I am already a fan of this product so this would be the ultimate spoil for me. A years supply of my favorite hair colour PLUS a bunch of goodies to pamper my hair with… what could be better! Sounds like the perfect way to get rid of the Corona blues.

I’m so grey – I could qualify for a pensioner’s card!

Wow your hair looks stunning!! I’d love to win this because, (sorry for me) my greys are rampant (I turned 50 last Wednesday🤪) and I cannot afford a salon colour every 6 weeks, SO!!! box colour it is for me for the foreseeable future, but let’s face it… in this current situation of lockdown, box colours have saved the day. You look salon-fresh!😘

I’d love to win this amazing prize because if there’s one thing I seem to have neglected the past few months it’s my hair. I think this hamper would be perfect to get my locks looking healthy and beautiful again 🥰

I’m so grey, I could qualify for a pensioner’s card

I’ve been colouring my hair forever with box colour – would love to use this product – and I’m the exact same shade – Dark-blonde for colouring all my grey hair from lockdown 2020!

*drawn in by this fun video and results
*coloured my hair years ago
*time for a change (i can see more than 5 grey hairs)
*share with mom

I would like to win this prize because my hair needs serious TLC. My skin and hair went through a rough phase with my lupus acting up. After meds it’s better now and I am ready to get a beautiful head of hair, my hair needs a makeover

pick me….i feel so sorry for myself and all the 50 shades of grey I have…#lockdownblues, love your blogs!!!

I would love to win this prize because I love using Schwarzkopf Palette. I currently have their Ruby Red Ginger on my hair and repurchase it whenever I’m in need of a fresh colour. I’m very experimental with my hair having an undercut and all and I love posting updates of my different looks over on Insta. I’m really such a fan and often think about using their colourful shades of pink or purple too. Oh I forgot, I have been purple. 😁

I’ve paid a lot of attention to skincare but never haircare! This would be a great way to start 🖤

With the current Lockdown this would be the ultimate winning! I love Schwarzkopf products and who doesn’t love to spoil themselves, especially when it comes to treating your hair. I truely feel that ones hair is the most important part of your appearance. The colour you did on your hair looks so natural and lively. You surely did a great job. Have a fantastic day!

I would love this – I’m so done with pulling out grey hairs with a tweezer.

I would love to win this prize so I can pamper my hair – the mop is out of style and out of colour (that is if you don’t count the grey). I work in the tourism industry and with the current worldwide drama my last salary was in March (and its very much up in the air if and when the next one will come) so there is just no way I can go back to the hairdresser for a proper colour and pamper in the near future. Winning this prize would really lift my mood – not just my hair colour!

Firstly, thank you for sharing your step by step story with me. Being young and stupid I used all the wrong products (including R5 hair colour from the Chinese store).I have damaged my hair badly where it was breaking off. It took me 3 years to get my hair to a some what healthy stage. I am a mom of two daughters and I make sure they take care of their hair. I am in my early thirties and very grey. I find it difficult to spend hundreds of Rands to go to the salon to colour my hair. I just can’t afford it. I would really love to win this, it will give me a boost in my self confidence. So tired of people asking, why are you do grey, you look old for your age.

I need this SO badly! I redo my roots on a monthly basis cos my hair grows like weeds!!!! You will literally be saving my life (dramatic sigh) For real!

I was in a car accident years ago and due to this my scalp is numb and very little hair growth in certain places due to having a head injury. My hair is rather long now and would love to feel confident about my hair again. I usually just dye it black to hide greys but i need a new me .. new me for rest of 2020.

I would love this and be absolutely grateful because my hair is in the worst condition. I bought a certain box dye in December and it has made my hair hard, dry and just plain terrible. My hair has grown out and just makes me feel worse. It would be such a blessing to have amazing products as this so that my hair can look and feel as beautiful as yours. Please may I have this opportunity.

My hair need some TLC…….

I LOVE this product .. I’m it’s biggest FAN . I have become rather grey over this #Lockdown. My mom & I are in a similar position – looking old , dull & grey .. I can’t afford any luxuries at the moment due to COVID-19 , our workplace closed & salary cuts. This would be the perfect spoil .. a little treat . I just want to look normal again , feel like myself . Regardless of my current circumstances. 😊

I’d love to win because my hair has suffered enough during lockdown!

I’d love to win this for my mother who’s really conscious about her hair colour, but can’t really afford to keep paying to get her hair coloured regularly

I’d love to win this giveaway as I would like to use this product on my mother’s hair and hair colouring is not on the menu due to financial cuts. Lockdown has made my mom grey real fast and its quite understandable due to all the stress and anxiety it brings on one. I wouild also surprise her with this as it is her birthday on 26 May and it would be great winning this so I can give her a pamper session so she can relax and take her mind from the stress and anxiety of lockdown.

My curls need the hair care. Having struggled with a rare skin condition for the last 2 years this would definitely lift the spirit of my dull locks. First time I bought my first bottle of Schwarzkopf frizz control spray and shampoo and conditioner was on my travels to the US and haven’t stopped. For the last 2 years I had to make my own shampoo to avoid chemicals while doctors were trying to figure out what’s wrong with me. I deserve this hamper as I am not suffering from allergies. I just have a rare condition but this product is awesome and even the Gliss hamper. This would help rejuvenate my locks and my life.

I have not dyed my hair in a good long while but it is probably time again!
Since I was 23, I have had grey hairs, not many, one or two. Now at 29, I have more than I care to admit. It is just genetics and a mix of stress that causes them.
I have been plucking them out, out of sheer desperation (I know, the worst thing to do!)
Thankfully with lockdown, nobody (besides my boyfriend) has seen them. My colleague used to point them out and I always called them my glitter because they catch the eye against my dark brown hair.

It would be nice to have a year supply of dye so I can cover up my glitter and not have to explain why I am 29 and have a grey head of hair. People might not realise but when they point it out, I want the world to swallow me whole lol. Would be nice to avoid that for a while.

I absolutely love hair!
My friends used to wish my hair happy birthday when I was in school. I love treating my hair and my friends’ and family’s hair. For this reason most people that need hair advice come to me so I can spread the word like the luscious treatment hehe (sorry love a little word play)…I love hair so much I actually want to learn how to do hair properly… This may seem melodramatic, but it really isn’t… I genuinely am obsessed with my hair so this would be truly incredible.
Justine- justinepearce6@gmail.com

The first and only time I ever went to a salon, was for my matric ball. They messed it up so badly that I ended up in tears and never trusted anyone with my hair again, so I’ve been doing it myself. Your whole “from start to finish” is the experience I’d like to have with my grey hairs. It looks simple enough to DIY, yet gives a professional result without ending in tears again. Maybe happy tears, yes. My hair is my crown and should make me feel like a queen. This is why I’d really love to win this prize.

I’d absolutely love to win because I’ve neglected my hair during this lockdown. I turned 38 in April, my greys are all over the place. Your tutorial and pics have given me hope to hide those greys. My hair is really long and it so needs some TLC because I don’t want to cut it off any time soon.

The Lockdown grey is so depressing here! I need this
Yours looks awesome Candice

Would love to win as like you I’m totally scared of using box colour but seeing your result I am now so keen to try it out and also don’t have much choice as my hair growth is totally grey and need to face the outside world with a new hair do 😁👌

I would love to win this giveaway because I am in desperate need of a good hair product with all the stressed we all are currebtly faced with my hair is in such bad condition, falling out by the dozen and not to mentioned the Grey… A good hair day is a good as a holiday!!!

I’m unfortunately going grey and this would certainly help cover those pesky greys.

Oh my word this would be fabulous😍 almost 60% of my hair is grey and i need to colour every month. I tried leaving the grey to grow out during lockdown and my 5 year old actually got scared and asked me if i was going to die because my hair is so grey🙈😂 the most important reasons i would love to win is that it would save me financially and i loooove Schwarzkopf Palette. Its an amazing brand. Glides on perfectly, easy to use and gives me the coverage i need.

This is my go to brand when it comes to colouring my hair.Would love this,just to put some life into my hair agin with colour.May I add,this brand never dissapoints💗

The results look fab, Candice-Lee! I’m impressed.

Being totally grey makes dying my hair so costly am have a shoestring budget would yo eim

My hair is shocking. I would love to try this. I could really use a boost. Its hard not being able to work and earn money. The rate things are going, im going to have to wait till 2030 to be able to do anything to cover all the grey. Great video.

i have been coloring my hair since i left school. It is in my genes to be grey. But i refuse to be 48 and be grey. I feel young and need to hide the grey hairs away. If your hair is grey it does not fit the uniform. So i really need this so much

I would love to win as I’m really Grey and I need to colour my hair desperately . I so would love to win this.

I’d love to win this ! I colour my hair every three weeks using box colour . Your hair looks as if you’ve just had it done at the salon. I’d love to try this box range . Please pick me 😊

I have been box coloring my hair for years! I was never too impressed by the price or results from a salon. As I am in my mid thirties (eek) and my family is quite prone to going grey early I need to color my hair at least once, sometimes twice a month. Winning a prize like this would simply be amazing, as this is the brand that I always try to use!

I’m 30 something with unsightly Grey hairs popping up everywhere. Something needs to be done about this 🙄

I have left my house once since lockdown began (last week) as my husband has been working pretty much every day and taken on the responsibility of doing all the shopping since he’s in town. He’s much better at it than me really and I’ve been at home with the kids, keeping our social distance. It did mean that the task of buying box hair dye fell on him. The grey just got too much and he offered to brave Clicks to buy a box. Well there wasn’t too much choice apparently and with instructions just to get brown, he returned with a colour. Let me just say it did cover the grey… But it’s also a very solid, dark, no light penetrating it, colour. So yes, the grey has gone for now but I’m in need of some proper box hair dye so I can face the world again with shine, glow and natural looking colour.

I would love to win this. It’s been over a year since I’ve colored my hair and at the moment it’s several different shades and looking tired and dull. This would be a fantastic spoil.

I would really love to win this as my greys are so frequent and regular visits to the hair salon is financially…and Schwarzkopf hair products are the best on the market for any hair care problems.💕

My hair is an odd combo of my regular box colour( auburn) and natural colour mixed with grey.Your tutorial is very inspirational.l am committed to having hair that can go from professional to fun!

My hair is an odd combo of my regular box colour( auburn) and natural colour mixed with grey.Your tutorial is very inspirational.l am committed to having hair that can go from professional to fun!
Your hair looks stunning!

Oh Gosh, I just love this brand.
Since becoming a mom, I haven’t had a chance to dye my hair😔 so i would love to win, so that I can cover all this grey🤗🤗

Turning 40, lockdown, a stressful job…. where do I start! I enjoy box dyes and I use this as a little me-time treat to cover my little grey friends. Schwarzkopf is a reputable brand that delivers results.

I would love to win this prize
I have never coloured my hair before and you make this look super easy. This will be a awesome spoil for me.

I have always used Garnier but does not seem to be doing the job anymore. I have short hair and wash it everyday and the colour fades quicker. So would love to try something different

I would love this because my greys are getting more by the day and the last time i coloured it the product made my hair dry and not all the greys got coloured.

I would love to win this to cover my grey hairs. My hair grows so fast so I am needing to often color my hair

I have so many grey hair and I colour my hair atleast once a month. I would Love to win this competition and to try out the Schwarzkopf Palette hair dye.

I went through a traumatic burglary at home and with all the stress I lost some of hair and was left with bald patches. My hair has starting growing again and I’m so excited about that. I would love to treat my hair.

I went through a traumatic burglary at home and with all the stress I lost some of my hair and was left with bald patches. My hair has starting growing again and I’m so excited about that. I would love to treat my hair.

I would really like to win this price as i am not a big fan of going to the hairdresser. This would be fantastic. Would love to have beautiful good looking hair.

I definitely need a pick me up after a birthday in lockdown and the worse ever grey re growth! This would be so awesome to win

I really need to win this. Lockdown has been hell on my hair. My dog needed an operation about a month before lockdown and I didn’t have any extra money to have my hair done. Then lockdown happened! 😳 Your hair looks amazing! You have given me hope for my hair. Thanks so much for the video!

I have light hair which I make darker every two weeks it starts showing.. I try push it to one’s a month. It’s costly since I only work 4 days a week. Most box color don’t give lasting color and shine.. Yours came out perfectly with this palette deluxe range and suits your skin color.. I would love to try this product and have shinning vibrant hair to show off. Since we wearing masks we need to make our hair look pretty it frames our faces 😁

I have always admired your hair Candice ❤️ and I firmly believe it’s a woman’s crowning glory. I would love to win this Awsum Schwarzkopf Palette giveaway simply because I’m unemployed,cannot afford a salon treatment much less a DIY one. My hair is a mess right now with all of my greys deciding to stand to attention🤦 Thank you for the step by step guidelines in your tutorial ( at least now I know why my hair never came out the same as on the packaging 👍 when I used to Color it before) .

Also went to the hairdresser last at end Jan.. I’m an essential worker, but honestly been in a slum of not really feeling the whole selfcare vibe, been too tired and slept most of my off days.. It’s silly right? But I have realized that small things I use to find joy in like doing make up, doing my hair has put me on a guilt trip when I purchase diy… Not to offend my hairdresser friends or those who are not working… It’s been a really hard time emotional wise. Not sure if it makes sense?… So I’d like to win this.. Maybe share some with my bestie too ❤️😉

This is a great giveaway! I would love this prize for myself to get my hair looking great! Plus I can use it as a way to help teach my daughter how to care for her hair. She is 4 and is currently hating having her waged or brushed! I think the neighbors think I am killing her when it comes to washing or brushing her hair!

Awesome giveaway, I would love to win this so I can experience the Schwarzkopf Palette Deluxe Oil-Care Color myself . My hair could do with a little pampering.

My first grey’s appeared when I was around 28 years. Now some 10 years later, it has taken over most of my roots. Shiny silver strands peppered evenly but mostly at my temples. I have to colour or I’d look like somebody’s grandmother. I so need this years supply, to hold onto my 30s for a bit longer.

I love Palette because it colours the grey out of my hair and it is an exceptional product because you get your money,s worth. This would be awesome to win with # lockdown currently I need some Oomph and what better way than with Palette!

WOWZERS, your colour came out great!!! I would love to win this as I only use “box colour” as I can unfortunately not afford to have expensive salon colors done every six weeks. I have so much gray hair at 46 so it would take regular visits to the salon to keep them hidden away…I love how easy you make it look as I always seem to make quite a mess with my colouring sessions, so well done on that! This a brand I have never tried, but if my colour could come out looking as good as yours did then I will definitely be trying this for my next “appointment”.

You really did an amazing job! Well Done!! I’d Love to win this hamper (pitty party story here we go) 7 months ago I had an emergency c-section. Delivered a beautiful baby girl. (Blessed Beyond Words) I have been feeling really down in the dumps.. My saggy pooch tummy, I’ve picked up so much weight it looks like I’m still pregnant. Skin has just really taken a knock, I feel like I look way passed my sell by date (p.s I’m 36 years old). My hair looks like Dora the explorer’s great aunty Netty. (If she had one) I lost my job due to Covid-19… and my Self Esteem has never been lower. However, I have gotten off the couch as of recent and started doing some “Lock Down Home Fitness” … Trying my best to better myself. Having my haircoloured and treated would just put the cherry on the cake!

Thank you for sharing your colour transformation! You look amazing! I would love to win as My hair is crying for attention and a good colour. I always loved box colour treating my hair but life happens and these little luxuries has to be put aside.

I need to start taking care of myself again Iv let myself go, this could be a good start to an improvement

My hair turned grey during spinal surgery. I woke up after the op to find it grey in patches especially aound the face. The surgeon said it happens often from shock. I could not colour it for 4 months due to the effects of the anesthetic and the fact that the colour would not take well. And then along came Covid19 and no hair colour to be found. So you can imagine my disappointment. I look like hell. Please consider me for your product.

This would be an absolute treat for my mom. She was “blessed” with gray hair from the age of 16 and it’s her pet hate. She’s now 53, and has spent a fortune on hair Colour from her early teens. She is diabetic as well so her hair thins easily and a bold Colour makes her feel like she has a fuller head of hair. A One year relief fund in the form of box Colour would be a real blessing for her and her confidence. Please please pick me on behalf of my amazing momma. Thank you. 💙💜💚❤️

Your hair looks great
I would love to win since I have dark brown black hair and
Cover my grey roots once a month

I used Henna ..cheap China dye and lots of others
I need a new fix

I’m over 40, so gray is almost everywhere and using so much cheap products to colour my hair definitely damaged it. I’ve tried this on 3 occasions and I didn’t experience hair loss like I usually do with other brands, my hair was soft and easy to comb out. Also, the shine was great and the colour lasted long. I’d like to win this because it’s the best in my book and everyone should give it a try.

I haven’t used box hair colour for years but now since lockdown I don’t have any other option because of all the grey hair.
I would love to try this product because I don’t like and feel good they way my hair currently looks like.

Sjoe will be amazing to win, as I turned 54 and can’t believe the amount of grey hair that appeared just out of the blue 😱😱

I would love to try this product in a silvergrey/white on my hair.

I have always trusted and loved Swarzkopf as a brand since a very young age, as it was often recommended to me by hairdressers. I would love to win this prize as I’ve noticed myself getting my first grey hairs! I am freaking out slightly and hiding those grey hairs each day, but its becoming more difficult by the day. I would also love to give a box to my mother who decided to transition into completely grey. She cannot afford to dye her hair every 6 weeks. She says people like it, but I know she says this to feel better about the decision. I miss my mom’s dark brown hair! Please let myself and mother dye our hair again and kiss those grey hairs goodbye!

Winning this awesome prize would be an absolute Godsend! I am very grey & need to colour my hair weekly….which is not only very expensive but I also need to use a good quality product like this one otherwise I would be causing alot of damage to my hair so winning this prize would really help me alot. I believe a women’s hair is her crowning glory, so please give me a chance to keep feeling good about myself 🙏❤🙏

Feel like I have been waiting for an opportunity like this for a very long time! Although I’m so blessed to still have hair on my beautiful head, I struggle with my glitter strands (grey hair).
I stopped going to the salon for colour long time ago as it was just too costly to continue with.
I have tried this brand so many times at home and have been very happy with the results. To win a year’s worth of box dye would be the ultimate blessing.
Fingers crossed!

Omw!!!!!!!! Would love this! I have always coloured my own hair. I thought I would be a glamorous granny with grey hair but I’m horrified that it’s patchy! So I will have have to go back to colouring it!

Im turning 40 next month and my greys are coming out to play..i cant go to my hairdresser so this would be awesome

My hair has been traumatized because ive been working throughout lockdown. Working in a hospital has me so paranoid that its been wash and go every day. Im afraid to bring this virus home
Im dying(lol) to get my hair done and some colour richness and texture back to my hair.
#DIYColor #SchwarzkopfSA #AtHomeHairColour #HairCare #GreyHairs #DIYBoxColor #Sponsored

I would really love to win as I’m entering 30 and I’m seeing many grey hairs. This would be a great prize for me to look younger

I can really do with winning this prize..i struggle with frizzy hair and my hair is growing out bad at the moment. Hope you can help a girl out 🥰
And thanks for the chance to win a prize like this in times like these your the best🤩

Lock down has been so harsh. My greys are looking so sad. Makes the lock down so much more harder to bare. Winning this could mean I can colour my hair at home following your easy to follow directions

I have never coloured my hair before and now I’m in my forties and I’m quite grey so I need to start colouring.

I wanna win to hide my wisdom highlights

I’m only 33 and I don’t usually wear make-up. I am an Asian so you can imagine how dark my hair can be. Coloring it with lighter tone becomes necessary for me since I don’t wear make-up all the time. For almost 2 years I always ask my Mother-in-law to cut my hair because going for a haircut/haircolor here costs me a fortune coz first of all I don’t have a job (I mean, I cannot work because my Visa doesn’t allow to) The last time I had my hair coloured was before my Wedding (2018) and since I’ve got haircut for couple of times now you will see the original color of my hair. Winning this competition means a lot to me because I am considering it as a Luxury treatment.

Please, please..I really need this. I have not coloured my hair in two years because everything else has been a priority. I’m noticing more and more grey hairs but I cannot go to a salon right now. This would be such a great prize right now and so needed just to feel a little better about myself.

I have never gotten my hair dye done in salon. Always at home. But never tried this product. So I need this as it’s not just for lockdown,

I colour my hair every 4 weeks and use box colour because I can’t afford doing it at a hairdresser. To win this great products for a year will be absolutely awesome!

42 years old and today the security guard called me out of the line waiting to get into the shop and sent me ahead of everyone… Hmmm think maybe my Grey is getting a bit hectic.

I am living with my 73 year old mom and would like to win this competition to colour her and my grey hair to look better and defenitly feel better. 🤩😍

It will hide all that grey, and all this beauty in one box. I love this, I only do my hair once a year as it is very difficult for me to go to a salon, so this is a perfect gift for myself that I can do in the comfort of my home. And I know this will last.i would love to have a light blond so I can stay true to my myself and look natural

My hair seriously needs some cheering up after the lockdown and being a mommy, you tend to everyone’s needs before your own. This prize will definitely boost my hair and I for the year ❤️ love your results!

Me Dont Like Grey ..No Way!! So please let me be the lucky Recipient of this Awesome Box Colour for a Year…
Itll keep me feeling Young for another Year …michelledodds1961@gmail.com

I’d love, love, love to win for my Mom – She would absolutely love a treat from Schwarzkopf, she loves their products! This prize would be awesome, especially with all the lockdown stresses, it would be a great little spoil to look forward to.
P.S. I always forget the Vaseline too!

I would love to win this, i colour my hair every month for years! This is an amazing product that I would keep my hair health strong and looking amazing. This would make my tear.

I seriously need to win this wonderful gift as I am struggling to cover my greys! I have tried so many different dyes and they dont last long, and also leave my hair feeling so dry and coarse. I have always loved this brand and know that it is top quality and will definitely make me feel more confident when styling my crown!!

I color my hair at home everymonth and would love this hamper, i use a chocolate brown color. I have dark hair.

I’ve tried loads of products on my hair and it all ended in dry damaged or broken hair. I am yet to find a product that doesn’t leave me with terrible hair. I currently have no chemicals on my hair or colour. I started from scratch by snipping it all and letting it grow but I’d like to spice up my style with the hope of finding a product i can stick to. I would definitely take my chances with this.

I’m so broke atm this would make my year!!! Your hair looks stunning and ii just want a bit of that happiness.

I would love to win this prize! This product has been tried and tested and it’s amazing!

I would like to win this prize, I’m not good with coulering my own hair. I have coulor my hair myself due to lockdown and the grey was irritating the wits out of me. It was a struggle on its own. Your video help a lot.

This would be amazing! Turned 40 this year and the greys are multiplying. I already use the product so this would be awesome if chosen!!!!!

I don’t deserve to win over all the other entrants but I would like to win 🤗 , since I’ve never won anything ever ! Haven’t dyed my hair in ages, and being home during lockdown and worrying when I will be able to return to work is making me go grey before my time. Each time I wash my hair, I see a few more grey strands!!! Not anything any women would welcome 😂 as they age !

I love to win for my wife as he really needs this right now as she is so grey and she would be ecstatic to be a winner of her favourite brand.

I started going grey at the age of 37 must have been due to chemotherapy and the grey strands made me hair dry and it made me look old . I’m 54 yrs old now and my roots are all grey but the rest of my hair is black please help me look younger again by making me a winner so I can have my hair colour dyed .thank you.

I would like to win this wonderful haper because for someone who found her first grey hair at age 16, I can tell you that I’m an old aunty at this box colouring game.

I have used all kinds and brands plus botched up my hair a few times, so this one looks pretty good and a full proof perfect outcome Everytime.

I really would like to try.

What a wonderful much needed gift for my daughter. She is so hard working and runs their family Bakery business that is their sole income. The business is not drawing any income at the moment plus she still pays her 2 staff. Lee-Anne cannot afford a hairdresser and does her own hair. She has long thick curly red hair. Sge will be blessed out of her socks. Thsnk you and bless you for this opportunity to be in this giveaway.

Would love to win this hamper coz I never used this products on my hair.

This would be a beautifil prise to be able to spoil myself.
Being a mom your wants and needs take last place!
In desperate need of some hair TLC

I have been going grey since I was 20 yrs old. I am now 38 yrs old and I have never been satisfied with how my hair looks. I dont think I have even been ecstatic about the results after I coloured my hair. Whether it be DIY home job or salon. I would so LOVE to be confident in how my hair looks and not have to deal with all types of questions . YIP i have been asked it all… from “jeeezzz how old are u”??? To ” I see u embracing the natural look” – two weeks after I coloured my hair!!! LOL

This prize couldn’t havecome @ a better time, I use to color my hair every month, I’m 100% grey but with lockdown haven’t color ever since this prize will be a blessing, thank- u for this wonderful giveaway

Aaaah Schwarzkopf, such a luxury to have during Lockdown2020.. My elderly mother deserves the best and I haven’t been able to afford anything really nice for her, this will be such a treat and just one of the ways I can show her how much sdhe means to me ❤️
Be safe, lets beat this pandemic Together

I would love this as I have a funny hairline and it always tend to dry out when I colour it. I also never have cash to spoil myself so I end up using cheaper products that is really messing up my hair. Seeing what it has done for you makes me soma get excited that there might be something out there for me. Thanks again for all video and the advise for us

I would love to win this prize! I have been using Schwarzkopf to dye my an ash blonde for over a year now. After years of being natural blonde and then dyed blonde, I made a choice to go brown also using the Schwarzkopf Palette dye. The horror, giving up my blonde locks! Haha except I actually am really loving the brown. However to maintain it is going to be highly costly because of the blonde regrowth. Winning such a generous gift would definitely take the weight off my shoulders to constantly purchase it. Holding thumbs! x

Haven’t used colour on my hair since I was a teen and I would love to play just a little again!

I would love to wi this amazing hamper my hair isnt the best lately its dull n lifeless , greyish areas as well with this hamper i will have all i need to flaunt beautiful shiny hair

I usually dye my own hair at home just for fun. I’m not scared to take hair risks. Would like to try the Schwarzkopf Palette Deluxe Oil-care Color in all the colours. I’m game let’s do this!

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