I’m honestly shocked at how expensive international fragrances have become, especially those from the designer brands. I think this is in part due to COVID, but mainly because of our depreciating Rand. It really is a sad state of affairs. So, I set out to try find some well-priced local options. About 3 years … Continue Reading

As you know, I’ve partnered with Head & Shoulders for the launch of their new SUPRÊME line that is uniquely designed for women’s hair & scalp. The formula contains Moroccan Argan Oil and Head & Shoulder’s new anti-dandruff technology to ensure hair is beautifully moisturized and flake free. The Colour Protect variant is my favourite … Continue Reading

The newish Clarins Plant Gold is a beauty that has really flown under the radar since it launched. In fact, I’m somewhat bewildered at how little attention this INCREDIBLE product has received locally. Launched locally about 10 months ago, Clarins Plant Gold combines the iconic Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil with the legendary dual chamber … Continue Reading

I believe there are still many women who are unsure as to how serums work and when they should be using one. Also, amazingly enough, I still get women asking me what the difference is between a serum & moisturiser. A moisturiser works to replenish the moisture content in the skin either by trapping moisture … Continue Reading

I was so excited to discover Aurora Crafted Jewellery – a new, local jewellery brand with some of the most beautiful designs I’ve seen in a while. The brand has a stunning selection of earrings, necklaces and wrist bracelets – all locally made. The beaded styles are produced by local talented crafters in communities from … Continue Reading

I’m not in the least bit embarrassed to admit I occasionally suffer with dry scalp & dandruff. While there are a few products available that treat the above condition, my brand of choice has always been Head & Shoulders. That’s why when Head & Shoulders reached out to me asking if I’d like to partner … Continue Reading

Oral health is something I’m passionate about. From a very young age, my mother always emphasized the importance of proper brushing & flossing daily and this is something I’ve passed onto my daughter. When Curaprox approached me asking if I’d like to try their Hydrosonic Pro Electric Toothbrush R3,400 (BUY), I jumped at the opportunity. … Continue Reading

It’s no secret that Eucerin makes some of my favourite products from body lotions, to hand creams & facial serums. I’ve been featuring a few of my favourite’s over on Instagram & Facebook for the past month, and though I’d do a roundup post on all of them, explaining why I have so much love … Continue Reading