Sparkle is the holding company that distributes brands like Morgan Taylor, Gelish & GLOV here in South Africa. They recently launched their online platform, and to celebrate, sent me a few items to review.

Sparkle is also giving my readers & followers 10% off their first Sparkle order until 31 August 2020 – simply use this code: ‘SPARKLEONLINE’. This coupon is only valid for one use.

Take a look below at some of the goodies available on

First up are some goodies from the brand GLOV.

GLOV was founded in 2012 and was created as the antithesis to the traditional makeup remover. GLOV is an innovative and complex skincare tool that replaces up to 5 cosmetic products: eye makeup remover, face makeup remover, toner, cleanser & cotton pads.

GLOV has patented micro-fibre technology and gently removes makeup with just water!

GLOV is dermatologically tested, hypoallergenic and eliminates toxins, making it safe & gentle for all skin types.

How does it work?

The unique GLOV micro-fibres are 30 times thinner than a cotton pad and 100 times thinner than human hair. These electrostatic fibres are shaped like a star to grab & remove makeup effectively, but gently

The GLOV Travel Set Pink (R429) is ideal for traveling – BUY

It contains a micro-fibre makeup remover GLOV, a magnet Fibre Cleanser and a GLOV Quick Treat fast Makeup Correction Tip that’s the perfect tool to quickly correct makeup as it fits on the finger.

This is how you use it:

Moisten the actual GLOV with water.

Remove makeup (you are going to be amazed at how every bit of makeup, including waterproof eye makeup comes off), then clean the GLOV using the Magnet Fibre Cleanser. You could also just use soap & hot water. Allow the GLOV to dry properly.

The first thing I tried when I received this spoil from Sparkle was the Skin Smoothing Body Massage Glove (R229) from GLOV – BUY

Its texture is just AMAZING. It’s made using innovative Bamboo fibres that invigorate blood & lymph microcirculation.

Simply use this glove with your favourite shower gel or soap. Massage areas like bum, thighs, hips and upper arms using a minimum of 30 circular movements. When finished, give the glove a good rinse & allow to dry.

The Morgan Taylor “Tell Her She’s Stellar” (R163) is a good choice for those wanting a neutral colour on their nails that’s not pink, or a shade thereof – BUY

How clever is this?

The Edge Perfection Easy Peel Polish Barrier (R264) is the answer to a mess-free manicure. I’ll admit, I haven’t tried it just yet. It looks pretty easy to use: Apply the formula (which has aa almost plastic feel) around cuticles using the brush. Apply polish, then peel the plastic barrier off. And Voila! A perfect mani. I’ll do some stories on this product just as soon as I try it. – BUY

Morgan Taylor A Kiss from Marilyn R163 is my current favourite red #NuffSaid – BUY

Morgan Taylor Bare Luxury Calm Lotion (R194) contains lavender & sage extracts to soothe skin & senses.

It can be used on hands & body and infuses the skin with moisture that lasts up to 24 hours. It’s currently sitting next my kitchen sink & the family are using it to keep hands moisturised. Both my hubby & teen like that it’s nourishing but not greasy at all. – BUY

Morgan Taylor Remedy Renewing Cuticle Oil (R202) is one of my favourite cuticle oils.

Being a cuticle picker, I’m all about good, nourishing cuticle formulas, and this one with Vitamin E, Safflower, Grapeseed & sunflower Oils does a fabulous job of moisturising the skin – BUY

Champaign & Moonbeams Mini 4 pack Collection R290 – BUY

I love the colours in this collection which takes the glitz and glam of the season and balances it against subdued neutrals in stunning hues of pink, nude and mauve. Champagne & Moonbeams has the perfect range of colours for anyone looking for an ultra-luxe, sophisticated winter manicure. The colours contained in this mini pack include From Dusk Till Dawn, Copper Dream, See You In My Dreams & Dancing & Romancing – all very wearable.

Champaign & Moonbeams React Trio R499 – BUY

This pack contains a Morgan Taylor React Base Coat, React Top Coat and a polish called Gilded in Gold. All the products come in a pretty black cosmetic bag adorned with gold stars.


Sparkle have very kindly given me a lovely hamper to giveaway valued at R1018 containing the following:

GLOV Travel Set Pink (R429)

GLOV Skin Smoothing Body Massage (R299)

Morgan Taylor Champaign & Moonbeams Mini 4 pack Collection (R290)

To enter, simply follow these 4 brands on Instagram:

@MorganTaylorsa – Follow HERE

@gelsihSA – Follow HERE – Follow HERE Follow HERE

Then, leave a comment in the comments section below this blog post telling me why you’d like to win this hamper.

Please remember to include your email address (only I can see it) so I can reach you, should you be the winner.

Winner will be announced next week Monday 3 August 2020 on In My Bag’s Facebook page (FOLLOW HERE)


Followed @Donna_Loon on IG.

Would love love LOVE to win because I love doing my nails and the products are salon quality! Also I live with a bunch of little humans who love make-overs and since the lockdown, they’ve been experimenting with everything and taking Tik Tok videos for fun reviews. 😂

I will absolutely love to win this amazing hamper especially after reading the review it will be such a delight and pleasure to try these beautiful nail colors perfectly suited for winter and the GLOV Skin Smoothing Body Massage has great benefits love that it’s good for
lymph microcirculation.

I would love to win this hamper. I never get to spoil myself with salon trips, and this hamper will give me the pampering I so need.

I have been a huge fan of Morgan Taylor, Sparkle and Glov SA. I haven’t had a chance to try out Glov SA yet so this would be an awesome treat. Morgan Taylor is synonymous with quality and i love the brand or anything that Sparkle SA puts out ❤

I would love to win this amazing prize love Morgan Taylor products and especially the nail polish my favourite is definitely the Gilded in Gold,every girls dream to look and feel fabulous

I absolutely could fo with a bit of good news! ❤

I have always battled with a Dry an extreme sensitive skin and using make-up remover always leave my skin with a rash. By winning this hamper would give me the opportunity to try the micro-fibre makeup remover cloth.

I would love to win this amazing giveaway hamper to also pamper myself at home since time are tough and can’t go out and pamper myself.

I would love to win as I currently use Morgan Taylor nail polish and these colours are amazing, I have heard of glov,but haven’t had the chance to try it yet.
Fingers crossed to win.

Would love to win this hamper as I am big fan of Morgan Taylor and it will be great to get some pampering in to uplift my spirits during these times. I have also never tried GLOV’s products before so would be fantastic to get try some of their goodies!

I would love to win because I love Morgan Taylor products so much. Ever since the lockdown started I haven’t had time to pamper myself. I really deserve this awesome giveaway. Thank you In My Bag for this awesome competition.

Geez..🤔 Its would be such an awesome prize especially when you don’t have your beauty therapist available & I don’t need to leave home so social distancing is achieved.. A win/win situation 😁😁😁😁

will be amazing to treat and spoil myself during the lockdown to look and feel beautiful

I love these products will be perfect for a cosmetic upgrade for me.

I like to feel pampered and spoiled,so yes i love to win this amazing hamper.

I love these products-make me feel happy and leave a little sparkle wherever I go 🙂

Excellent prize – love it ! Every girls dream…

First of all I’m craving good new in my life hey😅!
If I’m announced as a winner next week the 3rd, that will definitely make my year 2020.Would love this hamper as I am big fan of Morgan Taylor, those nail polish 💅🏾 are so me. First time I hear about GLOV’s products before and their goodies look amazing and innovative! Therefore I can’t wait!!!

Would love a spoil. All this housework during lockdown!!!!!!

I would love to win this amazing prize because I already follow all of these brands on Instagram so I know how amazing they are. I’ve always wanted to try the makeup remover GLOV as I’ve struggled with makeup removers (water and oil based) having to use multiple cotton pads and buds to get my makeup off is so time consuming and harsh on my sensitive skin. I’ve always been obsessed with Morgan Taylor nail polish and doing my own nails so that would be a dream, having new products to try out during the lock down. ❤️ IG handle- moni_the_mermaid

First of all I’m craving good news in my life hey😅!
If I’m announced as a winner next week the 3rd, that will definitely make my year 2020. I would definitely love this amazing hamper as it’s not east to go out the and be all girly in the salons, glad I learned the the skill Of grooming my nails, those nail polish 💅🏾 are so me. Though it’s the First time I hear about GLOV’s products, I cant wait to try them and their goodies look amazing and innovative! Therefore I can’t wait!!! 😍

Wow wow wow!!! I would be delighted to be spoilt with this fabulous hamper as I celebrate my birthday soon this would be an awesome gift to me.

I would love to enter and win this competition but unfortunately I don’t have Instagram so that sucks…. So disappointing

Think its about time the Mom of the house gets a spoil! Would be very excited to win a spoil. Never won before so it would be a first…

Would love a bit of pamper with August being my birthday month!

Definitely need some lockdown treats and this would be fab!

Which Girl/Women wouldn’t want to win something as perfect as this. And it’s always good to have salon quality products at home. It’s also lockdown so any bit of exciting news is good.

This would be an absolute treat and much needed step in the right direction for a tired lecturer who has been teaching online since May while homeschooling a 5 year old for 9 weeks 😅
Going out for a pamper is not quite an option yet so this would be luxury at home 🤗

I’m a nail fanatic and make a point of doing my nails myself and would love this spoil. This giveaway is something I’d really love to win as a first time giveaway entry. I follow the pages on Instagram and I’m always looking to see what’s new on the pages. It would also be a great birthday gift for me and a great pamper treat for my mom and I. 🌸

This is would be such a great therapeutic treat. These beautiful nail colours would make such a great addition to my Morgan Taylor collection and the Glov would make shower time heavenly! *(Followed all brands on insta!)

Iv always been a nail biter and for the last year iv tried stopping .would love this to keep me from not being tempted to bite.

I would love to win this amazing hamper because I love nail polish. I love being creative with nail art and those colours are simply gorgeous.

I work at a hospital and ever since covid-19 started its been downward all the way for my usual pamper sessions and treats. I would love to win these awesome products to get back the way i used to take care of myself. Wearing a mask and sanitizing all day is taking its toll on me and these products are just what i need to get back to My Normal💅🙋🌺🌼

Stunning products, all ladies need take time to pamper themselves… Would love to have a pamper day with my daughters with these awesome goodies.

Lovely treat to uplift my mood with lockdown and tight finances Love to win and make my nails look beautiful and the glov will be great to pamper my skin with.
This mommy is tired and in a need of a pick me up and this is what I need to look and feel good

This would be such a treat. This Covid 19 has taken a knock of keeping me indoors. Winning it will lift the depression and feel special again

I would love to win this amazing hamper to pamper myself ;haven’t done that in a while I’m a huge fan of Morgan Taylor collection;I would love to get the opportunity to try out theses incredible products it will really improve my self-confidence and make me feel fabulous.

I would really love to spoil My mother deserves all the spoil in the world because she has, still does and forever will put everyone else’s needs before hers, she’s caring, loving strong and independent and I wish I could give her the world because she deserves it

Wow I’ve never been so excited about a giveaway, this one is just too awesome😭😍

Wow would love this , I don’t get my nails done so do my own at home , this would be so great

Would love to win this amazing hamper to just unwind and pamper myself. I so need this. Hope to win

I would love to win this wonderful pamper hamper as these look like such incredible products to try. I have never been successful at growing my nails but miracles happen, even during lockdown, and I love my nails and how my hands look for the first time ever. The Morgan Taylor products would really give me the incentive to keep my nails and hands looking really beautiful. The GLOV products look so amazing and would be perfect to get my body ‘Summer ready’

OMG it would be absolutely incredible to win this fabulous pamper hamper , especially during this stressful time when I need a boost. I have been reading up on the GLOV products and they sound absolutely awesome to use and would really help to get my neglected body back to pre-locksdown form. I would love to win as this pamper hamper is unfortunately not within my limited budget and will not be for many many months to come.

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