I was recently sent some newly launched De Krans P&T – the only ready-to-drink port-style wine and tonic. This sparkling, naturally sweet, premixed drink boasts flavours of passion fruit, pineapple, peaches and citrus, tempered with the bitterness of tonic. No artificial flavours are used and the alcohol content is 6%

De Krans P&T is a good choice for those who enjoy Gin & Tonic. I’ve been enjoying it on weekend afternoons with friends, while snacking and catching up on the weeks going-on’s.

Port- style wines are part of the De Krans heritage. It is how they came to be who we are today – one of the most awarded and respected port-style wine and Portuguese dry wine producers in South Africa.It was their deep love and passion regarding port-style wines that lead to the creation of De Krans P&T (Port-style and Tonic cocktail).

Serve De Krans P&T chilled as is or spice it up and add your own garnish to enhance the flavour and taste (I like it with a slice of lime & mint leaves).

De Krans Wines, situated in Calitzdorp, has always been in the forefront of innovation in the South African Wine Industry. They produced a Cape Pink port-style wine in 2008 and a Sparkling Natural Sweet Moscato in 2012. Now, the De Krans Port-style and Tonic (in short De Krans P&T ™) has just launched. As most consumer know, the word ‘Port’ is not allowed to be used on the label, but De Krans are sure that consumers will soon understand, enjoy and embrace what P&T is all about.

The De Krans P&T is packaged in a 275ml flint bottle with a silver crown cap. Available in a four-bottle carry pack as well as 24-bottle (6 x 4-bottle) case at select retailers nationwide, directly off the farm or via the brands online shop. The De Krans P&T has plastic-free packaging that is 100% recyclable, and retails for approximately R35 per bottle.

For more information, or to shop online,  visit www.dekrans.co.za.

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