Do you need a new pair of winter slippers to keep your feet warm & cozy?

If you answered yes, PLEASE consider supporting a local brand.

My hubby recently bought me a pair of sheepskin slippers from a brand called Karoo Baba who sell the very best quality sheepskins & sheepskin products in South Africa.

These slippers are made with 100% South African Merino sheepskin.

For those of you wondering, sheepskins are a natural by-product of the food industry. Each Merino skin sold or used by Karoo Baba has been saved from going to waste.

Each slipper and pair are cut from just one piece of sheepskin, and only has one seam. They are precision cut and punched, then carefully hand sewn with one piece of wax covered thread – talk about a real sustainable & ethical brand.

Now that I own a pair of sheepskin slippers, I can attest to the fact that NOTHING compares to the feeling of 100% natural wool sheepskin. Sheepskin doesn’t scratch or get dirty easily and, best of all, can be washed. It has excellent insulating properties, is resistant to flame & static electricity and, are odour resistant, drawing perspiration away from the feet & into the fibres

I love that one can wash these slippers – either by hand or in the machine on a cold cycle.

The pair I received retail for R750 (BUY) which, if you think about how often you’ll wear them & the warmth & comfort they provide, is not a bad price at all. The slippers are available in a range of colours like grey, black, hot pink and blue.

Now more than ever, we need to support locally manufactured products and brands. The impact of COVID-19 & the recent downgrades have resulted in so many small & medium sized businesses closing. Support locally made goods and we’ll all thrive.

To learn more about Karoo Baba follow the brand HERE on Facebook, HERE on Instagram or check out their online store HERE