And the good (beauty) news keeps coming.

That’s right ladies, one of my favourite K-beauty brands, Quret, is now available at Dischem pharmacies.

For now, just the Beauty Recipe Masks are available, but I’m told they are in talks to stock even more products!

Quret is made by Goshen Korea – a company with more than 25 years of experience in the development & manufacturing of scientifically proven personal skin care products. Quert is known for their cost effective, high quality products. The products are also specially designed for those with sensitive skin.

Six variants are available the Beauty Recipe Mask series, namely: Banana, Eggplant, Brazil Nut, Tomato, Broccoli and Avocado.

Each mask contains extract from that particular vegetable/fruit, as well as hyaluronic acid and an Oriental Beauty Fruit Newplex that further moisturises the skin.

Each mask retails for a VERY reasonable R25 per mask.

The sheet masks are made using Tencel, an eco-friendly fibre that is made with Eucalyptus.

Below are the benefits of each and which skin care concern they target:

Moisturizing Banana

Banana is great if you’re looking for moisturizing. This mask leaves the skin smooth and hydrated.

Brightening Tomato

Tomato is a great option if you’re wanting brightening & an overall clear skin.

Tomato extract also helps increase collagen production, regenerating skin while boosting it with moisture. Use this mask if you’re struggling with hormonal/adult acne.

Soothing Eggplant

Eggplant is great for calming the skin as it contains an ingredient called ‘Lupeol” that instantly calms angry, red skin. This is a good choice for those with rosacea and general inflamed skin.

Nourishing Brazil Nut

Brazil Nut is the mask to use if your skin needs nourishment. Brazil nuts also contain selenium, which helps protect cells from free radicals while maintaining elasticity. This beauty is an excellent option for more mature skin types.

Glow Broccoli

Try Broccoli if you want to give your skin a radiant glow. Broccoli contains beta carotene and vitamin C (a great ingredient for brightening). Use this mask is dark spots & pigmentation are of concern.

Lifting Avocado

We all know how beneficial Avocado is to the skin, especially if skin is super dry. Avocado contains more than 25 nutrients including amino acids & vitamins. Use this mask if you struggle with very dry skin that’s lacking firmness.

The Quret Beauty Recipe Masks are only available to purchase in stores and are not online just yet (although I’m sure they will be in the next few weeks).

*This blog post is sponsored by the Korea Trade Investment Promotion Agency*


I saw these at Dischem in Canal Walk yesterday! Damn, I should’ve bought a few.

Wooow ? I just love the Korean skincare products.its so gentle on your skin ..I need to get me from these masks for my face ..Ty so much for the reviews on your blog .much appreciated. ???

Thank you so much for this review. I will definitely try a couple of them since they are so well priced 🙂

Linda, the next time you see them, buy one. They are lovely & leave skin super hydrated. Also, at just R25, they are a real beauty bargain buy 🙂

Hi Waydee, such a pleasure – glad you enjoyed the review. I do agree – KBeauty products are beautifully formulated & so very gentle. let me know what you think of the masks if you do purchase 🙂

Pleasure Gihaad, do let me know how you find them & happy masking 🙂

Hi thank you so much for the review..I’ve heard so much about these masks .Today I actually wanted to purchase some masks but unfortunately Blue Route Dischem doesnt stock them and shop assistants had no idea what I was talking about..
But I’ll try the other branches


I love the Lululun facemasks from Japan. I buy it online from Takaski. You can buy a big box with 36 masks, for about R500. Shipping is through the Post-Office and takes anything from 1-2 months, but I am happy to wait. I have a lot of other Japanese favourites too that I buy from Takaski. I can’t recommend enough!

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