Self-tanning can be a real minefield.

I’ve been a beauty writer for almost 15 years, and I’m still a tad nervous when it comes to application. And, I’m TERRIFIED to use any self-tanner on my face. Usually, I’m only comfortable enough to use a gradual tanner or go for a professional spray tan.

I’m wondering if you are as nervous as I am.

This year, I’m more determined than ever to stay out the sun so am fully embracing the fake tan. Lucky me, because the lovely peeps over at Skinny Tan sent me a whole lot of tanning products to try out. I decided to put my big girl panties on and embrace them all (even trying a few formulas on my face).

But, before I start reviewing the products sent, I have one top tip that will ensure you get a streak free, non-blotchy tan.

That tip is to start prepping your skin a few days beforehand. Use an AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) formula like REN AHA Smart Renewal Body Serum (read more HERE) or Environ’s Derm-Lac lotion (read more HERE). Both gently, but very effectively exfoliate the skin while boosting moisture levels. Don’t use these AHA lotions while building your tan, as they will remove colour. They are purely to prep the skin.

Also, shave the day BEFORE self-tanning – this will prevent tiny droplets of self-tan accumulating in the newly shaved hair follicles.

Right, now that prepping is out the way, let’s chat about the Skinny Tan formulas.

The first product I tried was the Skinny Tan Gradual Tanner R250

This white body butter has low levels of DHA (tanning ingredient), so you can build up your colour slowly. The formula also contains an ingredient called Guarana that diminishes the look of cellulite. Simply apply as you would a body moisturiser, taking care not to apply too much product to knees, elbows and ankles. A light tan will start developing after 5 hours. I reapplied for two days after the first application and found the colour to be just perfect. This is also a great product to use when you notice your tan is fading. I also really like the tropical scent and fact that the product is paraben free and not tested on animals.

The Skinny Tan Coconut Water Tanning Mist R400 is AMAZING. This is the product to take along on your beach holiday. It is super hydrating, has a delicious coconut scent and leaves the skin glowing. I recommend using this after a day at the beach or poolside. Spritz it on after your shower to nourish the skin and help build your tan. It gives skin a medium tan and can also be used on face and neck (but, tbh, I’m still too scared to use it on face…)

The Skinny Tan Wonder Serum R500 is a favourite. Think of it as a self-tanner and anti-ager in one. What I like about it is that it has a guide colour of sorts so you can see areas you’ve missed. I apply this with the Skinny Tan Dual Tanning Mitt R130 to ensure a perfect application. Because this is a serum, it’s quite runny and the liquid is dark, however it applies smooth and has a very silky feel. It also has a hint of shimmer that gives the skin a lovely glow. I apply a few pumps of the serum onto the mitt, then rub it onto the body. Once I’ve finished my body application, I apply any leftover onto my face (still using the glove). I really just lightly rub onto cheeks and forehead and around the hairline.

The colour takes 6-8 hours to develop, but you can see it after around 5 hours. Also, the first time I used this was in the evening, after my shower. It dries VERY quickly, and I’m pleased to report that it didn’t leave any residue on my sheets! I gave me a beautiful brown colour.

I won’t lie, I was very nervous to use the Skinny Tan 7-Day Tanner in Dark R300 because some of the online reviews slated this product. Because of this, I decided to use it on my legs only. It promises a deep golden tan that lasts for up to 7 days. It also contains naturally derived actives that work with your skin to create a natural looking tan that can even be used on sensitive skin. Again, It has an amazing tropical scent that has definite notes of coconut. The formula is also super spreadable and almost buttery. I decided it best to apply this product with the mitt, but you could absolutely use your hands too (But I believe the mitt ensures a streak-free application). I like that it has a guide colour, so you can see if you’ve missed any spots and quickly reapply. It took a little longer to dry than the gradual tanner & the serum, but because I applied it at night after my shower, this wasn’t an issue. It didn’t leave any marks on my sheets either. It’s recommended to leave this product on for at least 5 hours. I left mine on overnight. The next morning my legs had a lovely golden tan, and there wasn’t a streak or patch in sight. I don’t know why this product has so many shitty reviews as I think it’s fantastic. I will be trying it out on my whole body soon.

The Skinny Tan Protect & Glow SPF 30 100ml spray R300 is another product I’d take with me on a beach holiday. I wouldn’t use it while lying on the beach tanning & swimming, rather, I’d use it on those days I know I’ll be outside in the sun, exploring or hiking. As the name suggests, it combines an SPF30 with gradual tanners. Apply it before heading outdoors, and ensure you wash your hands properly after. This is a great product to help you build your tan. On holiday, when used in conjunction with the Coconut water Tanning Mist and safe sun tanning (using an SPF 50), it really helps build a lovely tan.

All Skinny Tan products are Vegan friendly, not tested on animals, nourishing & hydrating and of natural origin. The new packaging is also lovely, with beautiful pastel colours designed and coded to help you quickly identify your favourite.

You’ll find Skinny Tan products at Dischem, selected Clicks stores, leading pharmacies & salons and online HERE 


I have a Skinny Tan hamper valued at R2200.00 up for grabs.

It contains the following products:

1 x Skinny Tan Gradual Tanner (125ml)

1 x Skinny Tan Coconut Water Tanning Mist (150ml)

1 x Skinny Tan Wonder Serum (145ml)

1 x Skinny Tan 7-Day Tanner Dark (125ml)

1 x Skinny Tan Pro Tan Moisture Mousse (150ml)

To enter the giveaway, leave a comment below this blog post telling me which of the products featured above you’re most keen to try & why.

Please ensure you include your email address (only I can see it) so I can contact you, should you be the winner.

The winner will be announced on In My Bag’s Facebook page (FOLLOW HERE) next week Wednesday 30 October 2019


Skinny Tan Protect & Glow SPF 30 100ml spray a must try. Perfect for summer glow.❤️??????

Skinny Tan Coconut Water Tanning Mist because… COCONUT!!! And because this sounds so amazing for at the beach as a refresher.

I would like to try the Skinny Tan Gradual tanning lotion….the sun is not my best friend (although I love the outdoors)

Definitely want to try the Skinny Tan Gradual Tanner. I’ve always used self tan as I don’t like the sun so I’m always up for a good product.

Def WONDER SERUM ? I am very fair and always looking for and trying self tanning products.
The Wonder Serum sounds amazing, because of the anti aging benefits. (BONUS for fair skin aging?) The benefit of going to sleep while the tan developes and no transferring of product is also a winning factor!

Also Protect and Glow as we are travelling to Bali in January and my skin ALWAYS needs sun protection ? (PS:I have their pink tanning mit and it is amazing!)

Skinny Tan Protect & Glow SPF 30 100ml spray because protecting your skin while having a stunning glow is my kinda vibe.

I love the sound of the Skinny Tan Wonder Serum – the texture sounds divine!

Skinny Tan Gradual Tanner – I am a newbie when it comes to self-tanning, so I’d like to start with something that looks pretty foolproof. I have horrid memories of turning myself orange as a teenager!

Skinny Tan Coconut Water Tanning Mist ? Oooh and definitely the Skinny Tan Protect & Glow SPF 30 100ml spray this will give me the perfect tan glow on my honeymoon to Bali! ☀️❤️

I am a self tanning Scaredy Pants so I would love to try the Gradual Tanner first.

Skinny Tan Coconut Water Tanning Mist. It had me at the name. All the things I want on a Thailand holiday: to be skinny and tanned with a coconut drink in my hand. All jokes aside, it sounds like the perfect thing to have for a beach holiday. And the fact that it’s an easy spritz. Best idea.

All the products sound amazing but the one that impresses me the most is the SKINNY TAN WONDER SERUM- would really looove to try these products as it’s no longer safe to bake away in the sun and need that SUMMER GLOW♥️

Love the idea of the coconut water – hate the smell of fake tan so this sounds good and I like a mist that’s easy to apply ? ?

Definitely keen for that coconut water tanning mist. Every part of the name sounds amazing!!

The Skinny Tan Pro Tan Moisture Mousse sounds fantastic

I would definitely love to try the mist. Something about the product being transparent instead of dark brown like most tanners, freaks me out less Haha!

All the products sound great but the Skinny Tan Wonder Serum is the one I would love to try because I’ve heard such amazing reviews on it. It’s not safe to sun tan and this is a great alternative.

I’m excited to try all of them?Especially the coconut water tanning mist? I too have never used self tan on my face because I haven’t found a product I was 100% happy with.. This looks perfect I need that glow!?

Skinny Tan Gradual Tanner

I definitely want to try the gradual tanner. I’m also really nervous of tanning products (flash back horror memories of being an oros man at high school from shitty tanning products) so I like the idea of it being a gradual tanner!

Ooooh I’m super keen to try the Skinny Tan Coconut Water Tanning Mist! ?

I would love to try the Skinny Tan Gradual Tanner because i have been pregnant for the last 2 years and deathly scared of going in the sun. I think it will help to disguise my cellulite and stretch make a lot! Holding fingers & thumbs!

I must admit that the Coconut Water Tanning Mist first had me very skeptical since its a “water mist” and I immediately imagined waking up with a blotchy tan. BUT after reading the reviews, it has really gotten my attention and I am curious to see what it is all about!
I am also keen on trying the Gradual Tanner (seems the least daunting – lol).

I’d like to try Skinny Tan Gradual Tanner. ?

Love the sound of the Coconut water mist! I adore Anything coconut and like that you can spray it on. I’m in need of a tan desperately – these products sound like the answer!

I would love to try the Skinny Tan Coconut Water Tanning Mist? my skin often feels dehydrated and I would love the convenience of a mist to hydrate my skin and add a bit of colour to my very pale skin❤️ It sounds like such an amazing and different product and I love that the range is Vegan

Oooh definitely the Skinny Tan Coconut Water Tanning Mist! I love anything coconut. Always reminds me of long lazy summer days on the beach….

It defs has to be Skinny Tan Protect & Glow SPF 30 100ml spray!! I try and stay out of the sun as much as possible but being outdoorsy and living in Cape Town this proves to be such a difficult task! I love that this product protects your skin while giving you a glow ??‍♀️

I’m most keen to try Skinny Tan’s 7-day tanner. I’ve also always been nervous to try out self-tanning products but I’ve heard wonders about this brand and you’ve convinced me to step out if my comfort zone to try them out! Thank you ?

I’m super keen to try the Gradual Tanner and the Coconut Water Tanning Mist. I have tattoos and they may it really easy to burn in the sun but I do love a bit of a tan glow as I don’t have enough tattoos to cover all my skin just yet

I’ve been curious about this brand for so long! The Wonder Serum looks totally up my alley- love that it has a colour guide to ensure even application.

I would love to try the wonder serum to see my skin shimmer and glow.

Skinny Tan Coconut water tanning mist is going to be on my list of essentials, even if I don’t win this prize.
The smell of coconut just gets me in the holiday mood and they look of hydrating skin is an all time must for me. Especially now that I’m in my 30s.
Candice it would be amazing to win this prize and go straight into summer looking fabulous ?

The skinny tan wonder serum!! Heard about this and desperate to give it a try. I am all for self tan, getting older and realizing baking in the sun ☀️ isn’t such a good idea anymore. But wanting a self tan that is natural looking and like you say, even! This whole range sounds like a winner recipe ??

Desperate to try out the Wonder Serum! Like you I try as hard as I can to try stay out the sun so self-tan is my go to product. The only issue is the fact that you cant really find good ones that don’t stink here in SA!

Oooo definitely the Coconut Water Tanning Mist ?. Love the smell of coconuts. Reminds me of a tropical island.

I would love to try the skinny tan wonder serum ????? I’m generally quite nervous to sit in the sun for long periods to develop any sort of “off white” tone (as I am quite pasty ha ha). If I do sit longer than 10 minutes I burn to a crisp. So the goal is to look after my skin and to try prevent premature ageing, soooooo I think this product would be perfect to help with this! The bonus: A “No-sun tan” yay ⭐️

I can’t wait to try the Skinny Tan Wonder Serum with its tanner and anti aging all in one! I’ve always been a sun worshipper and would love to be able to still lie in the sun, but less also using Skinny Tan as my tan enhancer especially when my tan is fading.

 Skinny Tan Protect & Glow sounds amazing for getting my day in the sun without the sun damage. Also love that it doesn’t smell horrible like most other self tanners ? no blotchy tan, no looking like a carrot, no bad smell, sounds like a win to me! ?

I’d like to try the Skinny Tan Coconut Water Tanning Mist – I’ve never tried anything like that before and it sounds super interesting.

I use the Skinny Tan gradual tanner and love the product as I am allergic to DHA in most self tanners. Thank you for your review as I am now keen to try some of the other products too, especially Skinny Tan Coconut Water Tanning Mist

Skinny Tan Coconut Water Tanning Mist As I’m going to namibia and my skin is always so dry from the sea and sun.

I recently tried the gradual tanner and love it so much.
I am super keen to try the mist and serum but was unsure about them before reading your review but maybe they’re worth a shot!

I am a self tan lover and have always used self tan as I avoid sun exposure to protect my skin. I would love to try the Skinny Tan 7 day tanner because it has a coconut smell and bonus it doesn’t leave any stains on your sheet! Tan in a bottle addict!

Definitely want to try the Skinny Tan Gradual Tanner. I’ve never been one for lying in the sun trying to catch a tan as all I ever catch is a bad case of sunburn and heatstroke! I have tried self tanners before but they either leave you with a streaky orange completion or you smell like a “tan can” and purely cannot afford a spray tan. Would love to be able to wear shorts or a skirt in this weather without being self convoluted about my white “see-through” looking legs 🙂

I am so light skin. My husband always says I look like snow white.. And I don’t really tan I just burn in the sun. So I would really like the skinny gradual tanner. I haven’t tryed self tan products before but reading through your blog makes me real excited to actually try it. And maybe I can also have a glowing skin looking like a beach tan for summer.

Definitely the Skinny Tan Coconut Water Tanning Mist! I’ve been eyeing it out on my regular Dischem trips. I’m super conservative when it comes to self tan products. But I think this mist will be a perfect fit for my fair skin and sceptic mind ?

Skinny Tan Gradual Tanner for sure! I am super pasty- I’m sure I actually glow in the dark, so the sun is just not an option with my complexion. And self tanners tend to leave me looking fake, so the idea of it gradually working is right up my alley!

Skinny Tan Protect & Glow SPF 30 100ml for the cape town summer

I recently reverted to self tanning and was not 100% happy with the product I chose. I would like to try the Skinny Tan Gradual Tanner.

I’m most keen to try the Skinny Tan Gradual Tanner because I like subtle and long lasting results ?

Skinny Tan Gradual Tanner. Gradual tanners are always my favourite because I can control how dark it goes and I love the fact that it applies like a moisturizer.

Skinny Tan Wonder Serum. It is a self-tanner and anti-ager in one. It ALSO has a guide colour of sorts so you can see areas you’ve missed.

Can I say all? Actually most keen to try the Skinny Tan Gradual Tanner cos to be honest I am too scared to try anything more hardcore in case I end up looking like I rolled in mud and never washed properly!

Hi Candice. Like you I am petrified of self tanners ….. But your review inspires me to go out and try some of these products. I also like the fact that they aren’t hideously expensive, yet WORK!
The three that I would try first are the gradual tanner – to get me into it! The mist is a must have – love any type of mist. And the serum – I am a sucker for any serum and this one sounds perfect for me. xx

The Skinny Tan Wonder Serum sounds wonderful!

I would absolutely love to try the The Skinny Tan Wonder Serum! I have very pale/ sensitive skin so I am huge fan of sun-less tanning. The wonder serum sounds like such a winner!

Oh! And I love the fact that it has a guide colour!

Skinny Tan Gradual Tanner is the one that i would try

The Skinny Tan Protect & Glow SPF 30 100ml spray is what I would try, I am not a swimming type of women, however I love other activities in the sun. I like the spray as I can reach areas I would not normally reach with mouse or cream.

What kind of magical sorcery is this? A serum that tans AND reduces wrinkles at??The??Same??Time!? No surprise it’s a “wonder” – wonder of nature!! I need this Wonder Serum in my life please.

Skinny Tan Gradual Tanner these milk bottle legs seriously need this

The Skinny Tan Wonder Serum, cause it seems to have the best of everything. And like the added light shimmer.. 🙂

Skinny Tan gradual Tan- I’m also scared of self tanners and the possibility of an orange glow??‍♀️
However due to some bad pigmentation I stay out of the sun as a rule..

I would like to try the gradual tanner… I like the idea of a ‘top up’ tan! ☀️??

Skinny Tan Wonder Serum… I love that it’s also anti-aging and love that it leaves skin glowing…

I would love to try the Skinny Tan Gradual Tanner. I have very fair skin and I have always been terrified of self-tanning products. With the Skinny Tan Gradual Tanner, I feel I will be in control of the tan I end up with. I love that the Guarana in the product masks cellulite!

I would love to try the Gradual Tanner, mostly because it will reduce the look of cellulite but also because it will leave you in control of your tan. I want people to say how amazing tan I have and not think I am lazy for only applying tan lotion. This product will enable me to do that since it self tans you gradually and not all at once!

I’d love to try the mist! It just sounds so light and refreshing, especially for the hot summer months. I have extremely fair skin and hate being in the sun for too long, so I’ve been trying a few self tans out, but yet to find the right one! So I’d love to Win this to give Skinny Tan a bash ?

Definitely the Skinny tan wonder serum. It is awesome that it is a 2 in one. And no streaks wow!!! The smell is amazing.

Since reading your reviews, I definitely want to try the gradual tanner, tanning mist and wonder serum! ?? (but I’d love to try them all!)

The skinny tan cocnut mist!!!! I’m also so fearful of the sun and then of tanning products, i also can’t think of anything worse than a self tan smell. So if It’s gotta da coconutta…. winning! I’ve been seeing all these reviews and totally keen to try it out! Natural, gradual, coconut!

Thanks so much for s great review! I’d like to try the Skinny Tan wonder serum. I’m also trying to do a little bit of a sunless summer and this sounds like the answer to a sun and streakless free summer!

Wonder serum!!!! I would love to try this product! I read somewhere that it even cover up cellulite? Woweee I really want to see it work! I never win anything! I really want this product soooooo bad. I will promise to promote it! Take before and after photos!
Have a great day

The skinny tan wonder serum because I have always been the super pale girl and whenever I self tan I’m so scared because I always end up looking so orange it’s ridiculous. Please send help!

Definitely skinny tan gradual tanner ? i cant tan at all my skin and sun really dont mix i always end up with lot of burning and feeling sick from the sun ?
Would love to try this and finally get the tan ive been looking for, for years?

I would love to try the Skinny Tan Pro Tan Moisture Mousse. Skinny Tan has been my number 1 self tan brand for a few years now and that just sounds like another amazing product of theirs that I’m yet to try. I get to be tanned, toned and bronze while protecting my skin by not having to sunbathe out in the sun. I absolutely love Skinny Tan.

I’d love to be able to try the Wonder Serum! ? My local Dischem doesn’t stock it and I absolutely love the idea that it’s anti-aging as well (what? Bonus!) I’ve heard so many great things about it and I’d be so grateful to win this giveaway ??

Definitely the wonder serum / moisture mouse ! Ive heard such fantastic feedback about these products ! But to even be able to use any of them is super cool !

Firstly thank you for the in depth review of each product. The coconut water sounds heavenly I would love to try it as I am a newbie to self tanning and would love to have a sun kissed glow on my skin.

Definitely the Skinny Tan Coconut Water Tanning Mist. I love the smell of coconut and I absolutely love to have glowing skin. ?

What a great blog / review! I am super pale (ghostlike), and very sceptical to try any selftan products, but keen to try Skinnytan this summer. The Gradual Tanner would probably be a safe bet.

Great post! I’d love to try the coconut tanning water mist! Heard great things about skinny tan!

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