I’m just going to come out and admit I’m a box wine drinker. And, there is absolutely nothing wrong with it!

Yes, I do still buy bottled wine on the regular, but I always have a box of wine in storage – and lockdown (with the alcohol restriction that came with it) only served to make me stock up even more. I also serve it when I host lunches, and usually decant the wine into one of my glass decanters.

So, I was thrilled to receive a press drop from the award-winning Fleur du Cap containing one of their premium blends in the new 2L slim boxes that easily fit in the fridge, yet also look super sophisticated on the dining room table (no need for my decanter here).

Two variants are available in the new 2L slim size: a rose and Sauvignon Blanc.

Fleur du Cap Rosé – one of the most versatile and food-friendly wines that can be enjoyed all year round, this blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir rosé reveals inviting notes of strawberry and florals. Crisp with a fresh acidity, juicy blackberry fruit with winter melon linger in the mouth.

Fleur du Cap Sauvignon Blanc – brilliant clear colour with green tinges, the nose is fresh with an abundance of tropical aromas, and floral and herbaceous undertones.  This is an elegantly balanced wine with crisp, concentrated flavours of passion fruit, lime and melon on the palate.

Priced from R150 to R190 for the bag-in-box, you can enjoy a single glass of wine without wasting the rest of a bottle. The box also keeps the wine fresher for longer (up to 4 weeks in the fridge) and can travel where glass can’t.

 The premium bag-in-box wines will be available nationwide from leading wine outlets.

The press drop arrived in the most beautiful boldly patterned shopper by a brand called Samesyn (togetherness in Afrikaans).

I hadn’t heard of the brand until this drop, but I headed over to their website and am mildly obsessed with their stunning selection of tea towels, aprons, velvet cushions and tablecloths. You can check them out at: www.samesyn.co.za

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