Towards the end of last year, Emporio Armani launched two new fragrances into the local market – one for him called STRONGER WITH YOU, and one for her called BECAUSE IT’S YOU. The idea for these two new fragrances was to tell a story around the strength of love, the energy of an authentic connection, … Continue Reading

Hello and happy 2019! Gosh, it’s been a bit of a struggle getting back into the swing of things! Is it just me, or are you also needing some serious motivation to get going this year? My first blog post of 2019 is a little ‘support local’ plug. More and more, I trying to spend … Continue Reading

Doe eyes, wagging tails, cuddles, nuzzles and purrs. I love my three fur kids just as much as I do my husband and child, so it’s always hard for me to think about all those pets less fortunate than my own, living out the prime of their lives without a family to call their own. … Continue Reading

I was sent two Mystery Boxes this week from Clicks packed to the brim with the most delightful festive goodies. I love how Clicks have hundreds of really affordable gifts that will delight family & friends from beauty, fine fragrances, sweets & treats, men’s gifting, bath & body, electrics, gifts for kids and much, much … Continue Reading

The holidays are here, and for most of us that means time spent outdoors in the sun, sea or pool. While we’re having the best of times, it’s important we remember to protect our skins with a good, broad spectrum sunscreen. I believe there is a lot of education that needs to be regarding sunscreens. … Continue Reading

Finding the right acids for your skin can be very confusing if you don’t understand the benefits of each one. Essentially, all acids work in a similar way, but your skin type and concern need to be taken into account before choosing one. Unlike an enzyme, acids don’t digest and dissolve skin cells, but rather … Continue Reading

I’ve been using BRITA products for years. Stylish and eco-friendly, the BRITA range helps me meet my personal hydration needs with effortless style, while being an ecological and convenient alternative to bottle water. Bottled water can be up to 10 000 times more expensive than tap water. If you’re drinking plastic bottled water, you are … Continue Reading

If you’re even vaguely interested in beauty, you’ll have heard about K-Beauty – an umbrella term for skin care products from South Korea. The K-Beauty phenomenon has gained traction worldwide and now we’re able to purchase some of the best K-Beauty brands online in South Africa. Korean beauty is really all about customization and understanding … Continue Reading