These 5 products from Filorga are simply spectacular. Two of them; the eye cream & exfoliator can be used on all skin types, while the sheet mask, Rosy Glow Fluid & Cream are best suited to more mature skin.

Warning: Read further at your own risk because I can assure you, you’ll want ALL these products after reading my glowing reviews!

Like Wrapping the Skin in a Cashmere Blanket

Aimed at women over 50 years of age, Filorga’s Global-Repair range is designed specifically to treat all mature skin concerns including dehydration; wrinkles, lack of firmness, hollow features, dark spots and loss of radiance.

The Filorga Global Repair Nutri-Restorative Multi-Revitalising Cream (R1331 for a 50ml jar – BUY) can be used as a regular day or night cream or used as an overnight mask. I mean, what more could you want from a product?!

The formula includes ceramides to restore the skin’s barrier function, omega acids to strengthen the skin’s hydrolipidic film, boost cell renewal and revitalize the skin. Vitamin E rich Camellia and Borage oils – both loaded with Vitamins A, D and K boost the skin’s defenses and create a regenerating effect.

The formula is also enriched with Filorga’s patented NCEF formula, which contains vitamins, antioxidants and co-enzymes to boost cellular functioning and regenerate cells. There’s also encapsulated hyaluronic acid to plump & smooth out wrinkles; collagen boosters to re-densify & firm skin and a powerful complex of 5 lightening active ingredients that target age spots & uneven skin tone.

The texture of this delicious cream is super nourishing and wraps the skin in what feels like a comforting cashmere blanket. Highly recommended if you’re fifty plus & looking for a multi-tasking product that can act as a day or night cream and an intensive overnight mask.

Scrub Up & Detox your skin

The excitement when I opened this unique mousse scrub was OFF THE CHARTS thanks in no small part to the formulas jet black colour, divine fragrance and unusual texture.

The Filorga Scrub & Detox Intense Purity Foam Exfoliator (R505BUY) gives the skin an express detox in just 5 minutes, leaving it clearer & smoother.

It detoxifies the skin via two main steps: double exfoliation & double purification.

A double peel complex combines mechanical & enzymatic scrubs for a powerful yet gentle exfoliation. Volcanic micro-spheres provide mechanical exfoliation, cleaning out the pores & getting rid of skin impurities. Papain enzyme works to gently resurface the skin, stimulating cellular renewal & leaving the skin velvety smooth.

Activated charcoal grip hold and eliminates the deepest impurities & embedded pollution (if you live in the city, you’ll be horrified to know the kinds of pollutants lurking on the skin!) while polyphenols (antioxidants) strengthens the skin’s resistance to oxidative stress.

In addition to purifying & detoxing the skin, the Filorga Scrub & Detox Intense Purity Foam Exfoliator coats it with a super hydrating imperceptible protective film. Niacinamide provides hydration while Vitamin E traps free radicals & external aggressors. The Filorga Scrub & Detox Intense Purity Foam Exfoliator is suitable for all skin types and should be used twice a week on clean skin, using a circular massaging motion. Rinse with warm water to release the protective, hydrating complex.

How to get your Glow back if you have Mature Skin

The Filorga Ultra-Lifting Rosy-Glow Fluid (R854BUY) is aimed at mature skin types and works to firm, tighten & re-densify the skin. It tightens facial features, plumps skin and sculpts all while boosting skins radiance and giving it an even appearance.

Contained within the formula are Plasmic Lifting Factors to stimulate cell renewal & restore collagen & elastin synthesis; Marine Collagen to boost natural collagen reserves and Hyaluronic Acid to plump the skin & redefine facial contours.

There’s also Papain to gently exfoliate and remove dull, grey undertones and Peptides to restore firmness and elasticity.

To soothe inflammation & stabilise blood capillaries, reducing visible red undertones Centella Asiatica has been added.

Then there’s a radiance activator with goji berries & minerals that acts as an antioxidant, helping restore natural radiance.

What I love most about this product is the iridescent pink glow it leaves on the skin – thanks to the addition of fine pearlescent particles – giving the complexion a real healthy glow.

The Lift-Structure radiance Ultra-Lifting Rosy-glow Fluid is ideal for women 40 plus and older.

The Crazy Busy Career Gals Eye Cream!

Did you know that on average we sleep 1.5 hours less a night than we did 5o years ago? Is it any wonder then that we battle with dark undereye eye circles & puffiness?

The Filorga Optimum Eyes Eye Contour Stick (R410BUY) is designed to tackle these two concerns, as well as address fine lines.

The product comes in a handy stick (perfect for travel, when restrictions are finally lifted) and delivers an immediate refreshing boost to the eye contour.

The formula contains Carrageen Gel to decongest & deal with puffiness; low molecular weight hyaluronic acid to plump and invisible micro-powders to add radiance to the area. Filorga’s patented Melaton-Eyes technology that contains revitalising peptides is also included to fight the signs of fatigue associated with lack of sleep.

What I personally LOVE about the Filorga Optimum Eyes Eye Contour Stick is its immediate cooling effect that wakes up, nourishes & refreshes the eye area in an instant. Best of all is that it can be used under or OVER makeup at any time of the day.

This Lifting Sheet Masks Rivals ALL others!

Being on the wrong side of forty, lack of firmness is one of my biggest skin care concerns. So, my interest was piqued when I received the Filorga Lift-Mask (R148 per sheet mask – BUY) to review. Inspired by the latest aesthetic innovations, this sheet mask is designed to tighten facial features and plump the skin.

The mask is saturated with Filorga’s Plasmic Lifting Factors (PLF) – a unique complex that that combines hyaluronic acid to plump; Marine Collagen to boost the skin’s natural collagen reserves (that get depleted when we age) and a plant extract from the Curcuma longa rhizome that stimulates cell renewal and restores collagen & elastin synthesis.

A natural antioxidant extracted from the Sophora japonica flower (used in traditional Chinese medicine) stimulates the skin’s natural defense system & protects it from free radicals.

How does it work?

Inspired by transcutaneous patches, the second skin like sheet mask contains ultra cellulose fibres that are produced using bio-fermentation. These fibres help to diffuse the highly concentrated deep into the skin for 15 minutes, creating a needle-free express lifting effect. Again, this sheet mask is best suited to women 40+ and older who are concerned with slackened skin.

You can purchase Filorga products at Clicks stores nationwide or buy them online from these retailers:


These products 😍 👌 wow sounds amazingly divine would love to try even just one of them 😃💜💫

I start 2 months ago to buy my filorga its is a problem with the names on the jar and I dont no where to start with what product because of the strains names I am 55 years young and always go for filorga facial I love the product can you help me more with the names thanks

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