Olgani Naturals is a South African brand that develops natural and innovative oral care products. The brand has based their toothpaste formulas on the Ayurvedic principle of Oil Pulling and developed their very own natural base for all their toothpaste blends called NutrieB.

I’m giving away an AMAZING Olgani Naturals hamper valued at R530 containing all the products pictured above – see end of post for entry details.

NutrieB is a blend of sea salt, rice flour and sesame and coconut oil. It offers gentle, non-abrasive cleaning; is abundant in minerals and vitamins; prevents dental plaque deposits, and leaves teeth clean while nourishing the gum tissue.

The Olgani brand uses only natural and EDIBLE ingredients that offer direct benefits to oral care and the entire body.

All Olgani products are free of fluoride, SLS, Parabens or other artificial preservatives, glycerin, sorbitol, dyes, titanium dioxide, abrasive agents and synthetic emulsifiers.

The cornerstone of all Olgani products is hand-harvested Sea Salt. For centuries, sea salt has held a worldwide tradition of use in oral care, acting as a natural preservative that helps to keep oral microbiota in balance. Sea salt also alkalizes the oral cavity which helps to neutralize acids attacking tooth enamel whilst facilitating better mineral absorption.

The Olgani Mighty Mint Toothpaste R125BUY combines the brands signature NutrieB base with raw cocoa that is rich in minerals and vitamins. Licorice has been added for cavity prevention and gum protection and there’s also Turmeric that offers anti-inflammatory & tooth enamel whitening properties. It can be used on those with sensitive teeth and can be used by children as it is safe to swallow.

Olgani 100% Compostable bioplastic toothbrush R89BUY

I’m obsessed with Olgani’s new Poly toothbrush that can join all your vegetable leftovers on the compost dump! Yep, this toothbrush is a first of its kind in South Africa. The handle is made from bioplastic produced from Polylactic Acid (known as PLA) – derived from renewable resources like sugarcane and corn. The bristles are made using biodegradable nylon derived from castor bean oil, and the paper box this toothbrush comes in is 100% recyclable. This toothbrush needs to be replaced every two months.

The Olgani Copper Tongue Curve Cleaner R125BUY. Now, I’m sure you’re asking, “Why practice tongue cleaning?”

The practice of tongue cleaning has its origins in Ayurvedic medicine. It’s said to improve digestion, sense of taste and removes toxins and bacteria from the oral cavity. Tongue massaging activates communication between the mouth, gut and brain. Copper also has microbial properties and studies have shown it can kill micro-organisms like mold, fungi, algae and bacteria. Also, when copper comes into contact with saliva, it helps maintain the body’s pH balance. This one is made with 100% copper.

Two natural toothpowders are available from Olgani: Sage & Wintergreen & Charcoal & Cocoa. These toothpowders are 100% environmentally friendly. Each blend contains the brands unique NutrieB base and is enriched with botanicals & minerals. All ingredients are selected & blended to assist with specific oral problems.

The Sage & Wintergreen deals with dental plaque & cavity protection, while the Charcoal & Cocoa works on whitening, re-mineralizing & sensitivity protection.

You can opt for the full size at R169BUY or purchase the travel size (12 days’ worth) at R55 – BUY.

Can we just take a moment to celebrate how aesthetically cool the Olgani mini-doughnut toothbrush stand R80BUY is? Four colour ways are available (canary yellow, mint green, snow white & pitch black black). These stands are perfectly designed to hold the Olgani compostable bioplastic toothbrush or the copper tongue cleaner. Each is designed to prevent residue build-up at the base & is easy to clean. There is also a textured base to prevent slipping.

While all the above products can be purchased on their own, Olgani have curated some really great sets congaing some of the above products:

The Ready for Adventure set R315BUY includes the Copper Tongue Curve Cleaner, one tube of Olgani premium toothpaste and the PLA Toothbrush.

The Organiser retails for R350 – BUY and includes one Copper Tongue Curve Cleaner, one PLA Toothbrush & two mini doughnut stands.

The Sustainable Warrior retails for R435 – BUY and includes one full size natural toothpowder, one mini doughnut stand, one Copper Tongue Curve Cleaner and a PLA Toothbrush.

The Everyday Clean retails for R195 – BUY and includes a one Copper Tongue Curve Cleaner and one mini doughnut stand.

The Basics retails for R150 – BUY and includes one PLA Toothbrush and one mini doughnut stand.

WIN an Olgani Hamper containing the following valued at R530 containing the following items:

1 x Olgani Copper Tongue Curve Cleaner R125

1 x Olgani 100% Compostable bioplastic toothbrush R89

2 x Olgani Travel size Natural Toothpowders R55 each

1 x Olgani mini doughnut stand R80

1 x Olgani Mighty Mint Toothpaste R125

To enter, head on over to my Instagram page HERE or enter on Facebook HERE

The winner will be announced on Mother’s Day 9 May 2021 on both my social media platforms.

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