Just before lockdown, the new YSL Libre EDP fragrance landed on my desk. Now, I won’t lie, I’ve been somewhat underwhelmed by mainstream fragrance launches of late. I just find the majority of the new scents launched all smell similar. So, when I first had a whiff of Libre, I wasn’t expecting much.

But Libre is different…

I found myself instantly drawn to the sparkling top notes of mandarin orange, lavender & petitgrain. Now, I LOVE lavender in fragrance because it diminishes any overt sweetness.

As Libre develops, the floral heart notes burst forth. Again, more lavender – this time combined with jasmine & orange blossom (my favourite note). The dry down is when the true character of this scent becomes evident in all its daring sexiness. Enticing notes of musk, ambergris (originally produced in the digestive system of whales, it has a marine, fecal odor – these days it’s replicated in a lab) cedar & vanilla give it an almost carnal, smouldering vibe.

Libre is classified as an Oriental Fougère fragrance. For those who are not aware, Fougère is a classic style for men’s fragrances featuring lavender. I love how in this scent; it’s been gender bent into a feminine scent. It’s almost a quintessential masculine scent structure with an ultra-feminine heart. Definitely my kind of fragrance!

The flacon is also absolutely gorgeous and certainly makes a statement with its black asymmetric cap, gold chains around the neck and the timeless Yves Saint Laurent logo.

Libre is French for Free. And with COVID-19 having us all confined to our homes, freedom is something we are all craving. So, is it any wonder that this scent by YSL is resonating with me big time? I will never take my freedom for granted again.

Take a look at the short movie for Libre by YSL

Libre EDP retails for R1570.00 for a 50ml & R2050 for a 90ml. You’ll find Libre at selected Woolworths & Foschini beauty outlets nationwide. You can also but the fragrances online HERE & HERE


Will definitely try it out – what a stunning bottle

It’s absolutely heavenly because it is different and distinctive – a good marriage with the name. I made the mistake of buying the Chanel No. 5 L’Eau in desperation before I tried Libre. I’m NOT saying Chanel No. 5 L’Eau isn’t also a gorgeous fragrance, it is. But it becomes quite cloying on me. Nevertheless, I shall finish it and buy Libre next.

Agree! A brilliant marriage with the name – doubt they had any idea back then JUST how much it would resonate in 2020! I must admit, I also love the Chanel No.5 L’Eau, but find it can be a bit cloying on me too. My 16 year old has actually nicked my bottle & it’s now become her ‘signature scent’. Smells totally different on her & just seems to work so well with her skin’s chemistry.

It’s such a great scent, Caryn. If you like the smell of lavender (but done in a more masculine way), you’ll LOVE this 🙂

I am the ideal candidate to win your amazing supply of hair products because this is the brand I only use and since I’m a stay at home mum I too would love to show off the fabulous results your products are going to have on my hair. So I can let my hair down more often An wear it stylishly😁Thank you for a great product😍

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