Nothing infuriates me more than fashion rules!

Where does the so-called fashion rule that states women over 40 years of age shouldn’t wear shorts or mini skirts come form??

Personally, I think that’s a load of rubbish!

In short (pun intended), you should wear whatever the hell you want to, as long as it makes you feel great and confident.

I LOVE wearing shorts, and honestly, there’s nothing like a pair of shorts to keep you cool on a hot summers day. What is important, is that you wear shorts that fit properly and are appropriate for the occasion.

My Tips for Buying & Wearing Shorts

Choose the correct length

Typically, you get 3 styles of shorts: Short, mid-length and Bermuda. Short shorts look great on petite body shapes because showing a little more skin gives the illusion of longer legs. Those on the taller side can pull off a Bermuda style (which can make petite or regular shapes frumpy). Mid length shorts are universally flattering. Try on various styles to determine which length best suits you.

Buy Quality

I older I get, the more I seek out quality fabrics that wash well and feel great on the skin – especially when it comes to shorts. Look for classic style with minimal embellishment and avoid frayed hems & style cut so short you can see the pockets sticking out (these really look best on teens). I like denim, linen and cotton blended with a small percentage of elastane.  

Don’t buy shorts that are too tight

I find I usually size up in shorts (especially high-waisted styles as I carry my weight around my mid-section) so I can get a really comfy fit. If your shorts are too snug on the hips & bum, the side pockets will flare out and they can ride up.

Pair shorts with wedges or heels

Elongate your legs by pairing shorts with wedges, espadrilles or heels.

I’m wearing the Gaia Pleated linen shorts R799 (BUY) in navy (they are also available in rust) from local brand Sitting Pretty. I like them because they’re made with linen – the perfect summer fabric and have a high waist which gives them a slightly more sophisticated & elegant feel. Styling details include patch pockets at the back, slanted pockets in front and a button closure. They are SO comfortable.

I’ve paired them with Lalita cropped top R899 (BUY) also from Sitting Pretty.

Because the shorts are high waisted, I felt they needed to be paired with a cropped top. I like the higher, round neck style of the Lalita style because it hides all the sun damage on my décolletage. I also like that’s it’s sleeveless – perfect for searing summer heat.

The top also features a pretty button up back detail with the center seam cut out.

To give the look a more polished feel & make the look work appropriate, I’ve paired it with my beloved kali Shawl Collar Jacket R1499 (BUY). I did a post a few weeks ago HERE about why this is my must-have coat for summer.

How do you feel about shorts?

Are they something you wear with ease, and would you wear a pair to the office or for an evening out?

If you like the clothing in this blog post, follow Sitting Pretty HERE on Facebook, HERE on Instagram or check out their website HERE.

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