A month ago, the peeps over at 22Seven challenged me to try seven tasks that, they assured me, would yield extra cash, come month end. I’ll admit, I was skeptical at first, but undertook to take them on to the best of my ability.  You can read my first post about the challenges here. A … Continue Reading

Okay Candice, it’s time to GET YOUR $HIT TOGETHER (GY$T). I was doing so well at the beginning of this year with my financial planning. My head was in the right zone, and thanks to the clever 22Seven App I’d downloaded, budgeting was so much easier. Even though it took some effort, I managed to … Continue Reading

Almost three months ago, I (reluctantly) agreed to try out the 22seven financial app. While I considered myself somewhat sussed with money (I now know how deluded I was), I was by no means ‘in touch’ with my finances. As I started using and learning about the app (it took about 3 weeks for me … Continue Reading

Come January, I’m usually doing some serious financial juggling. Usually, Christmas and all the festivities that go with it have me broke by December month end. I know that I’m not alone. What is it about the silly season that makes people spend beyond their means? To add to my financial woes, both my hubby … Continue Reading

So I’ve officially been using the 22seven app for a month now and wow, just WOW! As I said in my previous 22seven post, I was never much of a budgeter. I find the idea of drawing up an excel spreadsheet way too tedious. But, as I get older and wiser (and more financially savvy) … Continue Reading

I’m always amazed at how, when I declare my intent to do or start something, the universe listens. This happened just recently, when I decided the time had come to make a concerted effort to monitor how and where I spend my hard earned cash. Being a ‘creative’ type, I can’t say anything to do … Continue Reading