You guys know I love a basic moisturiser that contains no fragrance or colour (the biggest irritants in skin care, btw) that gently but effectively hydrates the skin.

Allow me to introduce you to the Skin Functional Daily moisturiser R290 for a 50ml (BUY).

Skin Functional – for those not aware – is a proudly South African brand. I’ve been incredibly impressed by their offering of beautifully formulated treatment products that are VERY cost effective (think R270 for a 0.5% Retinol serum -check it out HERE)

Firstly, I think R290 for such a well formulated moisturiser – and I’ll go into that in a bit – is a great price, not to mention the 50ml size!

This moisturiser can be used morning and evening and has a lovely nourishing texture that leaves skin hydrated. It absorbs quickly too. It contains black Ginseng – a powerful antioxidant (comparable to L-Ascorbic Acid or vitamin C). It works to alleviate dehydration, crepey skin and fine lines and is EXCELLENT for dry, flaky or tight skin.

The Science

The active component in ginseng is called ginsenosides. In order to obtain the highest level of ginsenosides, the root must be distilled / extracted. This process is done using steam. After three distillation cycles, red ginseng is the outcome which has also been widely reported to provide health benefits. Black ginseng undergoes nine distillation cycles, yielding the highest possible level of ginsenosides. Black ginseng extract contains 300% more actives than red ginseng.

The benefits of 5% Black Ginseng + ATP Complex formula

This ingredient combination has been developed to be a powerful antioxidant for the skin that significantly enhances skin hydration by allowing more water to be captured in the skin. The Black Ginseng is collagen boosting which enhances collagen production in the skin and assists natural growth of cells to rebuild skin. The ATP complex made in the mitochondria is what powers the batteries of skin cells. As we age, we produce less ATP Complex. Increased ATP Complex increases the functioning of cells.

Use the Skin Functional Daily Moisturiser morning & evening on clean skin after you’ve applied your treatment serum (if you’re using one). And, don’t forget your sunscreen after applying the moisturiser in the morning! This moisturiser is suitable for dry, oily, combination and sensitive skin.

If you’re looking for affordable, well formulated skincare that’s made locally, go check out the rest of Skin Functional’s offering HERE (you’ll thank me later for introducing you to this magnificent brand). YOU can follow Skin Functional on Instagram HERE & on Facebook HERE

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