I am such a Britney Spears fan. I grew up listening to her music. After watching the Britney vs Spears documentary on Netflix, I have even MORE respect for her, considering what she went through during her 13-year conservatorship. Watch the trailer for the story below:

Britney is a true icon and I have to admire how, after what she has gone through, she has come out on top, still with the sunniest disposition.

The latest Britney scent – Blissful Fantasy – is proving to be one of the most popular yet and sold out online internationally as it launched. In my opinion, it’s the best too.

Blissful Fantasy by Britney Spears R815 (BUY) is a floral scent meant to evoke an eternally sunny mood. As the press releases says, “Paradise is not a singular place. It is a state of mind. Escape into your own bliss.

This limited-edition, sunny, woody, white floral fragrance has top notes of melon, lily and freesia. The heart notes include a bouquet of white flowers that include jasmine, Tuberose and Tiare Flower. The base notes are musk, Orris root and Sandalwood.

You will LOVE this scent if you like very heady floral scents that contain notes of white flowers. I was struck at how Blissful Fantasy reminded me of the original Michael Kors (also a scent with notes of white flowers).

I need to make mention of the bottle to – the shape of which has become quite iconic. This one is studded with flecks of orange coloured rhinestones. The glass is coloured in warm hues of yellow and orange, indicative of Britney’s happy spirit and eternally sunny mood.


Also watched Britney Spears vs Spears. I respect her even more after watching. Thanks for sharing this product. Would love to try.

It was quite unbelievable to watch just how badly she was treated by her own family. I was a fan before, but after watching the doccie, also respect her so much, given what she’s had to endure. The fragrance is STUNNING!


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