Today is the first real winter’s day in Cape Town & I couldn’t be more excited!

I love the cold and rain – it makes me feel more productive & is very calming for my soul.

This weather also gives me an opportunity to finally wear some of my new winter purchases – top of the pile being my gorgeous new Olive Cable Pullover from Desray (R1600 now LESS 30%) BUY

I love the styling of this oversized knit with its classic cable knit stitch. It’s made using a sumptuous blend of yarns with a dash of cashmere (5%). The addition of the cashmere gives this pullover a super soft feel while the lambswool ensures it’s warm & cozy.

Other interesting features include side slits at the ribbed hem and a slightly longer back panel. I also love the olive / khaki colour that just about works with every other colour. The roll neck is perfect for keeping the neck warm while giving it elongation.

You could wear this pullover with just about anything from trousers to long skirts and even over dresses to create a layered look.

Check this cool video Desray did where she chats about how to style this beautiful pullover

Olive Cable Pullover

I'm in love with our chunky, oversized, boyfriend jerseys. The detail on our Cable Pullovers is incredible. It’s slightly shorter in the front with a lovely side slit detail – very slimming and elongates your leg. And it’s slightly longer on the bum (nice!). Pair with an ankle-length dress or skirt. I love the proportions and makes for an absolutely gorgeous look x the end of May get 30% off as a spoil – use GIFTOFTIME30 at checkout.Apologies for any changes in the video's sound – we promise our next round of videos will have more consistency x

Posted by Desray on Thursday, 21 May 2020

Oh, and this pullover is also available in grey HERE

How to Care for your Jerseys

Wash your jerseys every 3-5 wears. Your jerseys can withstand a little more wear because they’re often layered over tops.

Follow the garment care labels.Most cotton and cotton blends can be machine washed, while cashmere should always be hand washed or dry cleaned. If you choose to hand wash, use a mild detergent or soap like Woolite. Always dry clean wool or wool blends.

Let your jerseys air dry. The trick to drying your jerseys quickly without throwing them in the dryer? Roll your sweater up in a towel like a sushi roll to ring out the water (never squeeze) and then lay it flat. Always lay jerseys flat to dry.

Remove pilling like a pro. Pilling is when your jersey gets those little baubles on areas that tend to get a bit of friction. I find the best way to remove them is to shave your sweater with a cheap razor. I find knits with even a small percentage of cashmere tend to pill a lot less.

Fix snags or holes easily. Turn the sweater inside out. Using a crochet hook, pull the extra yarn through to the inside of the sweater. Knot the snag in place. Turn it right side out and it’s hidden from view!


Beautiful jersey & I love the colour. With the 30% discount, it’s a lot more affordable at R1120.

You look gorgeous Cuz. Your eyes look so beautiful with that color and your hair looks fab <3

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