If you read my blog regularly, you’ll know I have a real soft spot for the heritage brands – those that have been around for many years & I’ve known since childhood. Vinolia is one such brand. My granny was a fan of the soap and, if memory serves me correctly, I recall her always … Continue Reading

I’m fortunate enough to get sent some of the very best new beauty products to review. While I prefer not to do negative product reviews (why waste your energy?), there’s nothing I enjoy more than sharing products I absolutely adore. The ones featured in this post are currently on high rotation. These days, I’m totally … Continue Reading

The POND’s Age Miracle range is perfect for women age 35 + who are concerned with ageing. It contains a Retinol-C Complex that provides the powerful anti-ageing efficacy of Retinol, without the possible irritation. This Complex delivers double the lifting power as compared to a leading competitor, while releasing powerful anti-ageing actives continuously throughout the … Continue Reading

I’ve been putting the Sisley Phyto Lip Delight (R690) to test and I’m totally smitten. Now, I know that R690 is a heck of a LOT of money to spend on a lip product, giving the soaring costs of just living in South Africa. But, let me explain why I think it’s worth the splurge: … Continue Reading

I had been wanting a beautiful crystal facial roller since I saw Chereen from For The Beauty of It raving about hers. When my birthday rolled around in June and hubby asked what he could get me (two days day before my birthday, obvs!) I told him that all I REALLY wanted was a Jade … Continue Reading

Throwback to the early nineties. I had just finished high school as was modeling full time. Given my chosen career, it was essential that I looked after my skin the best way I possibly could with great products. While many of the big skincare brands were available locally (Lancome, Lauder, Clarins, etc), there was one … Continue Reading

I absolutely adore the whole Giorgio Armani Sì line of fragrances and count the Sì EDT and Sì huile de parfum among my all-time favourite scents. I reckon it has something to do with the unmistakable notes of the blackcurrant Jungle Essence nectar combined with sparkling pear that lend a wonderful joyfulness to the juice … Continue Reading

It’s usually during the winter months that skin gets really dry and irritated. The reason for this is twofold: As the temperature drops, moisture is literally sucked out of the air, making it drier. Then there’s the drying effects of internal heating, scolding hot baths or showers, and cold, icy winds. For a lot of … Continue Reading