I was so excited to discover Aurora Crafted Jewellery – a new, local jewellery brand with some of the most beautiful designs I’ve seen in a while. The brand has a stunning selection of earrings, necklaces and wrist bracelets – all locally made. The beaded styles are produced by local talented crafters in communities from KZN to Johannesburg.

Aurora Crafted Jewellery asked me to select 3 styles of earrings to showcase to you. I must admit, this was no easy task as there are so many beautiful styles.

First up are the gorgeous “Hypnotic Hoops” in Peru Green Chalcedony & Blue R660BUY

How absolutely gorgeous are these handmade 35mm gold plated dipped hoops adorned with blue beads and finished off with a striking gold plated centre piece and real a chalcedony gemstone from Peru? 

I love the simple yet eye-catching design of these ‘Brushed Hexagon” earrings R300BUY

These textured hexagon earrings are so simple yet versatile, they’ll work with just about any look – smart or casual. They are 30mm in length, gold plated and have a non-allergenic brass hook.

My favourites are the “Artistic Floral” earring in pink R390BUY

These beaded earring are so beautifully crafted by a talented team of female crafters in rural KZN. They are 95mm in length, made with a nickle-free gold plated brass hook and finest quality imported glass beads from the Czech Republic. 

I sat down with the owner of Aurora Crafter Jewellery, Mandy Morrow ,to find out more about the brand.

What inspired you to start Aurora?

“My dream was always to be a fashion designer, however, for a number of reasons this was not to be.  My path took me into corporate marketing and research where I was very happy for 20 years, but there was always a yearning to be more creative.

After some real self-reflection I realized that my real passion and love was fashion, style and all things related – and I especially loved how accessories could take something relatively simple and make it magnificent and this was the thing that excited me.

Early 2019 after listening to the audio book Taking control of your life by Mel Robbins, I decided to take action and actually do something about it and I ordered in my first lot of findings, craft wire and beads and began to tinker in making earrings.

So, when did you start the actual business?

Initially I was only making accessories for myself and I loved being able to wear different earrings almost every day (still do). Women were noticing them and there was a genuine interest, so I began to think that there may really be something in this. I was surprised and grateful for the interest and support which lead to the birth of my business / brand called Aurora as my side hustle.

Towards the end of 2019 I became overwhelmed with being an employee, manager, wife, mom, stepmom, budding entrepreneur at night, whilst still trying to maintain some kind of balance with family and time for self … something had to give.

So, I took the plunge and resigned from the corporate life I had known for so long in January 2020 and dove into the unknown in March 2020!

What’s been your biggest business challenge thus far?

Little did I know when I made this decision that the world was about to be turned on its head with Covid19! Whilst this has been an incredibly challenging time to get a business up and running, I’ve comfort in the fact that the brand / business continues to grow daily – even in these tough times.

What do you think has been your biggest lesson this year – business or personal?

Without a doubt, it’s the heightened sense of importance each of us has to play by being the change we want to see. I’ve also realised the important role that even a small, local business can play in a community.

What has been the most unexpected benefit of starting your own business?

Seeing the huge benefits to my crafters who are able to take the proceeds of their work back to their families and communities, enriching their lives a little more than before.

What are your future plans?

Aside from bringing more styles to market, one of my key focuses is developing a wider network of crafters I can empower.

When it comes to style, what’s your philosophy?

If I wouldn’t wear it myself, then it’s not good enough to be sold.


I have an Aurora Crafted Jewellery voucher valued at R1000 up for grabs!

To stand a chance of winning it, follow the steps below:

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Leave a comment below telling me which of the 3 styles I’ve featured above is your favourite.

Please ensure you include  your email address (only I can see it), so I can contact you, should you be the winner.

The winner will be announced next week Friday 25 September 2020 on In My bag’s Facebook page (Follow HERE)

This giveaway is only open to residents of South Africa


These textured hexagon earrings are my favourite!

Brushed Hexagon earrings looks so beautiful, they are my favourite. All the earrings here are wow. I would really appreciate if I win ❤

I absolutely love the Brushed Hexagon. I love blue. All the jewelry is gorgeous.

My email address is : jonelljozeph@yahoo.com

Brushed Hexagon is my favourite love it so much would be amazing to win my bday is 21 september

My favourite would be the hypnotic hoops 💛💛💛 …. each style is so unique tho – all beautiful

I really love the Hexagon design. So simple and stylish! Will go with everything!

I love the Brushed Hexagon its definitely my favorite.

They are stunning, the hoops with the blue stone. I love earrings

Definitely the hexagons!! Every time my friend wears hers that she bought from Mandy. I wish I had a pair too! Sooooo versatile!

Brushed Hexagon absolutely stunning

The beaded pink earrings make me *swoon*. So so pretty but modern. Love it

The brushed Hexagon earrings are my favourite ones!

The Hexagon design is stunning and stylish. I simply love it💖💖💖

I’mmm!!! Like all of them!! Can’t decide which one!!! The

The stunning Hypnotic Hoops are my favorite ❤️

My favourite is the Artistic Floral.
It’s beautiful.

The textured Hexagon earrings

Artistic Floral is my absolute favourite….love the elegance and oh so chic look

The ‘Hypnotic Hoops’ are exquisite and love the green/blue combination

Hypnotic hoops 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Hypnotic hoops 😍😍😍

Love the Hypnotic Hoops – the blues are so gorgeous!

I love the Hypnotic Hoops” in Peru Green Chalcedony & Blue

I love the Artistic Floral earrings, they make such a statement. Mandy’s story is so inspiring! It takes a brave soul to take the leap into the unknown and follow your dreams. Good luck to her!

Love the hypnotic hoops 🥰

Definitely the hypnotic hoops

Love the Hexagon earrings

The hexagon is so on trend! You see it everywhere. Would love these!

Nice post! You look so pretty by wearing these earrings. And I must say you have good collection of earrings. I loved it. Thanks for this lovely post!

Thanks Susan. I’m so impressed with the amazing accessories we’re seeing that are locally produced.

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