I’ve been using the Dove Nutritive Solution Intensive Repair range for years now.

I won’t lie, I’m sent a tone of hair products to try & I do use them, but when I actually go to the shops & buy a range for my hair, it’s ALWAYS Dove.

You can read the very first post I wrote about the Dove Intensive Repair range (when I first tried it 6 years ago) HERE. That will give you very good insight into why I love it so much.

The Best Decision I made Regarding my Hair

About 4 years ago I decided to stop working against my hairs natural texture & rather work with it. For the majority of my adult life I’ve spent so many hours fighting my naturally wavy hair. If I wasn’t blow drying or flat ironing it poker straight myself, I was spending a fortune at the hairdresser getting it professionally done twice a week. I’d then subject it to daily flat ironing session (often without a heat protectant!)The above eventually led to brittle, dry and lackluster hair. I needed to get my hair back in tip top condition.

But how? “Embrace your hair’s natural texture and stop using heated styling tools” I was told.

I chatted with my hairdresser & we decided on a layered cut – a great option for curly or wavy hair as it would accentuate my curls, add a bit of volume & control the shape. This would allow me to rock a beachy curl texture and I wouldn’t need to use any heated styling tools. That was 4 years ago, and I haven’t looked back since!

Even though I colour my hair every 4-6 weeks, it’s now in incredible condition. I think this is largely because I no longer subject it to all the heat styling.
These days, all I do is wash & go. I’ve also learnt along the way that curls don’t like to be touched too much, so while my hair is damp, after adding a little curl cream, I gather it up into a grip & allow it to dry. When I release it, my curls are soft but defined.
I now realize what a blessing my naturally wavy hair actually is, because it’s able to take on whatever style I desire, curly or straight. What’s been most interesting about this hair journey is how may compliments I now get about my hair. Best of all, I’m finally in a place where I can honestly say I love my hair.

Let’s have a quick chat about hair washing & shampoo

Did you know that incorrect washing can damage the hair?

While we all think we know how to wash our hair properly, here are a few points to consider:

  1. Rinse your hair with warm water before shampooing as this will open the cuticles, so shampoo can penetrate properly. Shampoo lathers MUCH better on wet hair and you’ll need less product.
  2. Remember, it’s your scalp that needs the most attention when washing, because the roots are often oiliest. Gently massage the shampoo into the scalp, taking care not to use your nails as this can cause abrasions or infections. Hair is vulnerable when wet and aggressive back & forth movements to wash your scalp can cause unnecessary tangles, breakage & weaken the follicles.
  3. Be wary of rigorous towel drying. Rather pat hair gently to remove excess water or invest in a microfiber turbine that absorbs water without any damage. I found a great one HERE.

The Dove Nutritive Solutions Intensive Repair Shampoo is formulated with Keratin Actives to help hair recover from damage in 2 ways:

  1. It repairs signs of surface damage, making hair look & feel smoother while strengthening it against damage.
  2. It penetrates the strands to nourish the hair deep inside the strand. It also smells AMAZING!

And last, but certainly not least, a word on conditioner.

Okay, it’s time to fess up…

Up until about 8 moths ago, I didn’t use conditioner on my hair! Eeek.

Instead, I’d slap on a hair mask (the Dove Intensive Repair Treatment mask), believing it was better for my hair.

But, given how rich masks tend to be, it was a bit of an overkill having to mask after every wash (I wash my hair every second day). I still use (and LOVE) a hair mask, but now limit it to twice a week.

I love the Dove Nutritive Solution Intensive Repair Treatment Mask. You can read a review I posted on it HERE

Aside from detangling, a conditioner’s main purpose is to restore hydration to the strands – especially the ends, which are usually drier. No matter what your hair type, you need a conditioner – especially if you regularly use heat styling on your hair.
And remember, less is more when it comes to conditioner, especially if you have fine hair. If you use too much, it can weigh the hair down. I usually use a dollop the size of a R5 coin and apply it only to mid-lengths and ends.

My go-to conditioner is the Dove Nutritive Solution Intensive Repair Conditioner because it detangles really well, while repairing damage deep inside the hair. It makes my hair more manageable, adds dazzling shine & smooths any frizz.

Fun conditioner facts:
Conditioner is even better than shaving cream or soap because it gives you the closest shave and moisturises at the same time (it’s also waaaay cheaper than shaving cream).

Battling with frizz or static hair? Apply a tiny bit of conditioner onto palms, rub together then smooth over hair to keep flyaways under control.

Have you tried the Dove Nutritive Solutions Intensive Repair range from Dove, or any of their other haircare products? If you have, what did you think of them?

*This blog post is sponsored by Dove*


I’ve been using the Intensive Repair range for years & love how my hair feels after using it. The mask is my favourite.

My favourite shampoo & conditioner!

I use the Dove Colour Care range and it’s brilliant. The shampoo & conditioner are so reasonable compared to other brands.

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