All of Me by Narciso Rodriguez is a bold and multifaceted fragrance that reinterprets femininity for a whole new generation of women. A celebration of individuality and self-expression.

By combining the iconic scent of precious rose centifolia with an unexpected note of geranium bourbon – an ingredient typically only found in men’s fragrances – All of Me transcends the codes of perfumery to create a prismatic and multi-facetted perfume: a floral like no other.

In the top notes, rose and geranium are combined with essence of magnolia, powdery black iris and bewitching tuberose to form a kaleidoscopic blend of florals.

The heart notes contain a delicate accord of creamy, milky-white muscs – six in total – each blended together to bring a distinct dimension to the scent: a softness, a luminosity or a rich woody texture. Milky notes are fused with these muscs to create a new creamy sensuality.

In the base, the lasting embrace of warm sandalwood and velvety amber notes creates a rich and enveloping trail that lingers on the skin.

The elegant, prismatic bottle is geometric and yet curvaceous. It radiates with a luminosity and a light pink flash underneath that echoes the color of the rose-pink fragrance within.

Cost: R2270 – 50ml & R2900 – 90ml. Purchase HERE

How to Ensure your Fragrance Lasts Longer

The secret to making your fragrance last longer starts with your skincare. The more hydrated your skin, the longer your perfume will linger because the emollients in moisturizers help to keep the fragrance molecules from evaporating.

Mist an enveloping cloud of all of me all over your body, so that it lightly infuses your skin. Then apply the perfume onto your pulse points – inner wrists, the inner crease of your elbows, the décolletage and behind your ears – allowing the scent to gradually diffuse with the warmth of your body.

Spritz All of Me lightly over your hair to envelop each strand with its delicate floral fragrance notes, creating an exquisite sillage of scent as you move.

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