It’s been raining bucket loads here in Cape Town, and I’m desperate for a little sun on my skin.

But, being a beauty journo, I know how dangerous UV rays are to the skin. Because I’m now 45 and can visibly see the damage done on my skin thanks to years of unprotected sun exposure, I try my best to avoid the sun.

I now choose spray tans and self-tanners to give me the proverbial golden glow.

A few weeks back, I popped into the Vita Liberata head office to experience their much talked about spray tan which uses non-toxic, paraben and alcohol free, odourless and organic ingredients. All products from the Vita Liberata range are also cruelty free and Vegan – the range is not sold in countries like China where animal testing is it is mandatory.

I was so impressed with the spray tan which lasted almost 10 days (unheard of!). Vita Liberata products contains ADVOGANIC technology which combines cutting edge proprietary skin chemistry with highly potent organic botanicals. Advoganic stands for Advanced Organic. The Vita Liberata range contains neroli & rosehip oils, aloe vera, Glycerin, licorice, cucumber, coffee, lychee, melon, raspberry and gingko biloba.

Best of all, the spray tan literally dries on contact with the skin – this is NOT the case with other spray tans. Also, this one is odourless. And, if you go for regular, main stream spray tans, you know all about that horrid, toxic smell. The Vita Liberata spray tans cost between R400 – R450 – click HERE to find a salon closest to you.

I was also given a tube of the Vita Liberata Beauty Blur (R1130) to try out. Now, I have to be very honest here and say facial tanners terrify me – especially the ones that don’t wash off. I have had too many bad experiences and tend to avoid them.

In essence, Beauty Blur is a ‘do-it-all’ skin optimiser which enhances & perfects the complexion – think of it as a tinted moisturiser or primer that adds a flush of natural looking colour to the face. It contains organic aloe vera, Vitamin C & E, shea butter and the Advoganic Technology. Texture wise, it’s a lot like a lightweight foundation or moisturiser. It spreads well and you really dont need a lot of product to cover both face & neck. It’s also transfer resistant, yet washes off easily with a face wash, cleanser or micellar water

I see Vita Liberata has a Women’s day special running from the 1st – 31st August whereby you can get 10% off all products (except those on sale) when purchasing off their site HERE.

In addition to its skin enriching ingredients, Beauty Blur contains light reflective particles which have the dual benefit of blurring imperfections and providing a flattering highlighting and contouring effect to illuminate the skin. With water resistant properties to ensure your complexion looks radiant throughout the day, Beauty Blur instantly soothes and smoothes the skin with a subtle bronzing tint for a natural-looking flawless glow.

I wore only my Vita Liberata Beauty Blur while I was in Durban two weeks back. I found this picture on my camera roll and think it shows just how fantastic and natural looking the coverage and colour are.

Four shades are available in the Beauty Blur: Café Crème, Latte Light, Latte & Latte Dark. I opted for Latte (I have a type 2 skin tone) because it’s basically one shade darker than my skin tone and gives my complexion a lovely sun-kissed look.

Find out more about Vita Liberata by following them on Facebook HERE, on Twitter HERE and on Instagram HERE.


I have been looking at this product for some time now. Jeez they price is hectic in SA. You can buy it for £30 – with the exchange rate it is still half the price.

I know, it just seems everything is so expensive here in SA.
I was recently told that just to land an international product in SA, you have to mark up by 50% & that’s without any profit margins. And, looking at the terrible shape of our economy and the rand, sadly I think things are only going to get more expensive 🙁

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