I’m all about bring you brilliant beauty buys that don’t cost the earth. The new  Skin Republic Anti-Wrinkle Face Patch is one such beauty and will be available in stores and online shortly. A pack retails for R79.99 (I’ll add a link as soon as these beauties become available next week) and includes 12 patches … Continue Reading

I’m 49 years old & well into Perimenopause, so was super keen to try the new Kiko Vitals Menopausal Balance R490 (60 capsules) BUY This all-natural supplement works to alleviate symptoms associated with menopausal & hormonal imbalances. It stabilizes moods, increases energy levels, reduces fatigue, provides a better-quality sleep, reduces hot flushes and improves general … Continue Reading

I adore the scent of Neroli. I find it comforting and uplifting. You can imagine my absolute joy when I received a press pack from Nuxe containing the newest scent that’s just launched in the Prodigieux line; Nuxe Prodigieux Néroli Le Parfum. In addition, I also received another bottle of the Huile Prodigieuse Néroli – … Continue Reading

 The older I get, the more reactive my skin seems to get. I’m very aware of formulations and know that some active ingredients and preservatives can trigger a reaction – often presenting as a skin rash on either side of my face. When Institut Esthederm reached out asking if I’d like to try some products … Continue Reading

I want my home to smell great & rely on scented candles, burners, fragranced mists & essential oils to scent my surroundings. I love the selection from Amanda Jayne, a local fragrance brand that ‘brings the poetry of scent to life” in elegant home & body products. The Amanda Jayne collection is hand-crafted with the … Continue Reading

I was recently sent Sand Scrub R299 (BUY) a brand-new body exfoliator that local beauty brand Skin Creamery just launched. I’m always carrying on about the benefits of exfoliation for both body and face. Having been a beauty journalist for over 20 years, I’ve seen first-hand just how beneficial a good scrub can be. As … Continue Reading

Let’s chat about balms and how they differ to moisturisers. The key difference between the two is that balms are almost 100% oil in composition. Unlike moisturisers, they don’t contain water. Balms are formulated to intensely nourish the skin and contain highly-concentrated ingredients that promote healing and soothe dry skin. Generally, you use less of … Continue Reading

Eucerin are a pioneer in medical skincare and almost every dermatologist I know recommends their products. These three serums are my top recommendations from the brand & all contain the ingredient Thiamidol that’s clinically proven to visibly reduce age spots and dark marks after just two weeks of regular use Thiamidol has the power to … Continue Reading