I started my fitness journey about 6 years ago. As I’ve become healthier and fitter, I’ve come to realise how important it is to invest in good quality activewear that’s engineered to move with your body.

I’m also passionate about supporting local brands and when I heard about JUST BREETHE, I was super keen to put some of their activewear to the test.

JUST BREETHE are a local athleisure brand based in Pringle Bay on the journey of “Making Things Better”.

I was struck by this paragraph on their website:

‘Okay’ has become normal, acceptable and ‘good enough’

“It does the job”, “It’s all I could find” …

We wouldn’t accept a poorly executed, ill-fitting haircut, so why do it with other things we also have to wear everyday?

JUST BREETHE is on a mission to re-engineer those items that just don’t ‘sit right’ using premium breathable cotton that allows for optimal performance and uncompromised comfort.

Behind JUST BREETHE is an engineer with a deep understanding of structural design that has to look good, but fundamentally be functional, sound and perform over time.

This ethos is carried through to all the clothing items available from JUST BREETHE.

The drive to engineer a solution to the problem, which had become everyone’s problem, resulted in a very structural approach to form & function. The analytical process of 60+ versions of patternmaking gave rise to both our patent registration and more interestingly – an awareness of just how many other everyday items, are also just not up to the job.”

JUST BREETHE offers a selection of leggings, shorts, T-Shirts, socks (I’ve NEVER worn a better sock for running!), underwear & polo shirts.

I’m wearing the Ladies Legging in black & yellow R1,890 (BUY). These leggings are also available in black and black & coral.

The fit of these leggings is incredible thanks to the 3D modelling and countless wear ability trials the brand conducted.

Engineered to hold your shape with structure not stretch. These leggings are crafted to hug four points specifically & independently; waist, glutes, thighs & calves.

Fabric breathability plays a big factor in comfort and fitness for purpose. We need to sweat but can live without being sweaty and sticky! Just Breethe have meticulously selected high-quality cotton blend fabric that fits perfectly thanks to the cut of the garments and some ingenious internal fusing.

Talk about perfectly teed!

The Ladies S/S T-Shirt Black Front Print R650 (BUY) is made with the softest, high quality 90% cotton. It’s light to the touch and is designed to never pull at the neck when moving. Arms and shoulders are fitted but cut correctly to allow for comfortable movement. You can check out the full range of T-Shirts on offer HERE.

I’m putting my right foot forward with the Just Breethe Socks. I opted for the Extra Low Cut Running Socks in yellow R196 (BUY), but there are many other unisex styles to choose from HERE.

The design of all the JUST BREETHE socks is mind blowing! They are all shaped distinctly for the left & right feet which, might not sound important, but would you accept less from a shoe!?

They also support your feet with padding in all the right places, bringing relief to pressure points while adding extreme comfort. Even the toes are seamless – perfectly rounded and smooth.

Lastly, I leave you with another nugget I adore from the brands ethos.

“Yes, we also take our impact on the environment seriously. Not just sustainability of materials and manufacturing ethics, but in the deliberate longevity of each product, reducing unnecessary consumption and waste of resources.”

If you’re looking for some new, great quality workout wear, go checkout the JUST BREETHE website HERE and support local.

You can follow JUST BREETHE HERE on Instagram and HERE on Facebook.

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