Just like our skin ages, so too does our hair. As the years go by, hair can become weak, limp, brittle or dry and needs special care with correctly formulated products. Did you know that every hair is made of 95% Keratin? With every year that passes, our production of Keratins diminishes and this is … Continue Reading

Our skin is constantly battling an onslaught of environmental aggressors like pollution, UV damage, cigarette smoke and air conditioning. Add to that a good dose of stress and you can be pretty darn sure that your skin’s aging process is in overdrive! Exposure to these aggressors lead to uneven skin tone, hyper pigmentation, fine lines, … Continue Reading

There’s nothing like a new fragrance to boost your mood, and we’ve got a whole lot of newbies to give you that push as you count down to the holiday season. Introducing the latest fragrances to fall in love with right now. By Helen Clemson Best Wedding Scents Wear Oscar de La Renta Bella Blanca … Continue Reading

Summer is here, and that means legs are constantly on show. To help get my limbs looking their very best, I’ve been using three brilliant, budget friendly products from the Dove DermaSpa range. Sun kissed Legs Dove DermaSpa Summer Revived Self-Tanning Body Lotion Fair to Medium (R99.99) I prefer a gradual tanning lotion over a … Continue Reading

For the past three years, Clarins has blown me away with their limited edition seasonal makeup collection. I’ve been waiting with baited breath to see what’s on offer this year and trust me when I say the 2018 Sunskissed Make-Up Collection does not disappoint! Pink Flamingos, palm trees and bright colours come together to create … Continue Reading

Meet the hair loss treatment that’s got us real excited. By Helen Clemson Almost two and a half years ago, Candice-Lee got comfy in the therapist’s bed and gave her brows over to Debbie Jean Olley (from Makeup & Eyebrows By Debbie Jean) and had them microbladed (Read post HERE). The treatment, a semi-permanent tattooing … Continue Reading

It was Luca Turin who proclaimed in his book, “Perfumes The Guide”, that snobbery in fragrance is a truly ridiculous concept. He wrote, “If you are a floral gal, set aside prejudice and wear a thing without flowers. If you are a luxury goods kind of gal with a Hermes Kelly bag on your arm … Continue Reading

Growing up in the eighties, I recall there being very few beauty lines aimed specifically at the body. There the regular body lotions like Vaseline, Dawn and Nivea, but targeted body care options with few and far between. My late mom was a beauty loving gal through and through. She worked for Lancôme for almost … Continue Reading