“If you deal with plants every day, you will quickly be humbled by their structure, soul and active substances. Even the most expensive laboratory in the world can’t keep up with the intelligence of a plant.” These are the words of Joseph Franz, founder of skincare brand Team Dr Joseph, who started the brand almost 50 years ago.

In the company’s botanical garden – situated in the heart of the Italian alps – surrounded by fresh air & clean water, the team cultivates rich ingredients that make up their skincare.

Two worlds meet in Team Dr Joseph products: the ancient wisdom of folk medicine and the latest scientific findings, the purest materials and the finest technology, the genius of nature and sophisticated know-how. For TDJ, “quality” means connecting these two worlds with respect, to connect the natural balance of the skin with harmonious and synergistic products. That is why every package from TEAM DR JOSEPH says “high-tech natural cosmetics”.

For those of you looking for a brand available locally that similar to the likes of Tata Harper or Liz Earle, Team Dr Joseph is it.

I’ve been trying a few products from the range and was also treated to one of the brands magnificent facials called the Supreme Ultrasonic Facelift Treatment. This truly luxe, super relaxing (I fell asleep) facial is great for mature skin, those with hyperkeratosis (abnormally thickened skin), blemishes, smokers & those who have sun damage and anyone with tired, dull skin. It can’t be done on pregnant ladies though.

The treatment starts with a spritz of a balancing air spray coupled with deep breathing to release any stress and to encourage the mind to settle. Next, any make up is removed with cotton pads. This is followed by gentle manual lymph stimulation that enhances the detoxifying process, encourages relaxation and improves cellular absorption. A herbal steam press is then placed on the skin to open up pores & allow for ingredient penetration. The skin is then cleansed, and a clarifying enzyme peel is applied to the skin using fan brushes (for relaxation). The peel is removed with hot compresses. Next, the Ultrasonic Perfect device is used to assist with deeper exfoliation, rejuvenation & cell renewal – this all preps the skin to allow for deep penetration of products. A balancing toner is then spritzed onto the skin to stabilize its PH.

An algae mask is then applied to the face & décolletage and is coupled with a hand & arm massage while the mask works its magic.

Once the mask is removed, the Ultra Hydration serum is applied to the skin. My skin was then treated to a massaged that was carried down to neck & décolletage (pure bliss, I tell you!). The massage works to stimulate energy centers on the face. The facial ends with an eye and lip treatment cream, moisturiser & sunscreen.

The treatment is finished off with some moisturiser & sunscreen.

Product Overview

I was lucky enough to receive 6 utterly gorgeous products to try from Team Dr Joseph. Aside from the gentle, very effective, natural formulas, I was taken aback by the beautiful packaging that includes glass jars and wooden lids. I was also pretty impressed by the fact that most of these products can be used on all skin types. And, best of all, the majority of products are fragrance & colour free.

The Gentle Make Up Remover (R336) – BUY is a really effective, yet super gentle formula – suitable for all types of skin – made using a selection of plant oils. I apply 3 to 4 pumps onto a damp cotton pad, then remove any makeup. I was so impressed with this as it removed even the most long-wearing makeup and waterproof mascara.

Daily Cleansing Milk (R400) – BUY

If you like a cleansing milk, you’ll love this. It’s great at removing dirt & oil from the skin and leaves skin feeling silky soft and fresh. I massage it into my skin (after removing my makeup), then, remove it with a dampened facecloth. It has no fragrance or colour.

I just adore the Neroli Flower Toner (R420) BUY that refreshes and revitalizes the skin. I gently spritz it over my face after cleansing, morning & evening. You can also use it during the day as a bit of a skin pep-up, or to cool down hot skin. The Neroli fragrance in this product is very subtle (that’s a good thing though, as fragrance is one of the biggest irritants in skincare) but still detectable and wonderfully comforting.

I use this super luxe Ultra Intense Hyaluronic Age Repair (R2020) BUY moisturiser at night after cleansing and applying serum. In addition to containing hyaluronic acid, it also has antioxidants and a unique complex of active ingredients that ensure your skin looks fresh and plump. It has quite a rich texture, but doesn’t leave a heavy film on the skin and absorbs really quickly. Again, it is fragrance & colour free.

I Just LOVE the packaging of the moisturisers in the Team Dr Joseph range. The sturdy glass jar gives it a super-luxe feel and the wooden lid has a real eco-beauty feel.

I use the Daily Repair Well Aging Cream (R1600) BUY during the day to give my skin an intense boost of hydration, leaving it wonderfully dewey throughout the day. It also has actives that help to firm slackening skin, and being 45 years old, I’m ALL about firming! This moisturiser has no fragrance or colour, absorbs quickly and makes a great makeup base.

The Ultra Hydration Serum (R1100) BUY is one of the best hydrating serums I’ve tried in a long time! Using the pipette, I dispense 3-4  drops onto my skin then pat the formula in. This serum is very lightweight, if fact I’d describe it as watery and absorbs in seconds. It has a very subtle, natural scent, but it disappears the moment it’s on the skin. I use this serum morning and evening to ensure my skin is nourished and hydrated.

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Sounds like my kind of skincare
Is it Vegan too?

Hi Jenny, most of the products are Vegan friendly, but there are two or three that contains bees wax. It’s such a lovely, natural range & the packing is just exquisite.

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