I can’t resist a beautifully cut, slightly voluminous cotton top.

Because I tend to carry weight on my tummy, I prefer a style with a slight A-line flare over this area.

I also love that this top has a ¾ sleeve – perfect for upper arms that maybe aren’t as firm as they used to / should be.

It features a puff sleeve that’s loosely elasticated.

The top is available in the white, navy, khaki, pale grey, a black & white floral print and a pale blue & white stripe in the following sizes: in Small (32), Medium (34), Large (36) & Extra Large (38-40)

The top costs R600 (shipping included) and is made using 100% cotton. It should be hand washed in cold water.


My good friend Antje was wearing a navy one two weeks ago at the dog park. When I saw her, I asked, “Is that a Marni top?” because the cut is VERY Marni (check them out HERE). “No”, she responded, “I had the CMT I used to work with make it up for me.”

This is the pic I snapped of her on the day (she’s going to kill me for publishing it LOL – sorry Antje)

I responded with, “OMG Antje, it’s divine – I need one. In fact, I’m sure a lot of women I know & some who follow me will love this style of top.”

Antje, being very proactive, chatted with her CMT, bought some fabric and had these samples made up.

Now, I know this may not be the style for everyone. It would probably not resonate with a pear shape that tends to have a tiny waist & flat stomach – because you’d want to show your waist – the smallest part of your body – off. If a high-waisted skirt or jeans is your preference, perhaps this style is not for you.

It would however suit more of an apple shape with small hips – because it skims over the tummy & covers the upper arms. And, if you’re lucky enough to be on the petite side, it would obviously suit you because everything most likely does.

The Black & White print option

The CMT needs 5 days to turnaround as the tops are hand-made in Cape Town – at a CMT in Woodstock, to be precise.

The lovely people working at the CMT are even happy to work through the holidays (CMT’s usually close around the 10 December) to get any orders out. And my heart goes out to these seamstresses who are so desperate for the work. Buying one of these tops is not only supporting a small business, it’s also helping to keep a family run (40-year-old) CMT in business.

Colours Available

How To Order:

If you’re keen to order or want more info, email me on: ckannemeyer@gmail.com

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