When I was in my twenties, I hardly used foundation. However, now that I’m in my forties, I find this is one makeup item I simply can’t go without.

When it comes to brilliant, cost effective foundation formulas, my number one choice is WBEAUTY.

Aside from the fact that all WBEAUTY products are Vegan and endorsed by Beauty Without Cruelty, they contain no Parabens and all ingredients are ethically & sustainably sourced.

WBEAUTY have a wonderfully comprehensive foundation range & there really is a formula to suit all skin types & shades.

6 WBEAUTY foundation formulas are available

  1. Oil Control Foundation (R210 – BUY) is available in 9 shades. It offers sheer coverage & controls shine without drying the skin. This formula is best suited to oily or combination skin types and gives the skin a beautiful, matte finish. It offers medium coverage that is longwearing too.

2. One Step Powder Finish Foundation (R240 – BUY) is available in 6 shades. This mattifying cream foundation with a powder finish smoothes fine lines and offers light to medium buildable coverage. It’s best for oily and combination skin types and contains an SPF15

3. The Time Defying Foundation (R260 – BUY) is available in 6 shades and is my current favourite, budget-friendly foundation. I like it because it’s a liquid formula with a wonderfully creamy texture, and is best suited to dry, more mature skin types like mine. It leaves a beautifully satiny, even toned finish on the skin while giving it a real glow. The coverage is medium and buildable and longwearing too. I also like that the formula contains Hyaluronic acid, so in addition to plumping fine lines, it also hydrates skin really well. And, of course, there is also an SPF of 15 to protect against UV rays.

4. Longwear Max Cover Foundation (R180 – BUY) is available in 22 shades. This formula takes you from day to evening without any reapplication. It offers medium to heavy coverage & is suited to all skin types. It also protects skin with an SPF 20.

5. Mousse Foundation (R280 – BUY) is available in 9 shades. This oil free mousse foundation leaves a soft, powdery & matte finish on the skin. Its coverage is light, and it works well to combat shine. All skin types can use this.

6. Stick Foundation (R180 – BUY) is available in 12 shades. I think stick foundations are great to pop into your handbag for quick touch-up’s when you’re on the go. This one offers medium to heavy coverage that’s buildable. All skin types can use it. It’s also multi-purpose so can be used to conceal, contour, highlight & cover.

All depending on preference, you could apply your foundation with a foundation or blending brush, with a makeup sponge, or simply with your fingers – the way I prefer applying mine. Reason is that the warmth from your fingers gives liquid foundations a lovely, melting quality. Obviously, make sure hands are clean & sanitized before applying ANY makeup to the face!  

Prep the Canvas

As I get older, I’m realizing the value of priming my skin before makeup application. A primer works to create a smooth surface on which to apply your makeup. It helps reduce the appearance of pores, fills in fine lines, some control shine, and it helps ensure your foundation adheres and lasts longer on the skin.

The WBEAUTY Smoothing Primer (R249 – BUY) is silky, lightweight, has a brightening effect and contains an anti-ageing Hexapeptide to smooth fine lines.

I’m VERY impressed with the WBEAUTY Cushion Concealer Pen (R150 – BUY). It’s perfect for quick fixes & brightening any dark areas around the eyes. It has a great texture, doesn’t settle into fine lines and has an easy to use sponge applicator.

The WBEAUTY Pressed Powder (R230 – BUY) is great to set makeup while keeping shine at bay. I like the Translucent version (pictured), but there are 3 other shades too. I apply a little to my T-zone to mattify the area.


One of the most asked beauty questions by my followers & readers is always, “how do I find the correct colour foundation for my skin tone?”

My advice is to pop into store & select 3 shades that you think match your skin colour. Remove any makeup you may be wearing on the cheek area. On that makeup free cheek, apply a little of each colour you selected. If you can, pop outside & look at the colours in natural light. The colour that is least noticeable, is the correct colour for your skin tone.

Create your own tinted moisturiser by mixing a little liquid foundation with your moisturiser.


Never try foundation on the back of the hands – they are not the same colour as your face!

Always work your foundation onto your neck so it’s seamless – you don’t want to look like you’re wearing a mask!

ALWAYS wash or sanitize hands before applying makeup!

This blog post is sponsored by Woolworths


Good to know their foundations are Vegan. Is W Beauty a local brand?

Thanks for this, I need to buy a new foundation and find the many choices a bit overwhelming!

Desperately in need of a new foundation that won’t bankrupt me LOL. Will definitely try the Time Defying. Do you by any chance remember how much the foundation buffing brush retails for? Can’t seem to find it on the Woolies website.

Very inspiring post. Nice to see affordable, local makeup. I’ve tried the w beauty mascara & eyeshadows in the past & was very impressed. I will certainly try the foundation now too. I have mature (48 yrs old), dry skin with pigmentation. Which formula should I buy? Thanks so much.

Thanks Katherine! I would recommend you try the Time Defying Foundation. It’s the one I like. It is great for more mature, dry skin types. Also, it has medium to buildable coverage, so you’ll easily be able to get a flawless looking complexion without any pigmentation visible. P.S. I also LOVE the WBeauty mascaras.

Hi Carmen, it retails for R150. Here’s a link: https://www.woolworths.co.za/prod/Beauty/Accessories/Facial-Tools/Brushes-Sponges/WBeauty-Oval-Brush/_/A-504163212

Hi Elsandra, buying any make up in this day & age is totally overwhelming because there is just so much choice – not a bad thing though. I’ve been a fan of WBeauty foundations for a while now. Also love that they are Vegan 🙂

Hi Lauren, yes, WBeauty is the in house Woolworth’s beauty brand and is 100% local. LOVE that it is Veagn too 🙂

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