. She is the best ever even if she doesn’t believe it. She is worth so so so much more.

I just want her to feel good again, so i don’t want this for myself, but for the one woman i know truly deserves it.

I am a big Woolies fan and do almost all my shopping there. I have, however, never tried any of their makeup until recently when on holiday my mom. She accidentally left the bag with all her makeup at home. Since I live in a much smaller town, the shop where she usually buys her foundation was nit available. She decided on the Woolworths foundation as a temporary fix, but absolutely loved it! Now she only buys the woolworths foundation and I’ve followed suit.
I think it would be great to try the rest of their range of products. It would be very convenient for me as I can buy from the Woolworths in my small town. I’d love a bit of pampering as well as I work long hours as a junior doctor and sometimes neglect my beauty regime.

That overnight mask is calling out to me. I don’t want to disappoint it, so that’s why I want (have) to win 🙂

Also though, the max cover foundation sounds like something I want to try – foundations that suit are so difficult to find so fingers crossed I win and get to try this one out!

I’m a freelance Mua and boy is it mission to fill up a whole makeup case, I’d love to win because the products will be used on myself and my clients, it will also be great marketing for Woolies because clients love asking what I use on their face especially foundation and eyeshadows.

Oh my goodness! Even though those make up goodies look amazing, I’m most excited to try out the skin care range; especially the Anti-Ageing Overnight Mask and Evening Recovery Facial Oil. Those sound right up my alley!

PS. stellar colour combinations!

My mom would love these and I think gifting this collection to her would be the best gift ever!

I would love to win this is WBEAUTY hamper as I love Woolworths products and they are simply the best!! I have not been treated in a while and winning this will help me to pamper myself.

I’ve always associated Woollies with quality clothing. That is until an emergency eye pencil purchase convinced me that their make up range is fantastic as well. I wear contacts and my eyeliner should stick and not leave an oily film on my lenses.Woollies delivered as usual! I’d love to win this to try out more make up and skincare products!

2018 I’ve dedicated to self-care and being good to myself. This hamper includes everything that entails luxury, pamper and relaxation everything self-care is all about.

I recently had a gorgeous little girl and while I am loving motherhood, the time (and budget!) baby requires leaves little for mom! Would love the spoils and stocking up on some gorgeous products before returning to work!

What girl worth her sangria wouldn’t die for some W beauty, make and skin products oooooh I would love to try out the eye cream, eye make up remover and facial wash for a start….also the foot butter appeals to me a lot…..make up where u can choose the right colour shade I would love that too! Great post as usual 🙂

Fab products, they work so well with my skin, love the colours – gorgeous for winter

Would love new make up for the winter season, and Woolies is always my first choice 😀

I really need to vamp up my look and a smoky eye might be just the thing. That nail polish looks devine! I’ve been dying to try an oil and a night mask (you wrote about the importance of masking in another post recently) and these products are just the ticket to jump start my new regime.

Great post – wanted to buy everything. I “need” the Country Road bag

Been trying to win a beauty hamper from you since last year 🙁 and well Woolworths is a dream – everything form their make up and skincare too food and clothes!

It will be be my 42 ND birthday soon and my skin needs some TLC would live to win .fingers crossed I hardly have time for myself

As a mom of 3 I never have the money to spoil myself or even but things I do need. This would give me the opportunity to get something for myself without the guilt of Taki G things away from my kids. I love the Woolworths brand and I’m always testing out their products in the store during my lunch break.

Would love to win. Currently I am not using products on my skin. Reaching the age of the big 50 would be a great start to my everyday skin routine. Holding thumbs.

I would love to win this. My skin is currently in a bad state. I have tried lots of products but nothing seems to work. It would be great to try the Wbeauty skin care range.

Love your SAFW look!

Pamper hamper for me and my daughter that is getting married and moving to England soon … whaaa … for the last time. Will enjoy it together.
Magic magic magic products .. luxury
Thank you !!!

You will be my skin angel by sorting out my skin that I’m battling with at the moment …love your blog

I’d like to win because Woolies epitomizes quality and I need some new quality skincare.

It would be a beautiful early birthday present I love the wollies beauty products

I’m a mom to two beautiful boys (3 and 1)… as much as love them, I never get the opportunity to treat myself any more (I’ve definitely moved down the peaking – BIG TIME). Recently I’ve started following a few beauty bloggers on Instagram and every night I watch the stories ans read all the posts, and lust after all the gorgeous products.

I’ve decided to try spluge on my skin more (budget permitting) and this would be the most incredible start. Here’s hoping 😍

This is an amazing prize!!! Anything woolies is top notch🙌 Woolworths never skimps on quality, I always get more than what I pay for. Im a single mom of 2 year old beautiful, crazy, energetic twins and my needs come last which means my skin regiment is now neglected at a time I need it most. I am in my 30s & I get little to no sleep🤕This would be such a blessing to me I would love to win🤗

I haven’t tried any of the Woolworths makeup or skincare range before. It looks so lovely. Would love to win this as I’ve had to stop with makeup purchases til business picks up again.

I love the woolies brand and HAVE BEEN A LOVER of the longwear Foundation for a while now, in my budget and great quality!! but would love to try the skincare rage and combine all these products for that sultry make up look!

I would like to try out Woolworths beauty products because I’ve never even considered buying any. This would be a great opportunity to try out the products. Woolworths is known for good quality but not always affordable. I usually save up money if I really want something nice from Woolworths like a coat or bedding. It seems as if the beauty products looks affordable though.

This is one amazing prize😮 and I Soooo would loooove to get my hands on it!!! I’ve struggled with my skin since I can remember, and since I turned 30 in December, I just can’t shake the thought of being miserable about it for another 10years. I just want that feel good-in-my-own-skin feeling. I’ve tried a vast range of products in the past, and never knew Woolworths had such a big range 😃 and don’t even get me started on those prices!! Woolworths has always been at the top when it came to quality, I can only imagine how amazing these goodies will be!!

I’d love to win this prize for the chance at the ripe old age of 50+ to actually learn how to use and wear makeup! After being an employee for over 30 years I’ve been running my own business for a year. And I really need a makeover! I also love that this particular skin care range caters for all ages!

Why do I want to win this prize? ? Well simply because you made it look and sound like I absolutely have to!! That lipstick and nailpolish are just gorgeous and an eye cream with hyaluronic acid under R200…Iove Woolies but haven’t ever thought of getting their skin care before, now it’s a must try. Here’s hoping I win this hamper so I can try lots

Well…. being a mom to a 10 year old and 8 year old daughter, I know about putting my kids first. Every month I think “Yes! My turn now!” Then something comes up and the girls needs get put first… for once… (in the last 10 years) I would love to go and have a GUILT FREE shopping experience… buy myself the bare essential beauty products- (although looking at Woolworths prices – I may be able to have a TOTAL SPOIL!) and be able to treat myself to a nice foaming face wash, a divine day and night cream and to top it all off, to give my makeup bag a total overhaul!!! Looking forward to trying out some of these amazing looking products ❤️❤️

I would love to win the hamper as I feel like every hard working girl deserves to be pampered timeously. I am currently in a 2nd year student working towards becoming a CA and being a blogger. Right now ,pampering myself is costly so I hardly get the chance to do so ,thus I would be ecstatic to receive such a gift.

I am in dire need of a new beauty routine/products. Need a fresh start after a busy life has made me lack in the self care department. Winning this hamper would absolutely be a life changer!

I currently do not have a proper skin care routine purely due to not finding the right creams. I would love to try the products.

I like the nail polish shade that you have used from Woolies. I will have to check online what other shades they have!

Their skin and body care are the range that makes me interesting to try out.

It would be an absolute pleasure to win this amazing giveaway!!!! Not only do I love everything on offer but Wow how incredibly generous…

I never leave my house without makeup on, On the same breath this is the reason why I’m always on the lookout for a good quality skin care range to help take care of my skin. Would love to try the products to see if I have found the skin care i need.

With the weather changing now i find my skin dry and this is very uncomfortable i know i need something more hydrating and moisturising for my body and so the Body Range would be appreciated.

GUCCI👌 well, every girl loves smelling good.
NAIL POLISH 💅 one of my favourite colours.
CLOTHES 👗👜👢 gorgeous.

Would love to trial these products. I currently buy makeup and skincare from a variety of suppliers but would love a one stop shop!

Firstly, I love all brands at Woolworths but can afford some so this hamper makes me fall in love. I also love taking care of skin (body and face) so everything skincare makes me fall more in love with this hamper.

I’m a freelance makeup artist so I’m always in the market looking for new innovative makeup brands or products so winning this hamper will really add a pop to my life ❤🙏

The hamper includes some of my fave’s, but also quite a few products I would love to try!!!And ultimately, that is why I’d love to win it!

Oooh how divine! Until recently, skincare has always been a priority for me but having a 2month old has meant I’ve had to put my needs second. However i think its time this mama took control again!

I’d love to win this because I suffer from extremely dry skin and I think the body care range would help. Thanks for an amazing giveaway

This is amazing! Being a mum of 3 kids is not only tiring and draining but u tend to neglect yourself. I would Love to win this, as it has everything u need to look and feel amazing! Queening up! 👑

Can I win your outfit instead of the products? Yes? No? Ok fine 🙂 I’m not a subscriber to beauty blogs *read I am lazy to take all the advice they give* I don’t know how I ended up here but I was totally drawn by the reviews and prices of the products used here, so its safe to say I will be popping into Woolies to take a look at these and definitely get myself an overnight mask *i’ll make sure to ignore the cake*

I would love to try out all of the products, I am usually to scared to spend money on make up and other beauty products for fear of having an allergic reaction to products. I read your blog regularly and I have bought a few products that you have reviewed before, so I trust your opinion. I would also love a little treat, my birthday is coming up so it would be awesome to try a new look.

LOVE LOVE LOVE…… Thank you for sharing the smoky eye tutorial, and the beautiful Woolworths beauty colours! I
love the products that you have used and would love to splurge and spoil myself! I need to get out of the rut of the same make up everyday and here is my change! Love the Mulberry nail colour too!

These products sound amazing and i would love to win them

These all look amazing!!

I love past Woolies ranges that I’ve tried and I’d love to try all these!!

I’m a mommy of twin two year olds – so I need all the help I can get!!!



I am 64 years old, and would love to receive this hamper. I have always had a beauty routine, but never tried the Woolworths products, but would love to try them in this hamper

I would love to win this, it looks like the ultimate spoil. I never treat myself to quality products, like the amazing things you can get at Woolies.
I would just love to try all these amazing goodies, especially the make up, this all sounds so stunning = -3 in-1 mascara; Long wear Foundation; Single shadow in smoke; Powder blush in Peach Melba; Black Gel Eyeliner, Sheer lipstick in Golden Vanilla!!!! love love

Please please spoil me, I love and live for Woolworths and I need these products in my bag. I’m eager to try more of their products and so far only can afford their jtone range and w collection mini hand creams.

The reason I would like to win this cause firstly we 4 women in the house and love wbeauty products especially the lipstick and the make up remover. Secondly I can experiment with the make-up cause I know my mother won’t buy me make up cause I’m recently trying to do make-up. I’ve learnt about 2 months ago to do mascara and now I’m expirementing. And lastly I wouldn’t mind to to spoil myself and the other 3 important women In my life with new body products and facial products

It’s simple im crazy about makeup and love trying out new skincare products 🙂

I have been feeling so low lately and I think this would be a real boost for me. Feeling tired and in a bit of a rut, not knowing how to move forward. Need some motivation right now. Your blog is so pretty thanks for sharing.

Oh my oh my! I’d love to win this as I’m a huge fan of Woolies and always have been. I would love to try out some of their new beauty products and that nail colour is just giving me life! The body products also always look so decadent although their pretty affordable, that’s what I really like about Woolworths, sometimes you don’t have to spend millions to feel like millions. I love your blog, it really has something of everything!

I have been unemployed for two years and I recently got a job. I need to look flawless from head to toe from what I have observed in my company all the ladies look impeccably well groomed. I also have to step up to the plaque and not be the black sheep. These WBEAUTY skincare and body care products will make my beauty mission possible.

Love the look, Candice-Lee! Must check out some of these products. R

It would be really fantastic if I could be a possible candidate for this WBEAUTY HAMPER. I am 53 years old and are so stuck in a rut with my old beauty products and now being menopausal does not help a bit!
I love the warm winter colours – really beautiful to brighten op one’s day. Fantastic article!
So, experimenting with a couple of new beauty products would make this “tired lady” feel like a new revamped girl again.
I am holding thumbs.

The products looks simple, stylish and affordable! I’d love to win these to help try and rejuvenate myself!! I also love these wine and burgundy colours – they work well with a brunette!

Ive never used Woolies skincare or make up so this looks like THE perfect way to try out a great selection of essential products!

I’ve started taking my skincare routine quite seriously and started to wear make up so I’m a beginner who is extremely fascinated by these products. These would be such a treat indeed!

I would absolutely love to win this beauty hamper as I have always wanted to try the WBeauty range. I need the essentials for winter and the face oil would be perfect to combat the cold weather ahead. Thanks for the amazing opportunity to win!

I would love to win this hamper as a birthday present to myself as April is my birth month. I could really use a style boost I feel I have lost myself somewhere along the way.

You rock those silver boots!!! Wow – stunning!
Would love to spoil myself with some WBeauty products – am super keen to try them out.
Thanks for this article and giveaway – it so great to be made aware of whats out there ito skincare.

I love skin care products and have not tried the Woolies ones as their price is out of my limited student budget. I would love to win this hamper and try this brand as these products sound amazing

Oh Wow this would be an amazing spoil for Mother’s Day. These products look amazing and I would love to try them out as I rarely ever get to pamper myself as being a single parent means I have other priorities.

Why I would love to win? Simple… I love EVERYTHING Woolies, I love competitions and would love to win this fabulous prize!

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