The idea to take a mid year break took root when my good friend Sheena called early January suggesting that this year we spend our (shared) birthday on an island, far, far away from home. That was really all it took to get the ball rolling for what turned out to be a spectacular holiday. … Continue Reading

The holiday season is officially over and I’m finding it extremely difficult to get back into the swing of things – let alone write my first blog post of 2017! All I can think about is vacationing…and I’m pretty sure I’m not alone. Given that many South African’s start thinking and planning there mid year … Continue Reading

Holidays should be mandatory. I hadn’t taken leave in ages, so it was with huge relief that I sunk my weary body (and overloaded brain) into a Turkish Airways seat and jetted off to Istanbul this past May. I wasn’t destined for the capital however; I was on my way to meet a girlfriend on … Continue Reading