Launched last year, Cape Town’s signature ethically harvested seafood restaurant GALJOEN, has introduced a multi-course winter lunch menu, offering exceptional value at only R550 per person.

Situated in historic District Six, GALJOEN fast became synonymous with South African shoreline dining, showcasing the finest sustainably caught seafood found along the Cape coast.

Galjoen are passionate about showcasing the incredible diversity of South African seafood and use the opportunity to also highlight the critical importance of responsible dining practices. It’s a clear cut philosophy of, “if it’s not ethically sourced from South African shores, you won’t find it on the menu“, further comments, Neil Swart of Galjoen.

I was invited to try out the winter lunch menu that reflects the changing season and the bounty of the sea. In every dish, the primary emphasis is on the ingredients. The menu is not restricted to a specific number of courses. It’s all about what’s available from local fishers and merchants and what inspires Chef Stoltz.

Saldanha Bay Oysters in a Miso dressing with cucumber and sesame

Fermented focaccia stuffed with a freshly steamed Saldanha Bay mussel, Escabeche basil crème and served with a smoked Snoek pate with Jalapeno, apple, radish and a dill oil

Sashimi served with rice crisps, Ponzu, orange, Octopus Marmite, spring onions and aioli

Local fish fermented in a peri-per sauce with a feta whip, sambal salad, cashew nuts, fresh avocado and triple cooked chips

Milk tart ice cream with dark chocolate Astros, Molasses dark chocolate sauce served with Cinnamon sugar Churros

S’mores made with espresso marshmallow, dark chocolate and Maldon salt

GALJOEN’s multi-course winter lunch menu is a testament to the team’s commitment to offering exceptional value without compromising on authenticity and quality.

Lunch at R550 per person: 12h30pm : Thursday to Saturday valid until 31 August 2024.

GALJOEN’s signature dinner menu is priced at R850 per person: 18h45pm: Monday to Saturday.


Whilst Belly of the Beast takes a brief slumber during the month of July when the six-year old restaurant receives a well-deserved kitchen and interior shake-up, GALJOEN will be offering a surf-and-turf’esque menu that incorporates BotB’s cuisine into a menu that showcases both fish and meats.

GALJOEN is located in Cape Town’s historic CBD at 99 Harrington Street. Please reserve your table online via

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