Last week Thursday I attended the exclusive media launch of the highly anticipated Pro-Collagen Banking Serum from Dermalogica.

Dress:Unique / Summer Trench: Isabel Marant / Sunglasses: Ray Ban

The event was held at Upper Union in Gardens, a super stylish eatery that’s beautifully decorated and serves up modern, unique and delicious meals.

It’s always a treat catching up with my favourite beauty gals

Shiela Ho, Moi, Bailey Georgiades & Juls Meintjes

The food at Upper Union is beyond divine! The dishes are like edible works of art of a plate.

After lots of chatting and eating, it was time to learn about the Pro-Collagen Banking Serum that’s formulated to promote, protect and preserve skin’s collagen today, so you have more tomorrow.

Most consumers know collagen is key to maintaining radiant, healthy looking skin – but they’re misled to believe that applying it topically can replenish their skin’s natural collagen levels.

The truth is that topically applied collagen molecules are too large to penetrate the skin’s surface or restore its collagen reserves, so we can’t build collagen by applying collagen.

However, we CAN help preserve the collagen skin already has.

Dermalogica’s Pro-Collagen Banking Serum R2,199 for a 30ml BUY is packed with amino acids – the building blocks of collagen. The formula gets key ingredients where your skin needs them, going beyond plumping to help actually preserve the collagen your skin has now.

The result is more resilient, visibly plumper and more luminous skin coupled with a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles.

I’m in the process of testing the Pro-Collagen Banking Serum and will report back after a month or two. So far, I’m really linking it.

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