There’s a new brand called Teaology that recently launched, and I was sent a few products to try. Teaology, as you may have gathered by the name, uses patented Tea Infused extracts in all their products.

Why tea? Well, tea is a very effective antioxidant with brightening, detoxifying, purifying and energizing properties. Five different kinds of teas are used in Teaology’s products; namely Matcha, Black, White, Green and Blue tea – all organically sourced from plantations in Japan, Sri Lanka and China.

In addition to tea, Teaology products are infused with actives – meaning you start seeing results really quickly.

All products in the line are Vegan, cruelty free, clean formulations and between 90 – 100% natural ingredients are used. There are no Parabens, Paraffin, SLES, SLS, Mineral Oils, Synthetic dyes, Formaldehyde, PEG or silicones used in Teaology’s formulas.

What I really like is that texturally the products are AMAZING (think K-Beauty type of innovative textures), unique, very innovative & super playful, creating quite a unique skincare experience.

Below is an overview of the products I got to play with

Teaology Tea Glow Exfoliating Lotion R485 – BUY

This is my favourite product from the line. It’s an exfoliating lotion that’s infused with green tea & salicylic acid. It contains no alcohol (an ingredient that is awful for the skin) and works to unclog pores, brighten the skin while protecting it from pollution and oxidative stress. Salicylic acid is also great for regulating sebum production, making this a GREAT product for an oilier skin type. The formula also reduces any skin discolouration & blemishes. Other actives in the formula include Niacinamide that regulates sebum, boosts Collagen & Elastin production and can help enlarged pores look less visible. Aloe Vera juice acts as an anti-inflammatory & calms, moisturises and refreshes the skin. Hyaluronic acid boots moisture retention, while a hydrating complex restores the correct hydro-flow to the skin, ensuring deep hydration.

Use once daily for dull, lackluster skin that’s needing a glow; or twice daily for skin prone to breakouts, enlarged pores & blackheads. Along with myself, both my hubby & 17-year-old daughter use this formula & LOVE it!

Teaology Matcha Pore Cleansing Stick R425 – BUY

This is such a cool, innovative product and caught my eye immediately. I got my daughter to try this because I don’t struggle with blackheads. This stick works to gently exfoliate the skin leaving it clean & fresh. The formula contains purifying green tea leaf extract and natural particles extracted from Bamboo stalks that dislodge gunk from pores. There’s also rice starch to even the complexion and hyaluronic acid to replenish moisture.

You apply evenly to damp (not wet) skin avoiding eyes, massage into skin using a circular motion – concentrating on nose, chin & forehead – then rinse off with water.

Teaology Happy Skin All-in-One Beauty Balm R350 – BUY

I love a deeply nourishing balm, so I was very excited to try this very unique one that can be used in 3 different ways: as a mask, or as a regular hydrating & soothing balm, or, as a hydrating primer.

The tea used in this formula is Oolong Blue Tea that’s packed full of antioxidants. The balm itself has a wonderfully rich and melting texture and can be used on skin, neck, eye contour & lips. It’s suitable for all skin types, but most beneficial for dry & sensitive skin types. It contains a delicate mixture of exfoliating agents that smooth & brighten the complexion. Vitamin C and E address the signs of fatigue while Niacinamide reduces the look of fine lines, pores and imperfections. A dermatologically tested and allergen free fragrance has been used that’s very subtle and fresh.

This balm also comes with a pure cotton muslin cloth (not pictured) that enhances the effectiveness of the balm when used as a mask.

To use as a mask, you apply a thickish layer to clean skin (including the eye contour) and leave on for 10 minutes. Remove any residue with the cotton muslin cloth provided & whatever you do, DO NOT rinse the formula off your face! You can also just leave the formula on your face & go sleep – using it in the same way you would an overnight mask (this is how I use it).

You could also use it as a regular balm for when skin needs a nourishing treat or, use it as a hydrating primer – the texture of the balm is great for makeup application.

Teaology Peptide Infusion Anti-Aging Serum R465 – BUY

Peptides – for those not familiar – are chains of amino acids that stimulate collagen production and boost hydration. If ageing is of concern, you’ll do well to include a Peptide serum in your routine (& this one is well priced too).

This serum contains different peptides along with a white tea infusion to firm and improve skin density (sagging) and elasticity. This serum is also fragrance free, making it a really nice option for all skin types, especially those with sensitive skin.

I apply a few drops to my face, eye area & neck (don’t forget your neck, it ages too) every morning and evening.

Teaology is available to purchase on Superbalist HERE & takealot HERE. To learn more about the Teaology brand, follow them on Instagram HERE and on Facebook HERE

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