“Like a drop of perfume behind the ear, at the nape of the neck, on the inner wrists or in the décolleté, where the fragrance blends seamlessly with the skin to create a unique scent. Guerlain has left its mark on the history of modern fragrances with a series of olfactory creations that tell tales both real and imagined, inspired by romantic encounters, literary classics and journeys to distant lands”

The paragraph above comes from the Guerlain website & certainly rings true, as the House of Guerlain are renowned for their exquisite fragrances.

The newest launch is called MON GUERLAIN BLOOM OF ROSE EAU DE PARFUM and is the embodiment of passionate femininity.

The inspiration for this scent is the rose. Delphine Jelk, Guerlain fragrance composer best sums the fragrance with this comment, “Bloom of Rose is more of a floral and less of an oriental expression of Mon Guerlain. Here the rose petal takes on the whole flamboyance of a bouquet of red roses, appearing sumptuously all the way through the top and base notes.” 

MON GUERLAIN BLOOM OF Rose EDP is a floral fragrance with top notes of citrus and lavender, middle notes of Neroli, Bulgarian Rose and Jasmine Sambac. Notes in the dry down include Tahitian Vanilla and Sandalwood.

When you first spritz the scent, you get a faint fruity opening, but that soon gives way to a floral, slightly herbaceous burst. The lavender note – which I love – is quite prominent in the opening, giving the scent a very sophisticated vibe. As the fragrance develops, the rose notes burst forth, but there is a definite hint of both Jasmin & neroli (the neroli more subdued than the jasmine).

It’s the dry down of this scent that I really, REALLY love. It’s both warm & captivating thanks to the vanilla, however the sandalwood & woody patchouli lend an air of fiery passion, giving this scent a lovely depth.

MON GUERLAIN BLOOM OF Rose EDP is an easy wearing scent that works for both day & evening, summer or winter. Because it’s an EDP, it lasts on the skin for a good 6 hours. I also love the bottle which has the typical elegant Guerlain signature all the brands fragrance flacons have.




MON GUERLAIN BLOOM OF Rose EDP is available to purchase at www.fragrancefind.co.za, or at Edgars in Sandton City.


They have the most beautiful bottles!

the way their packaging is so beautiful i also believe what is inside smells nice.

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