The newish Clarins Plant Gold is a beauty that has really flown under the radar since it launched. In fact, I’m somewhat bewildered at how little attention this INCREDIBLE product has received locally.

Launched locally about 10 months ago, Clarins Plant Gold combines the iconic Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil with the legendary dual chamber packaging of the Double Serum.

Now, I Love Clarins’ range of treatment oils – they were the first brand, after all, to introduce the concept of pure facial (& body) oils to the world.

For those not familiar with 3 Clarins Face Treatment Oils, they are:

Santal Face Treatment Oil (R615) – Nourishes & soothes. Best for dry, ageing skin.

Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil (R615) – Tones & restores radiance. Best for normal & dehydrated skin types (FYI, we ALL have dehydrated skin)

Lotus Face Treatment Oil (R615) – Balances & Purifies. Best for combination to oily skin, occasional, hormonal breakouts – the lightest of all 3 oils.

Which brings me to the Plant Gold (R785 – BUY) which is a unique 2-in1 fluid moisturiser that manages to be super hydrating & nourishing while being delightfully lightweight. It’s a great product for someone who loves facial oils – or even someone who is interested in trying a facial oil, but is a little apprehensive and needs gentle easing to the introduction of oils. It provides the skin with comfort, vitality and radiance. It also makes a smashingly good skin primer, and I find it gives my skin the MOST gorgeous glow.

The Formula:

Housed in an innovative double-chambered bottle (just like Double Serum), the Plant Gold emulsion combines the cult classic Clarins Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil (in the yellow barrel) with a lightweight yet nourishing emulsion (in the white barrel). The chambers keep the oil and emulsion separate and the two don’t come into contact until they exit the pump. It’s quite strongly aromatic using Blue Orchid extract and patchouli essential oil (which, it mostly smells like) in an Omega 9 and Vitamin E rich oil base (sweet almond, macadamia and grape seed).

Who Should Use It?

All skin types can use the Plant Gold and it can be applied morning and/or night. You can use it on its own (I often do, both am & pm), or layer products over it if you need more hydration. You can also use it with the Double Serum by applying a half a pump of Double Serum with one pump of Plant Gold.

If I’m totally honest, it’s seldom I finish beauty product as I have SO many to try. I tend to put them through their paces rigorously for a week or two, tops three, then move on.

I’ve just finished my bottle of Plant Gold which is really saying something. I’ve used it consistently since receiving it, combining it with many different products from various ranges all to great effect. I really do love this stuff!

Have any of you tried Plant Gold? If you have please leave me a comment below in the comments section & tell me how you found it.


This is amazing!! 🤗

Glad you enjoyed the post, Danita 🙂

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