I recently received 3 new utterly spellbinding products from CHANEL to try: A cleansing gel, a clay mask & a new fragrance.

Aside from their spectacular clothing, CHANEL is best known for their fragrances & makeup. However, the skincare line is really, really great. I’ve written many posts CHANEL skincare offering HERE, HERE & HERE.

CHANEL LE GEL Cleansing Gel (R800 for a 150ml)

This super luxurious and extremely gentle cleansing gel can be used on skin types, even sensitive skin. It works to effectively cleanse the skin, while preserving hydration and the barrier function.

As the formula makes contact with moistened skin, the gel transforms into a soft and creamy foam that eliminates makeup, sunscreen and pollution micro-particles without leaving the skin feeling tight or dry.

The formula contains blue micro-algae that boosts cellular resistance to micro-stress caused by pollution. Also contained is marine salicornia, which has the incredible ability to self-regulate water and adapt to the most hostile environments. In a nutshell, it hydrates & strengthens skin.

Use this delightful cleansing gel morning and evening, dispensing one or two pumps of LE GEL into the palm of the hand, working it into a lather. Apply to a damp face with small circular movements to gently clean the skin, ridding it of any impurities. Rinse thoroughly with water to reveal fresh, luminous, healthy-looking and shine-free skin.

CHANEL LE MASQUE Anti-Pollution Vitamin Clay Mask (R1065 for a 75ml tube)

I’m not the biggest fan of clay masks as I find most super drying. This one really surprised me though as it manages to purify without drying and also hydrates. I would say it’s suited for those with normal, combination or oily skin types.

LE MASQUE works to purify and hydrate the skin while regulating sebum levels on its surface. Its creamy texture contains hydrating ingredients with repairing properties, as well as kaolin and white clay, which both work to intensely purify the skin.

To revitalize the skin, it combines purple micro-algae which stimulates cellular respiration and skin’s defenses, with marine spring water, rich in trace elements and minerals.

To use, apply a large dab of the mask to cleansed and dry skin with smoothing movements from the T-zone outwards. You can use your fingertips or a brush (I prefer using a brush).

You can use LE MASQUE in 2 ways:

  1. Use the mask every morning to prepare skin before skincare and makeup. Leave on for two minutes for a flash of radiance, then remove using a damp cotton pad (or clean facecloth). Finish with a splash of cold water tighten pores.
  2. Apply a thick layer to deeply purify the skin. This is great if your skin is needing an extra-purifying action. Use two to three times a week and leave on for 10 minutes. Remove with a damp cotton pad (or clean facecloth). Finish with a splash of cold water tighten pores.


Last, but certainly not least is the new fragrance offering from CHANEL: COCO MADEMOISELLE L’EAU PRIVÉE. If you, like me, are a fan of the original COCO MADEMOISELLE (I count the original among my top 5 favourite fragrances), I can assure you that you’ll LOVE this!

CHANEL COCO MADEMOISELLE L’EAU PRIVÉE is a softer, more gentle expression of the original and represents the idea of a “night scent” – a new & private way of wearing perfume. This is not to be confused with a scent to wear on a night out (although I absolutely would). Oh no, rather, this is a scent for wearing to bed.

Remember Marilyn Monroe commenting that all she wears to bed is her beloved CHANEL No 5? I wonder if Polge perhaps took some inspiration from this famous quote when creating L’EAU PRIVÉE?

L’EAU PRIVÉE, a light and delicate version of COCO MADEMOISELLE, is a fragrance for night, like a watercolor or a soft, hazy veil for the skin and sheets.” – Olivier Polge

With familiar notes from the original COCO MADEMOISELLE, this nighttime variation offers a softer version of the scent, focusing on citrusy orange notes intertwined with floral jasmine absolute and rose petal accents.

The woody notes from the original have been toned down, with comforting white musk notes, perfect for the pillow, more prominent.

Described as a watercolour scent, COCO MADEMOISELLE L’EAU PRIVÉE is a delicate take of the original, made to accompany you in dreamland.

The flacon is elegantly frosted with L’EAU PRIVÉE etched in gold lettering.

You can purchase CHANEL products from Woolworths Beauty Department stores countrywide.


These sound wonderful and the.Mademoiselle sounds even better

Thanks for the comment, Janel. The fragrance is SUBLIME!

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