I’m so excited to tell you about RITES Skin Solution – a South African skincare range created for teenagers and tweens.

It’s fun and practical to use, and the products are well priced too. The range was developed by Futurethis (the same company that owns the distribution rights in SA for skincare brands QMS & Team Dr. Joseph) while working closely with a dermatologist.

Teen & tween skin can be tricky to deal with. Often, most skin issues are related to diet, hygiene, emotions and internal body changes that manifest into skin issues.

I also love the brands ethos that says it’s okay to have a pimple, that the world is not perfect and that photoshopping images or adding a filter to your pic’s are really not what life is all about. The range is also cruelty free (not tested on animals) and dermatologically tested.

I got Miyo, my 15-year-old daughter (almost 16 – she insisted I add that) to try the range for a month and report back.

Miyo’s skin is normal / combination and her T-panel tends towards oily. She has the odd breakout, but since becoming vegetarian two years ago, her skin issues have all but disappeared. I must add that she eats a very healthy diet, surfs 3 x a week, doesn’t drink any soda or juice, and steers away from sweets. Because of this, her skin is in tip top condition.

Foam Fighter Foaming Face Wash (R180 for 100ml) – BUY

 “It made my skin feel so clean and didn’t dry it out” – Miyo

This gentle yet very effective foam cleanser removes oil and dirt leaving the skin sparklingly clean. It’s also antibacterial and non-comedogenic (won’t clog pores) too. I think the fact that it’s a foam makes it far more appealing for younger skins as often, more creamy formulations can make the skin feel oilier after a cleanse – especially with teenage skin. Ingredient wise it contains Aloe Vera to reduce acne & infection (Aloe Vera is an excellent anti-inflammatory), tea tree that has antiseptic qualities, and Willow Bark extract to help with exfoliation and keeping pores clean.

The Fresh Crusader Toner Face Wipes (R180 for 20) – BUY

“My skin felt really fresh & clean after using them. I also like that they have no fragrance.” – Miyo

These are so nifty!

Miyo likes that you can use them after cleansing, during the day at school, after surfing, or when her skin is feeling & looking a tad too shiny. These have become her must-have beauty item.

Power Powder Exfoliating Powder (R180 for 50g) – BUY

 “It definitely helped with breakouts & blackheads and I like how clean my skin feels after using it.” – Miyo

Miyo LOVES my Dermalogica Microfoliant, and this product is pretty similar. You decant a little powder into the palm of your hand and add a little water to create a paste of sorts. You then work it into the skin, like you would an exfoliator. When Miyo uses it, she concentrates on her chin, nose and forehead – where she tends to get some congestion with blackheads. It is really great at unblocking pores and leaves the skin feeling smooth.

Disappearing Act Spot Control Gel (R150 for 20ml) – BUY

 “I used this on a pimple and it disappeared within two days.” – Miyo

This spot control gel has been such a winner, even my hubby uses it from time to time (much to Miyo’s irritation). It contains ingredients that zap blemishes, unclog pores and helps prevent their re-appearance.

Control Freak SPF30 Moisturiser (R280 for 50ml) – BUY

 “This day cream moisturised my skin very nicely. It also has an SPF which is so important.” – Miyo

Miyo uses this every morning after washing her face. It’s super lightweight, absorbs very quickly and doesn’t leave a shine on the skin. It won’t clog pores and helps reduce blemishes too.

Smart Hydrator Repair Moisturiser (R220 for 50ml) – BUY

 “It left my skin moisturised and smooth. It absorbs well and isn’t greasy.” – Miyo

Miyo uses this intensely hydrating, non-sticky or oily moisturiser at night. It works to help you regain control over blemish-prone skin, assisting the skin to produce new, healthier skin cells from within.

Vitality Champion Vita Skin Capsules (R210 for 15-day supply) – BUY

 “The packaging is great because when I sleep out, I don’t need to carry around bottles of tablets.” – Miyo

To keep skin healthy, you also need to look after it from the inside. Each pack contains 15 capsules and gels that combine essential multi vitamins and oils (omega 3) that help prevent acne & inflammation, promote healing, regulate oil production and balance out teenage hormones.

Smooth Operator Lip Balm (R45) – BUY

“I had dry lips & immediately after using this balm they were soft & smooth.” – Miyo

This balm intensively hydrates dry & chapped lips, making them instantly feel & look better.


Win a full RITES Skin Solution skincare hamper valued at R1445 containing all the products mentioned above.

To enter, leave a comment below this post telling me why & who (could be a son, daughter, niece or nephew) you’d like to win this for.

Unless you’re a teen, then tell me why you’d like to win it for yourself 🙂 

Please ensure you include your email address (only I can see it), so I can contact you, should you be the winner.

The winner will be announced on In My Bag’s Facebook page (follow here) next week Friday 25 October 2019.

This giveaway is only open to South African residents.

*This blog post is sponsored by Rites Skin Solutions*


My 15 year old son generally has good skin, but being a teenager he’s prone to the odd pimple break out which he finds very stressful. I’d love to get him into a good skin routine early and this sounds fabulous!

My 15 year old son generally has good skin, but being a teenager he’s prone to the odd pimple break out which he finds very stressful. I’d love to get him into a good skin routine early and this sounds fabulous!

Oh Gosh, could this range be any more reasonably priced?? I have a 13 Year d Daughter who is battling teenage skin issues and this would be perfect for her.

I would LOVE to win this for my little twin sisters (aged 16). They are the most beautiful young ladies inside and out, but like most teenagers, have to deal with breakouts – growing up I had terrible breakouts and often felt embarrassed because of it.. all I wanted was to find a product that worked for me.. and I’m hoping this would work for them. In today’s society teenagers are already under so much pressure from all angles, so why not take the stress off at least one thing!! These products look amazing and I’d love to gift them with something that will help them deal with their teenage skin “issues” – every girl (and guy) deserves glowing skin.

I would love to win this because ever since my teenage years began I never had clear skin and I just want to get into a routine that would be good for me.Ive tried many products to help with my skin but nothing ever seems to work

My niece is 16, she’s the most beautiful girl in the world, but her self esteem is hanging on a thread because of teenage acne, and bad comments from other kids in her class. I cannot afford to buy this, but if I win it for her, I know she would be so absolutely grateful! I would love to give this to her .. plus she’s an avid animal lover (as is all of us) so knowing it’s cruelty free makes all the difference!

Oh my word Miyo, your skin is looking gorgeous.

Katia, my “almost” 15 year old is battling with breakouts more regularly than she would like … “Hello hormone monster, can you please send the puberty fairy back and treat Katia’s skin from the inside and out ♥”

I’d love to win this for my 13 (almost 14) year old daughter – who’s really getting into skin care and would love to try this range.

I love to win for my son who has skin problems and this awesome prize would really benefit him and he would be ecstatic to win.

My son, teen. To help boost his self confidence and image as well as introduce him to a skin care routine which he can adapt to and learn more about his skin changes during puberty

I’m an aunty to a 16yr old drama queen, she is a cosmetics addict and is forever in my bag……

We bond over sheet masks and this hamper would be perfect for her. She will really appreciate because we forever on the look out for teen friendly products that will help her hormonal pimples, this stuff will be good to up her level of self esteem.

I would appreciate the hamper on the basis that for once aunty’s expensive serum will be safe and last a tiny bit longer.

Daks and Sav, my girls are big skin groupies (like their Mamma!) They would love to try this range!

I’d like to win it for myself because I have combination skin which is quite oily in the summer heat especially.

This would be great to win. I have two boys in the tween stage and I really need to get them into the habit of looking after their skin. This prize would be a great start to their skincare journey. I love that it’s developed for South African teens!

I have 5 daughters, the eldest is 19 and has routine that she follows. Her younger sister who is turning 13 always watches her and Id like to win this awesome prize for her. Each child journey is different and this would help her confidence and allow her to find her own identity.

I would love to win this for my boys who are 15 and 16…. the battle of the teen skin is a struggle!!

For my teenage daughter. It’s hard going through this phase, I should know as I suffered from acne too, but never had the resources to clear it. Today there are so many products on the shelf and it’s hard to decide which one is best, taking into consideration the cost too. This looks like an amazing range and it’s so affordable too. I’d love to win it to give my daughter one less thing to worry about.

My daughter is 14 and extremely intoverted. She is also now struggling with blackheads and tiny pimples all over which is affecting her even more. I would love to be able to give her this as this would really help her

I will be so grateful to win this amazing products giveaway for my daughter who gets pimple breakouts and leaves scars on her face. It is effecting her and makes her self conscious and lowers her self esteem. Even leads to tears and refusing to go out. I will be so grateful for this thank you.

I would love to win this for my 16 year old. We are at our wits end as we’ve tried everything from The Body Shop to Clarins and nothing is helping her. She is starting to feel very despondent. It would also be a real treat as she just lost her granddad who lived with us.

My daughter & I are BFFs before anything else & when she started seeing the dreaded zit appearing, I watched my little ( not so little) girl drift into an abyss of despair. The products in the market are too harsh for her sensitive skin so it’s been trial & error with her on the receiving end 🙁 I want to give her the gift of beautiful skin & am super excited about this range! She recently turned 16 & had a bit of a disaster regarding her celebration so this couldn’t have come at a better time!

I would love to win this for myself, of have extremely acne prone skin . i generally stick to face washes that are extremely drying . this combined with all my acne spots make me always look tired. like a dry fish. I also cant afford these products by ,myself and would love to win this from you. i like that this brand and that its cruelty free my rabbit and i appreciate it . Hopefully i win so i would be one step closer to flawless skin . fingers crossed

My stepdaughter is entering her teens and she is already very self conscious about her changing body. I would lovs to win this for her. Ive been looking for skincare products for teen skin. I would also love to create some bonding moments from this. We can do our skincare routines side by side. This would be a wonderful us-big-girls thing to do. I have a 2year old and i am trying to find age appropriate things for us to do together as not to leave her feeling left out. This would be perfect!

I’d like to win for my 18 year old daughter who has been becoming more and more self conscious when she has breakouts.

I’ve had to enroll my 13 yr old daughter on online schooling, and the change has been daunting. Her skin is breaking out and having to use the webcam during class, good glowing skin would give her such a boost!

This would be perfect for my 17 year old son who has become obsessed with trying to get clear skin. We have tried so many products already but nothing has really worked. Would love for him to try it, hopefully it will work and he’ll stop spending so much time in front of the mirror lol.

I’d love to win this for my 14 year old son. He has bee suffering from really bad breakouts, we tried two or three products but still waiting on results. This product sounds awesome

I’d love to win this for my 14 year old brother. He’s at that stage where he’s starting to notice appearances now and become self-conscious about his skin. I think the moisturiser will ne really good for him as I believe hydrated skin is healthy skin. The exfoliating powder will also help him with blackheads.

My daughter is 10 and from a young age I have started telling her and buying products to show her that beauty is an every day ritual, but it is so difficult finding a suitable skincare range for her skin. I would LOVE for her to start using your products!!!

I am 19 years old, still struggling with acne. For the past few months I’ve really been struggling with breakouts and I’ve tried almost every product I could and spent so much money. It’s been a really difficult journey taking care of my skin and not to mention is it embarrassing. I’d really love to try your products. My skin definitely needs the TLC and it’ll be a great confidence booster for me as well to have clearer skin.

This would be awesome to try as although I am no longer a teen but in my early 20’s, my skin has for the past year broken out as it did in my early teens…I really thought those days were over! Although I am a confident person, these breakouts really put a dent in my self-confidence.

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