Are you a fan of Australian beauty products?

I certainly am, so was thrilled when the Aussie skincare brand CLAIRE HILL reached out & asked me if I’d like to try their products.

CLAIRE HILL is a science-based anti-ageing skincare line that is proven to decrease wrinkles by up to 63% in 28 days. The brand uses a combination of potent native Australian extracts like Desert Lime & Kakadu Plum to fight skin inflammation, plump wrinkles and give it a radiant glow. Also contained in CLAIRE HILL’S formula are fermented marine extracts (to boost moisture levels) and skin rejuvenating peptides like SNAP-8™ (a natural alternative to Botox).

I love that this brand is all about honesty and grabbed this paragraph from their website:“Our products don’t create miracles overnight, but we do know that they work. As part of our commitment to honesty in beauty, our focus is as much on what to leave out as on what goes in our products: we don’t use unnecessary fillers; we don’t include ingredients just because they are natural we don’t add fragrance’s not even essential oils, because they can irritate skin; we don’t add sunscreen, because it’s better to use it separately; we steer well clear of common skin irritants and we don’t try to impress you with a long list of actives, we stick to what science says your skin really needs.”

CLAIRE HILL Micellar water with Desert Lime R550 – BUY

I absolutely adore this micellar water that’s formulated with moisturising fatty acids & Australian Desert Lime Extract. It’s great at removing makeup (even waterproof eye makeup) and cleansing the skin, leaving it hydrated & nourished with its barrier intact.

It can be used on all skin types, including sensitive, acne-prone & mature.

The formula works a little like a mini sponge to gently mop up dirt & oil. Micelles (as in Micellar Water) are tiny balls of oil molecules that are suspended in soft water to gently draw out impurities without drying the skin or disrupting pH levels.

The native Australian Desert Lime Extract contained in the formula is rich in antioxidants and phytonutrients and its benefits include protection from UVA/B rays, pigment reduction and improved hydration.

This no-rinse formula should be used morning & evening.

Tip: This Micellar water is great post-workout for a quick skin refresher and also cleans makeup brushes effectively.

CLAIRE HILL S8-28 Assist anti-Ageing Serum R950 – BUY

I really enjoyed using this lightweight, fast absorbing serum that hydrates in an instant. It contains Native Australian Kakadu Plum extract that’s loaded with antioxidants Vitamin C & E. A fermented marine extract has also been added that boosts skin’s natural moisture to plump & smooth. This serum is fragrance free, not tested on animals and should ideally be kept in the fridge (or a cool, dark cupboard) to preserve the Vitamin C. Skincare trials have shown a 70.6% wrinkle improvement in 28 days.

CLAIRE HILL S8-28 Anti-Ageing Moisturiser R1300 – BUY

This fabulously lightweight yet super nourishing moisturiser contains an ingredient called Snap-8 – a powerful amino acid that work to smooth fine lines by naturally relaxing facial muscles (read more HERE). Also included in the formula are a host of luxurious natural oils that not only replace lost moisture, but also feed the skin & fight free-radical damage. Dog-rose oil is rich in fatty acids & antioxidants & helps boost collagen production, increasing firmness. It also has anti-inflammatory benefits, so helps calm and reduce any skin redness. Grape Seed Oil is another fantastic anti-inflammatory that protects the skin from environmental aggressors while calming & soothing.

I love CLAIRE HILL’S simple yet chic packaging, the fact that all products are fragrance free and, most importantly live up to their claims. While I don’t have deep wrinkles, I can certainly attest to this formula’s effectiveness in terms of firming, brightening & hydrating skin, and I’m certain my nasal labial folds are less prominent.

To learn more about CLAIRE HILL, follow the brand on Facebook HERE, or on Instagram HERE & HERE (local supplier of CLAIRE HILL). CLAIRE HILL is sold locally through Me’nique Skincare

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I love Australian products. Bought the Frank Body Birthday Cake scrub and it is one of the best I’ve tried.

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