The right jewelry has the power to transform an outfit and take your style to a whole new level. I’ve rounded up a few of my favourites, all under R200 from Superbalist.

Elegantly Edgy

I’m having quite a moment with brightly coloured resin earring in interesting shapes. I’d pair these with a simple white shirt or T and denims.

  1. Zuri Shaped earrings R149 BUY
  2. Resort Drop Earrings Multi, R149 BUY 
  3. Multi-Shape earrings R149 BUY
  4. Resin Square link earrings, R149 BUY 

Classic’s with a Twist

Every woman needs a few classic pieces in her accessory collection, be it a pair of hoop earrings or classic pearl studs. The ones below are classic, but they all have an interesting styling details that sets them apart from the more ordinary styles.

  1. Gold Olivia chain link earrings, R149 BUY
  2. Mango Metal earrings in gold, R149 BUY
  3. Resin marbled grey earrings, R125 BUY
  4. Gold Josie earrings, R149 BUY
  5. Gold Blair curved earrings, R99 – BUY

Arm Candy

There’s nothing I adore more than an arm full of wooden jangling bangles, a big bold cuff, or a bracelet with interesting details.

  1. Hally chunky bangle set, R179 BUY 
  2. Cuff bracelet, R199 BUY 
  3. Hildy Wrist Cuff in gold, R149 BUY

The Neck’s Best Thing

Necklaces are all the range at the moment. Whether you prefer a chunkier piece, or something a little more simple, I’ve got you covered with the four style below.

  1. Gold Morgan multi chain necklace, R129 BUY
  2. Gold & black Jess rectangle necklace, R107 BUY
  3. Gold Cali chain link necklace, R119 BUY
  4. Gold Taryn Necklace, R149 BUY

5 Tips for getting it right with accessories

Only wear a full set of jewellery (earrings, necklace, ring) if the items are small in size.

Always pair bold, bright coloured accessories with simple, basic clothing styles like a white or black shirt. Remember, the more basic your outfit, the bolder your accessories should be.

Long necklaces are super trendy and create vertical lines which can make you appear taller. Chunkier, shorter necklaces are bold and make quite a statement, but beware of wearing too many, as you could end up looking a bit like a Xmas tree.

Don’t wear too many accessories at one, or you’ll look like you’re playing dress up. Choose one or two pieces only.

Don’t be afraid to mix metals. I believe it’s totally okay, even cool to mix up your jewellery to create a fabulous look. Go on and mix silver with gold, or yellow gold with rose gold. You must just come up with some amazing combinations.

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