I’m not in the least bit embarrassed to admit I occasionally suffer with dry scalp & dandruff. While there are a few products available that treat the above condition, my brand of choice has always been Head & Shoulders.

That’s why when Head & Shoulders reached out to me asking if I’d like to partner with them to try out the new Head & Shoulders ‘SUPRÊME’ range, it took me all of 3 seconds to yell YES!

What Causes Dry Scalp & Dandruff?

It’s important to understand that dandruff & dry scalp are not the same.

Dandruff occurs when the scalp sheds excess skin cells, causing the scalp to flake. The causes of Dandruff can vary vastly from stress to contact dermatitis and even a sensitivity to certain ingredients used in hair products.

Dry scalp, by comparison, happens when the scalp does not produce enough moisture. Just like other forms of dry skin, this can cause itching and flaking. Often, people with very dry skin are also prone to dry scalp. Causes can vary from excessive washing to dry air (particularly during the winter months) and skin conditions like eczema.

The best way to treat both conditions, is with hair products especially formulated with ingredients that soothe, calm and hydrate the scalp.

The new Head & Shoulders SUPRÊME range is uniquely designed for women’s hair & scalp. The formula contains Moroccan Argan Oil and Head & Shoulder’s new anti-dandruff technology to ensure hair is beautifully moisturized and flake free. I was VERY excited to see a variant specially for colour treated hair!

How Does the New SUPRÊME Formula Work?

The Moroccan Argan Oil in the formula works to nourish, repair & moisturise dry hair. Argan oil is also renowned for its scalp (and general skin) benefits.

Each of the products within the range deposits Micro-Zinc into the hairs pores to target the source of dandruff that can hide deep within the hair follicles.

Piroctone Olamine is an ingredient that works to reduce flaking & itching by hydrating the scalp.

To address stubborn dandruff, Selenium Sulfide has been added – the most effective, over-the-counter ingredient available to treat even the most stubborn dandruff.

The conditioners in the range are infused with BIC technology from Japan that preserves water loss causing dryness AND prevents excess water intake that can cause frizz. In addition, the formula adheres to the hair cuticle to mimic hair’s natural structure for a better feel and more protection.

Four variants are available in the new Head & Shoulders SUPRÊME range:

SUPRÊME Repair for dry & damaged hair

SUPRÊME Moisture for dry hair

SUPRÊME Smooth to control frizz

SUPRÊME Colour Protect to lock in colour

Because I have wavy hair, I also battle with uncontrollable frizz, so was also very happy to see a variant that works to smooth frizz &  flyaways!

The SUPRÊME range of products retail for R109.99 (each) and can be found at Clicks, Dischem & Pick n Pay stores nationwide.

I think it’s important to dispel some myths around anti-dandruff treatments.

Myth: Anti dandruff formulas strip the hair of moisture, especially if you have curly hair

Fact: Curly hair by its very nature is dry, so requires some extra care when using an anti-dandruff treatment. Over the counter dandruff shampoos can be drying on curls, but the ingredients are beneficial for reducing bacteria, and removing dandruff. To prevent stripping your curls of moisture, apply a conditioner to the ends of your hair prior to using the anti-dandruff shampoo.

You could also decant your anti dandruff shampoo to a color applicator bottle (you’ll find these in DIY hair colour kits) to make it easier to apply just to your scalp. Part your hair into four sections, then section by section apply the shampoo directly on your scalp. Then, work the shampoo into a lather and let it sit on the scalp for two minutes. Rinse, shampoo again, follow up with a conditioner of your choice.

Myth: Anti dandruff formulas strip the hair of colour

Fact: Anti dandruff formulas, especially Head & Shoulders are formulated to protect the hair & keep it in optimal condition, which in turn will preserve colour. Head & Shoulders range of shampoos aren’t harsh at all and contain many of the same ingredient that regular shampoos do, except that they go a step further and contain dandruff-fighting active ingredients that protect the scalp in between washes from dandruff-causing irritants. These actives DO NOT strip colour.

Let’s just briefly chat about what is responsible for stripping hair colour. Water is actually the biggest enemy of hair colour, and simply washing your hair causes colour fade as it dissolves and washes away the dye molecules from inside the strands. Best way to counteract this? Keep your hair in optimal condition by using a formula that deeply moisturises and condition the hair to seal the cuticle, which helps waterproof the strands. Bottom line is that less damage means great looking hair and colour that lasts.


Head & Shoulders have a great competition where you can win a DIY hairstyling kit valued at R1300 that contains all the SUPRÊME styling products, hairstyling accessories, styling combs & brushes and a LED Magnifying vanity mirror on a stand.

To stand a chance of winning this hamper, create an Instagram grid post of yourself using one of the new head & Shoulders SUPRÊME products. Ensure you tag @head_and_shoulders_sa and use the #SupremeHairCare

The winners will be announced on the Head & Shoulders IG profile HERE

Interested in learning more?

This coming Saturday 19 September at 10am, Head & Shoulders are hosting a pampering live stream morning with Katinka Oosthuizen (remember her from Survivor 2018) & TV personality Mi’chal Naidoo. The ladies will be chatting about the new SUPRÊME range of products as well as dispensing some hair tips & tricks. It promises to be a fun, entertaining & educational morning, and I’ll definitely be watching, so do join me & pencil the date in your diary.

The live stream will be hosted on Katinka’s Instagram (Follow HERE)

*This blog post is sponsored by Head & Shoulders*


Ah I need to try this! I’ve been drying with very dry scalp for the last few months!

Candice x


I also suffer with dry scalp & occasional dandruff, Candice – as does my daughter. Head & Shoulders is the ONLY formula that really helps, after just one wash. I was interested to learn (from my hairdresser) that my dry scalp & dandruff may be due to sleeping with damp hair. Now, I never dry my hair with a hairdryer because I prefer to let it air dry – better for my hair & helps keep my curls looking good. However, the downside is that a damp scalp allows bacteria that cause dandruff to breed. Also, very hot showers can lead to dry scalp

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