I know I’ve been quiet for the last 2 weeks. After lockdown was announced, I decided I needed a bit of a social media diet. I was getting overwhelmed with Covid-19 information, and Instagram & Facebook were just not inspiring me.

Then I saw this online (on Facebook, I think – wish I could find the source)

Your diet is not only what you eat.

It’s what you watch

What you listen to,

What you read, the people you hang around.

Be mindful of the things you put into your body emotionally, spiritually and physical.

Certainly, something to think about.

I switched off and spent the past two weeks hanging out with my daughter, exercising, cooking, reflecting, pondering what life will be like going forward, and wondering how beauty will fit into this new normal.

Just before switching off from social media, I saw this image online & screen grabbed it – sadly I don’t know who to attribute it to, but I find it so powerful.

Medical staff are my new heroes. Imagine selflessly putting yourself in dangers way to save lives.

It certainly is a strange time, but I’ve decided to take each day at a time, be thankful for all I have and embrace what’s to come next.

Here’s a little photo diary of things that have made my heart happy

I finally got around to making my own vegetable broth!

All I did was collect all my veggie scraps I accumulated over a week (spinach & broccoli stems, onion & garlic skins, etc).

I then threw the scraps in a pot, covered with water (I used bottled water) and simmered for 45 minutes.

I then allowed the broth to cool and strained it before putting it into a glass bottle. I’ve used my broth to make soup and to add flavour to pearl barley when cooking. I will NEVER buy store bought stock again. Give it a go.

I’m so thankful I have a small garden and pool as the weather these past 2 weeks has been magnificent here in Cape Town. We’ve spent a lot of time in the sun as Vitamin D is essential to build the immune system.

Even though the pool water is cold, we’re embracing cold water swims daily, every morning.

The Movement Collective, my exercise studio, have moved all their Pilates, Barre & HIIT classes online through Zoom.

Honestly, it’s the way forward!

Never thought I could do, let alone enjoy exercising so much in the comfort of my home. I do 4 classes a week (3 Pilates & one Barre). The Movement Collective have also dropped their rates, so if you’re wanting to join (they have 3 of the best Pilates instructors in Cape Town working there, just by the way), check them out HERE.

My daughter, Miyo is a very keen surfer. To keep her core & arm strength during lockdown, she’s started doing Yoga and absolutely LOVES it. Sometimes she does 2 classes a day. She downloaded the FREE FitOn app which you can find HERE.

Miyo is also a strict Vegan (has been for almost 3 years now) and she makes the MOST delicious Vegan baked goods. Thus far, these 5 ingredient (gran free) Peanut Butter cookies dipped in 90% dark chocolate and sprinkled with salted peanuts from Panaceas Pantry are the yummiest thing I think I’ve EVER tasted.

You can check the recipe out HERE.

I’m also planning on baking bread twice a week. I sent hubby out to buy flour & yeast and look what he came back with!

Yes, I have ALL the yeast (maybe I should try making some Beer?) #LOL

I also read two INCREDIBLE books – both by local authors.

The first, a thriller called ‘Three Bodies’ (R285 in stores or R228 -e-price) was written by my friend Dr Nechama Brodie. This is her second novel (the first, also a favourite is called Knuckle Bone – I reviewed it HERE) and is a totally gripping tour into the underworld of Johannesburg.

The book features the two characters from Knuckle Bone; Resham Patel – a cop, & Ian Jack, her partner & ex-cop. The story features cash-in-transit heists, mermaids (I kid you not), Sangomas and is intricately woven together against the backdrop of the underworld and edges of Johannesburg.

Here’s a little teaser:

The first body was found in the Hartebeespoort Dam.

An unidentified woman, presumably drowned, washed up on the banks of an exclusive golf estate. Next came the discovery of a grisly crime scene deep underground in Johannesburg, somehow connected to a second woman found dead in the Jukskei River where it ran through Alexandra.

When the body of a third woman is pulled out of the Vaal river, south of Johannesburg, Captain Reshama Patel starts to wonder if a serial killer is at work – or if the mutilated corpses have anything to do with the spate of cash-in-transit heists she’s busy investigating.

When a fourth woman goes missing Reshma and her partner, former police officer Ian Jack, have to figure out who’s behind the killings – and to stop them, before they strike again.

I couldn’t put it down and you won’t be able to either!

You can buy ‘Three Bodies’ on Kindle (HERE) & Kobo (HERE). Nechama is donating ALL her ebook royalties for the lockdown period to the COVID-19 fund to support sex workers.

The other book is by my favourite South African author, Patricia Schonstein, called The Apothecary’s Daughter.

This book was published in 2004, but you can find copies at The Book Lounge in Cape Town. This is a beautifully sumptuous, sensual and romantic tale about love, betrayal and sexual awakening. The story centers around a nobleman and his wife, an apothecary nun, an astronomer-mathematician, an inquisitor, a poet who is both lover and villain, a portraitist, a queen and loyal servants deftly act out a beautiful drama of tantalizing relationships. They take up their roles in castle and convent. Some are surrounded by ornate interiors, garbed in velvets and silk, garlanded with precious jewels, while others abide in simple space devoid of art or representation. It really is a wondrous tale, rendered in beautiful & erotic prose, stitched through with rich imagery & tenderness.

My Fur Child Momo is thrilled to have the family at home ALL THE TIME. While she misses her daily park time and all her fur friends, I know she just LOVES hanging with us 24/7.

This week I’m back at it: blogging, making videos, reviewing products, and just trying to find some normalcy in an otherwise very abnormal situation.

A snap shot of some of the products I’m in the process of reviewing.

I’m excited to work through this stash and tell you about my favourites.

Sending you all so much love.


Thanks for this. I really enjoy glimpses into how others are spending their time in lockdown x

Good on you, staying creative! I have not stepped foot in the kitchen unless I have to prepare dinner, but our ‘home school’ has been a fun and crafty space at times…..( the times when I wasn’t thinking how incredibly thankful I am for teachers)

Look forward to your reviews. The packaging for the Le Bain product is so pretty!

Good on you, staying creative! I have not stepped foot in the kitchen unless I have to prepare dinner, but our ‘home school’ has been a fun and crafty space at times…..( the times when I wasn’t thinking how incredibly thankful I am for teachers)

Look forward to your reviews. The packaging for the Le Bain product is so pretty!

Hi Natasha, thanks so much for the comment 🙂
Trying to stay creative & not get too bogged down with the overload of COVID-19 info I see on social media. The home schooling thing is working quite well for us, but then again, my daughter is older (16yrs) & quite focused, so luckily I’m not having to get too involved. So happy to hear you look forward to my reviews, thank you so much. Oh, and those Le Bain products are AMAZING – a new bath range that Woolies is launching. Hopefully will be able to do a nice giveaway.

Pleasure Theresa, and thanks for the comment. I’ve been quite overwhelmed, so taking it all in slowly. Glad a took two weeks off to process as I feel a lot more optimistic & am rearing to go with work. X

Good to see you back! Love to you and the fam xx

good to read you and have you back

This was a beautiful read, and I totally agree about being conscious of everything we consume. Thanks for the tag- glad you like the cookies x

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