After showing you all HERE just how easy it was to DIY with box colour, my inbox was overwhelmed by ladies with blonde hair querying how the Schwarzkopf Palette Oil-Care Color works for blondes.

I chatted with my friend Carmen – a natural strawberry blonde – who was desperate to lighten her dark roots & give her overall colour a refresher.

Carmen had never used box colour before, so, understandably, was a little nervous. After explaining how easy & fuss free the process was for me, she decided it was time to take the plunge.

We decided on the Schwarzkopf Palette Deluxe Oil-Care Color in 10-1 Silver Blonde which is available at Clicks stores nationwide & online (R105  – BUY).

The Schwarzkopf Palette Deluxe Oil-Care Color offers a sheer blonde colour with an anti-yellow effect that lightens hair up to 4 shades.

This is what Carmen’s hair looked like before using the Schwarzkopf Palette Deluxe Oil-Care Color in Silver Blonde 10-1.

What’s in the Schwarzkopf Palette Deluxe Oil-Care Color box?

  1. Application bottle with developer
  2. Tube of colour crème
  3. Gloves
  4. Hair Mask – You must condition after doing a box colour and all formulas come with a conditioner. If you skip the conditioner step, it leaves the cuticle open & the colour keeps working, so hair can end up much darker than you wanted.
  5. Instructions

What you need

  1. Hair sectioning clips or grips to secure hair.
  2. An old towel to protect clothing
  3. Vaseline to apply around the hairline & ears to protect the skin from any staining.
  4. Timer


You need to do a patch test 48 hours before applying box colour to ensure there is no reaction. Remember, this is a chemical process!

Hair that has been previously coloured will be more porous, so will absorb more colour. Remember, colour on colour goes darker.

Tip: To protect the scalp, leave hair unwashed for 3 days to ensure the natural oils protect it from the chemicals in the dye.

How does box colour differ from professional colour?

  • Box colour has no qualified person tailor making your colour to suit your specific colour needs.
  • Box colour contains pigments that can be challenging to remove, even by a hairstylist.

Because Carmen has very long hair that ends mid-way down her back, we opted for 3 boxes of the Schwarzkopf Palette Deluxe Oil-Care Color in 10-1 Silver Blonde.

Mix the formula by squeezing the Color-Creme tube into the activator, then give the formula a good shake before applying. If you’re using more than one bottle, mix them at the same time – this will ensure the colour oxidizes at the same time.

How to apply:

Part your hair into a middle parting.

Use the applicator bottle and apply the formula down the parting, using your other hand to gently press the formula into the roots.

Use the end of the nozzle on the applicator bottle, your finger, or a sectioning comb, to take a small section of hair flipping it over to the other side. Then, apply colour to that path. Continue like that right the way down the left & right sides of the head.

Once roots are down, allow the colour to develop for 35 minutes.

Apply rest of mixture to mid lengths, working to ends.

Allow to work for 10 mins

Rinse colour out, making sure you emulsify it with a little water first. This prevents any lines or streaks.

Rinse till water runs clear.

 Apply conditioning mask.

Leave on for 2 – 5 minutes, then rinse.

Comb hair to remove any knots.

Blow dry & style hair.

The final result!

Watch the full 5 minute IGTV below


I’m giving one reader the chance to win a YEARS SUPPLY of Schwarzkopf Palette Deluxe Oil-care Color (10 boxes).

In addition, Schwarzkopf will throw in a GLISS haircare hamper valued at R1500.

To enter, leave a comment below this blog post telling me why you’d like to win this prize.

Please ensure you include your email address (only I can see it) so I can contact you, should you be the winner.

I’ll announce the winner name on In My Bag’s Facebook page (FOLLOW HERE) on Friday 3 July 2020. The winner will also be notified by email.

This giveaway is only open to South African residents.

T’s & C’s apply

*This blog post is sponsored by Schwarzkopf*


Man alive you must see my roots ! Would be so excited to win and then I can ditch the beenie

I would love to win this prize as my budget for Salons has been severely affected with lockdown and this will be a absolute treat!

It’s been locked down and my hair need some tlc. Being an essential worker means i can’t just go to the hair salon. I need some great hair products to fix this grey

Would love to win this awesome prize. After your first blog post, I went out and bought Schwarzkopf Palette Deluxe Oil-care Color to try out. The results were amazing!

Now that im in my 30’s, the greys are coming quick & fast & gone are the days of salon visits to primp and peer myself. I know operate DIY style. So this prize will be a gigantic help in me ‘trying’ to look my best. 🤞

Being home from work for so long (tourism industry worker) has really taken a toll on my appearance and confidence. I have been playing around in my head with the idea of cutting my hair to boost my confidence and this hamper would be a perfect combernation to what I have in mind for my makeover. Thank you for considering me as a potential winner….. fingers crossed!!!!!!

Never done an at home hair colour kit and with the results above I would love to try ! These roots need some love and attention.

I just love this range of products.Winning this prize would mean alot,change of colour is long overdue

I’m not saying the grey hairs have started buuuut… perhaps it’s time 🤣

I’d love to win because my roots are hectic and box dye is my rescue!! I’d love to try this brand.

I would love to win this prize as a single mother with out grown roots and only one income i would love this to look and feel better again

I would love to win because i colour my hair blonde and now it has grown out so badly…last coloured in December for a wedding…Lockdown has my hair crying for attention but with working from home, homeschooling, cash shortage and no helper i am doomed. Being a single mom to three boys is no joke and even some greys peeping out now…

My hair is in desperate need of colour, this would such an amazing prize to win. Fingers crossed

I would love to win this to cover up all the greys..i cant find colour that actually takes on my hair without it damaging it.

I watched both transformations & I’m keen to try this out myself. I would really love to win, my self-esteem has taken several blows recently aswel as all the stress of being a homemaker & having hubby home with ‘ no work,no pay’ . I would really love to treat myself with a hair makeover but I have two kids (the older one has special needs and meds that are ridiculously expensive but he needs it & the other is a preschooler that I’m now trying to homeschool because of this pandemic (I have a few comobilities & I can’t risk sending them to school) so doing anything for myself seems selfish when we have much more pressing matters at hand at home. Winning this would mean I can pamper myself without the guilt and boost my confidence up a notch in the process. Thank you Candice & the SchwarzkopfSA team for this Awsum opportunity.

I would love to win. If I could look as good as you do then these products will do wonders for my dry, unruly GREY’S!!! I need all the help I can get.

I would like to win this because I can notice a few Frey hairs so this will help me look younger and feel confident, not forgetting staying stylish

I would love to win this prize as I have never coloured my hair before (Im 35) and im ready to take that step now, with inspiration from you. Fingers crossed and I think your blog is super awesome

The process looks so simple and easy, cost efficient and foolproof! I would love to try this at home because budget cuts are real and preschoolers don’t need a grey mom, they need a pretty one with healthy, shiny hair! #fingerscrossed

I would love to this because my hair has been damaged using a cheap blonde dye and my hair feels dry and terrible. Previously I entered even if I had to change my hair colour although I love blonde so so much just to have my terrible looking and feeling hair , look and feel beautiful again. This would be such a blessing and it will help with my confidence for my hair to feel hydrated .

I lost majority of my hair after contracting MRSA during surgery, and I could not apply any colour for 6 months. I can now apply colour but only from a reputable supplier as yourselves.

Im intetested cause I really need a hair make over

I need to cover my grey hair. During the lockdown I just let it go, but now it is time to do something about it again.

After watching you box dye your hair i did it too and I was so impressed that it was so effective and quite easy. I would happily dye my hair in future so winning this would be awesome

I so need this 🖤

I would love to win. I’ve been coloring my hair for almost 10years now full head. Would love to try your product bcoz my hair becomes so brittle over the years. Touching up the roots is my main problem.

The reason I should win this is because I am 75 per cent grey and need to cover my roots within 2months regularly, otherwise I look older than I am and I pride myself the privilege to look good. Email address:
Thanks for this opportunity to enter.
Regards Teresa

Buying hair colour can be a budget buster and i always need colour as my greys have overtaken me. I love the Schwarzkopf Palette Deluxe Oil-care Color range and would be over the moon of i won.. Colouring my hair would be fuss free and it would keep my hair looking fabulous❤

I usually get highlights, but I am turning grey so quickly that I will have to colour my whole head soon.

I would love to win this competition because it’s lockdown and I cannot go to get my hair done and I need this so badly because my hair needs tinting,
I would love to try this brand as well so I can do my hair myself as it looks easy to do.

This would be the ideal prize as I am noy working because of lockdown and can’t afford to treat my hair. It is such a mess and my hair looks terrible. Reallg need this so bad.

I’m a wife and mom!…. who has time to sit in a salon for hours to have their hair done??? 🤯…. I need quick and easy with RESULTS that I can do inbetween making sandwiches, hanging washing, doinf maths homework and picking up lego blocks!
Holding major thumbs and toes! 🤞

I’m a mom of 3 kids. I rarely get time for myself. I’m on maternity leave currently and would like to ‘fix’ my hair brf I go back to work and this will be fabulous!! Hope to win… Mwah

I have been using Pallette since I first discovered coloring hair in my early 20’s I am now 60 and still use the same product and now not for fun colors but to hide the Grey.
Love Pallette.


In this time, my life is 2020. I am a woman and I also want to look pretty. Not being able to work and take care of my hair is making me depressed. I would love to win this. Uplift my self-confidence. Thank you.

I would dearly love to win this prize. I was daddy’s blue eyed blonde growing up. I now have mousey coloured hair. I colour it myself and no matter which blonde I use I come out brassy. I do not have money to do the salon route and upkeep. Would love to hide the gray and be blonde again.

I’m a 37 year old mom of 2, I recently found out my husband of 14 years is gay and has been living a double life this whole time. I would love to win this prize, not only to give myself a make over, but to give myself confidence to start over at nearly 40.

Oh wow, the blond on you just looks amazing. Would definitely love a makeover myself. Here’s hoping I can win the prize!

Stay safe and stay golden!

Would love to win this price. Being a pensioner I cannot afford salons and using box colours will help me tremendously and will look beautiful once again.

With our current financial status because of covids influence, I am unable to maintain my blond hair, and a precious gift like winning this competition will truely put a smile on my new husbands face, and give me (a 51 year old grassy blond) my confidence back that is lost with my dark roots growing fearsly.

I would love to win as I am a in remission cancer patient and haven’t had colour to my hair for years due to chemo. And since hair has grown back over this year. I need a change and some happiness.

What a grand win this would be for my hair. Haven’t been able to give my hair the tlc it needs lately. Haven’t yet found any type of blonde suitable for my hair. Usually leaves it feeling worse for wear.

I would absolutely love to win this amazing prize….after your first blog post and video using the Dark Blonde Colour when dyeing your hair, which looked amazing I went out and bought the same colour. I am loving my darker colour and my hair looks so healthy, thanks to the oil care it has in the hair dye and that after treatment makes your hair so soft!
I have decided since dyeing my hair , I won’t be going back to the salon anymore for highlights and completely ruining my hair which is always so dry afterwards. This is my new way of making my hair look great, healthy and stunning thanks to Schwarzkopf 🙂

I would love to win this hamper so that I can colour and look after my hair at home now as funds are tight and it would be a great saving not having to visit the hairdresser (except for a trim every now and again).

This is such an Gift and would be great help with the blond and wash the grey away … this year has left a bitter taste of struggle for everyone food prices up by 30% since March so SASSA can only strech that far so many holes to cover but we still have to take care of ourselfs ..This would be a gift from Heaven thank you for making “Someone feel special with this super spoil 🙏🙏 😍😍

I would love to win this coz I never can afford buying myself nice things . So this winning would put me in cloud nine . And I always wanted blonde colour hair

It’s time for me to change my natural hair color into a new look. New change in a positive changing world is extremely important to me.

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