As you know, I’ve partnered with Head & Shoulders for the launch of their new SUPRÊME line that is uniquely designed for women’s hair & scalp. The formula contains Moroccan Argan Oil and Head & Shoulder’s new anti-dandruff technology to ensure hair is beautifully moisturized and flake free.

The Colour Protect variant is my favourite because I colour my hair every 6 weeks and look for formulas that lock in colour, while addressing my dry scalp & occasional dandruff. You can read more about the new head & Shoulders SUPRÊME line HERE

Today I thought I’d chat to you about my tips for washing my hair, conditioning and styling.

I try wash my hair every third day because firstly, water is what causes colour to leech out the hair, and I want to preserve my (very expensive) colour for as long as I can. Also, any chemical process causes damage, and because I colour my hair on an almost monthly basis, it tends to be dry. I chatted with my stylist and he said washing every third day was perfect for my particular hair type.

Here are my 6 Top Tips for Wash Day

Detangle your Tresses

I always give me hair a good brush to remove any tangles prior to washing. Remember, it’s easier to remove knots on dry hair and far more challenging when hair is wet. Also, wet hair is far more fragile and more prone to breakage when wet.

Rinse, Repeat

It’s so important to saturate your hair with water for at least a minute before applying your shampoo. It’s best to use warm (not hot, this can damage scalp & dry hair) water to help open the pores on the scalp. Saturating the hair with water will also ensure your shampoo lathers better and you’ll need less product, which brings me to my next point…

Shampoo Savvy

Research shows that most women use way too much shampoo. This can lead to problems like quicker colour fade and stripping the hair of its natural oils, leading to frizz & dryness. If you have long or thicker hair, you should use an amount similar to the size of a walnut (yes, really), you won’t need more if your hair has been properly saturated with water. For short or fine hair types, use an amount equivalent to that of a small cherry tomato, or roughly a teaspoon full.

Easy Does It!

Remember, it’s your scalp that needs the most attention when washing, because the roots are often oiliest. Gently massage your shampoo into your scalp, taking care not to use your nails as this can cause abrasions or infections. Hair is vulnerable when wet and aggressive back & forth movements to wash your scalp can cause unnecessary tangles, breakage & weaken the follicles.

Always Condition your Hair

Aside from detangling, a conditioner’s main purpose is to restore hydration to the strands – especially the ends, which are usually drier. No matter what your hair type, you need a conditioner. Always use a conditioner on the mid-lengths and ends of your hair. Never apply conditioner to the scalp, as this can result in excessive oiliness and make the hair look dull.
Again, less is more when it comes to conditioner. If you use too much, it can weigh the hair down. I usually use a dollop the size of a R5 coin and apply it only to mid-lengths and ends. Head & Shoulders SUPRÊME range of conditioners are infused with BIC technology from Japan that preserves water loss causing dryness AND prevents excess water intake that can cause frizz. In addition, the formula adheres to the hair cuticle to mimic hair’s natural structure for a better feel and more protection.

Gently Does It

Be wary of rigorous towel drying. Rather pat hair gently to remove excess water or invest in a microfiber turbine that absorbs water without any damage. I found a great one HERE.

Ready, Set, Styled and Go!

And just a quick recap on the 4 variants available in the Head & Shoulders SUPRÊME range:

SUPRÊME Repair for dry & damaged hair

SUPRÊME Moisture for dry hair

SUPRÊME Smooth to control frizz

SUPRÊME Colour Protect to lock in colour

The SUPRÊME range of products retail for R109.99 (each) and can be found at Clicks, Dischem & Pick n Pay stores nationwide.

*This blog post is sponsored by Head & Shoulders*

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