I’m a big supporter of local fashion and beauty brands and count SKOON among my favourites when it comes to skincare.

I like that their products are mostly natural and free of chemicals. The brand manages to harness the best of nature with science by using ingredients such as wildflower honey, Buchu, organic oils of jojoba and coconut, coupled with established scientific actives (that work!).

All SKOON products are cruelty free and the brand does NOT test on animals.

I’ve done a few posts on the brand HERE, HERE and HERE previously, so was super excited to try three of their offerings that were recently sent to me.

SKOON Gel-To-Milk Cleanser + Make-up Remover (R395) BUY HERE

The thing I have to mention about this lovely, very gentle cleanser is that it DOES NOT remove make-up effectively as it claims to. But that is not really an issue for me personally – as I ALWAYS remove my make-up prior to cleansing (you should too).

Facial cleansers work to remove the natural oils and dirt from the skin, while a make-up remover removes make-up. Coconut oil is a great, natural make-up remover, just by the way.

What I really like about this formula is the gel-to-milk technology that ensures the product cleans and conditions. You simply splash your face with a little water, massage a small amount of cleanser into the skin (I’d avoid the eyes, especially if you suffer from sensitivity). When you rinse the creamy gel, it transforms into a milk as it comes into contact with the water. This cleanser is super gentle on the skin and can be used by all skin types, even sensitive.

SKOON The One Super Moisturiser (R595 for a 50ml) BUY HERE

I do like this moisturiser – very much. And so will you if your skin tends to be a bit dry, sensitive, or on the more mature side. While it says it’s appropriate for all skin types, it is rather nourishing and comforting and I reckon an oily or acne-prone skin may find it a bit too cloying. You could also add a few drops of your favourite concentrate or serum into the formula (I recommend the SKOON Glow Drops). You can actually also lighten the consistency of the formula with a water based serum – very clever indeed and perfect for combination skin types.

The formula contains organic rooibos, Honeybush and Marula – all excellent antioxidants. Then there’s hyaluronic acid – the larger molecule type that sits on top of the skin to trap water, ensuring the skin is hydrated. Ceramide 3 is a skin-identical ceramide that repairs and protects skin prone to dryness and sensitivity. Also included are pomegranate phytosterols that improve moisturisation and have an anti-inflammatory action. The smell of the product is quite typical of most organic, natural products: subtle with a hint of an essential oil that you can’t quite place #LOL

SKOON Papaya + Pineapple Sherbet Enzyme Exfoliating Mask (R455 for 100ml) BUY HERE

This non-abrasive sherbet exfoliator relies on Bromelain – an enzyme found in pineapple – to gently exfoliate and remove dead skin cells. Papain (from green, unripened papaya) is an excellent antioxidant and helps with cellular renewal, while Mineral Clay cleans out pores and has a mattifying action. This mask can be used on all skin types, but I think it’s really beneficial for those with normal / combination / oily skin.

There’s a bit of (easy) DIY involved when using this mask: You scoop a small amount of the powder into the palm of your hand, then add water – drop by drop – until the sherbet form a smooth paste. Apply onto clean skin, taking care not to use too close to the eyes. Leave mask on for 5-8 minutes, then remove.

You can learn more about the SKOON brand HERE

Have you tried any SKOON products, and if you have, what are your favourites?


I have tried all except the Enzyme one and was less than impressed on my sensitive skin/rosacea skin. If one considers it is a local brand with very little advertising really then the products are fairly expensive when compared with for instance Clarins. I really didnt think they were anything special at all. I use the Sheseido enzyme peel which is fabulous so I would not easily change from that one.

Hi Adele,
Thanks for the comment. Considering you have sensitive skin, you need to be very aware of ingredients as they can trigger a reaction. Essential oils (often used in natural products) can be disastrous for your skin type (lavender, in particular in one to look out for – it is an irritant).
May I ask how, exactly, the SKOON products effected your skin and why you were not happy with them? I’m not familiar with the Shiseido enzyme peel as the brand is (unfortunately) no longer available in SA.

Have not tried this brand yet. Great that they have used the Afrikaans word for clean. Strangely enough, it sounds very international. Thanks for the 101, Candice-Lee! R

It was the name, SKOON, that first caught my attention. Such a CLEVER name for a beauty brand. And I agree – SKOON does sound rather international. Thanks for the comment 🙂

I wanted to try the papaya mask, but no testers. I feel the mask is quite expensive and as i am not able to try it at home first I COULD NOT PURCHASE IT. I have a sensitive skin prone to roseacea outbreaks.

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